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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

fog, cannabis and condoms

hahaha guess that caught your eye. Let's start with the fog.

So yesterday when I got up at 7 am the fog was so thick I could barely see the building next to ours. I´ll put a picture of how the view is usually so you can see how bad it was, the yellow building and the one next to that don't even show up in the fog. I've never seen a fog so thick before. That bad movie I saw once came to mind, the one with the fog that keeps killing people.

On to the cannabis... OK so when I got in my car this morning I noticed a leaf that someone had place on the drain pipe that comes down the building. I didn't think anything of it at first, then after I backed out of my space I glanced back at it, thought it reminded me of something so I drove up to it and took a picture. I am pretty sure that is a cannabis leaf, I refused to touch it, but when I got back home from school I did look a bit closer on it and I think it might be a fake leaf, probably should throw it away in case it isn't.

And last but not least the condoms... So for some reason condoms were being handed out in masses at my college, and I thought it was just so funny to see this one poor thing left alone on a dining table. I didn't take it haha but poor thing was left out of the party.

Other than that I have not much to report. I am still waiting for that doctor to give me a prescription for a blood thinner injection my surgeon wants me to take before my flight to the UK. I had to let her have a copy of my confirmation letter from the hospital and I also had to print out my email exchange between me and the surgeon regarding him asking me to get that shot. So I´ll keep waiting for a bit longer but patience is so not my virtue just ask my mum hahaha or Betsý ;)

Anywhootz only 30 days till I leave for the UK and boy will that time fly by, so much to do in my calculus class yikes I don't like calculus I have to say.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Icelandic Saturdays

are called candy days. It has become a tradition for kids to go shopping for candy on Saturdays here, it is a really hard tradition to brake, I try to not let my kid gorge out on too much candy but sometimes it can happen. Ok so today I was working so I did not go and buy candy with my kid like usual, but on the way home I picked up a bag of Lay's paprika chips, and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. So how much of it did I eat? about a handful of chips (barely), and just skimmed of the ice cream. I think this will be my hardest transformation, that is to get rid of habit's I've acquired throughout my life. I know it will be hard but what I´ll get in return will be so well worth it. I´ve set myself one NSV for next summer. My kid loves hiking and I want to be able to hike with him to the top on the hill/mini mountain not far from here. Anywhootz, nothing is happening here really, just worked the longest day for a long time, not hour wise but rather that each hour felt like so many more. Where were all the sick people at!! Hope you have a great weekend Sorry about this all not having lines between paragraphs. I dont know why it wont work today

Thursday, September 20, 2012

mmm cake

That's the cake I made this morning. The blunder with the oven did no harm. I love making cakes, even though I wont get to taste them. This cake was for a son of my friends sister, wow toung breaker.

I have not measured my bp today. I think I will do it sometime later, but I think I´ll have to have these numbers for my doc appointment tomorrow. Yeah worring about my bp can raise it and I wouldn't be surprised if it had, that and the fact that I am the most stressed out person I know, cause I stress about nothing and everything.

I had the most humiliating thing happen to me at school today. I had to go to class and was late, will tell why later in this post. Anywhoot, I and a friend are doing a assingment, ok so she choses a spot in the end of the line, so I have to squeeze myself to try and get to my seat. That went pretty ok, but when I was leaving it was another story. I was like a big fat lump of destruction, I was trying to move without anyone noticing but oh did that fail, as computers, books and other stuff were moved by my massive protruding belly. I almost wanted to disappear but instead I kinda ran from out of there.  This is one of the reasons I really want this surgery, I just want to be somewhat normal.

The reason I was late is because I can be ever so harebrained and when I went shopping yesterday I put my wallet (just a tiny sack for my cards) into the grocery bag, then I started tidying up and used those bags, well I threw the trash away and only round noon did I realize I didn't have my wallet, and just then I had this bad feeling that I knew where it was. After ramsacking the kitchen I figured I should go with my gut and yup I went down to the common garbage room, we have a garbage shoot in this place. Thankfully the garbage men had yet to arrive so I could dumpster dive all I wanted, well dumpster dive is not really right. My wallet was in the second bag I checked out. Heart attack averted. Wonder where I´ll place it next time.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

drama queen

Is that one word or two... hate not knowing English perfect. Even though I was sooooo proud when I was in Orlando I was on at least 4 occasions told I spoke like a native, well one thought I was from somewhere upstate but that was an ego boost I really enjoyed haha

OK back to the drama queen scene. I have never really had any blood pressure concerns, shut up Betsý :þ ok well I have had them but I have been oh to stubborn to do anything about it. I have been roking between 80-90 in the lower limits and anything above 90 is not good. I refused when my previous doctor offered me to try a small dosage of beta blockers as I did not think my pressure was that high. Fast forward two years and a few pounds extra weight. I felt really weird a few days ago so I thought well lets check out the bp, and to my horror it was something like 150/100 and I pretty much shit my pants where I sat. So these past two days I have been monitoring the shit out of it and writing it down in my lil notebook. Then I like a hypochondriac that I can be sent my surgeon an email asking if me going on meds to control it would affect my surgery. Aw that poor guy probobly laughed himself silly, and wrote me back saying no it did not, and that he did not think that was that high really. But I am still going to see my doc on Friday and practically beg for a small dose of beta blockers because my school stress is coming on and the added stress of having a surgery might be the blame for my sudden increase in pressure. Wow this paragraph is long.

Anywhootz lets leave the drama queen be and focus on something else. Like I am baking a birthday cake for a 7 year old boy. I am doing a Super Mario buttercream transfer and all is going great except my second layer of cake! I could not understand why it wasn't rising like the first one. To my horror I saw that I or the pre-teen must have bumped the turn thingy and now it was not longer on fan but on defrost!! gosh I hope that it was enough to just turn it back to fan for it to rise, will check in a few minutes, if not.. I AM SCREWED!! like with capitals and all, because then I have to get up and bake the second layer in the morning as I dont think my neighbours would be happy about my mixer going on full this late at night. So lets cross everything and hope it turns out OK.

And lets end on some funnier notes like direct translations of some Icelandic sayings/phrases

he speaks fluent english: (direct translation) = he speaks rope slipping English

I am going to kick your butt (something on these notes) = I am going to take you to the bakery

Practice makes perfect = (direct translation) = practice creates the master

If your so shocked you can't really say or do anything, one saying would be in direct translation = I can't reach up my nose

hahaha okies going to watch that cake, just peeked and it is rising WOOP WOOP

Monday, September 17, 2012

I hate mondays

Yup cliche I know, but it is true. Monday's start off with me having to get up at 7 am like usual, but unusual I actually have to be at school from 8:20-10:00 am, studying calculus for biology and medicine which is so not helping. Whoever figured they had to have calculus in the first period on Mondays is an idiot.

TOM has arrived and that is so not helping me with this Monday hating shit, excuse my french. It makes me extra cranky and me not having figured out what to have for dinner before dinner actually arrives did not help either as now I am starving, have a freaking headache thanks to TOM and calculus and ugh I wanna crawl to bed and not get up for ages. But being I am a mom that is not really going to happen, the pre-teen would never accept having to go to bed earlier than 9pm, which is actually earlier than most his friends go to bed.

I am going to spare you guys any more ranting now, but ARG I really hate Mondays, ok not all of them but this one for sure like really really hate it. Ugh I so want to have tons of chocolate and chips and pizza and so on because I am hungry and have no idea what to actually eat.

Can't wait for Tuesday to arrive, it better be good to me or else I´ll flip out. This is not flipping out hahahaha

Hope your Monday was better than mine.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

my love of baking

I love love love baking cakes. I love making them for my friends and family. I wonder if me having the band will lessen that. It really shouldn't as I don't really bake that much now anyways, but I wonder, on occasions are you eating cakes and stuff when invited to family get togethers? Here in Iceland these occasions almost always include massive amounts of cakes, bread cakes (cakes made with white thin bread slices, its special kind of bread, and all kinds of salads in between, can see how they look here), and other goodies. I think I´ll have to tackle that by eating before I go, that is if I won't be in my green zone yet.

Am I a wuss? I have not told a lot of my family about the surgery, only my siblings and parents, and a few good friends. I have forbidden them to say anything about this on Facebook as I don't want some of my other family members to know of this yet. I know some of them won't approve and some are just plain mean and will gossip about it endlessly so I have not said anything. My mom was not very supportive at first, mainly I think because she really wanted me to be able to do this on my own. But she either has changed her mind or she is trying to, because she has been very supportive and not given my any hassle about it. I kinda felt like I disappointed her by going this rout.

Wow its only 42 days till I go to London and then up to Birmingham. I was a bit jealous yesterday as one of the support group on Facebook went for his surgery yesterday at noon, kinda wish that was me.

On funnier notes, wanna learn some icelandic?? Ok lets say sixteen shall we?  six is written and pronounced sex, yup that's right SEX, ok and teen is tán pronounced "town" so here when we say happy sixteen is sounds like this, happy sextown :) hahaha hope you enjoy that lol I have more of those

until later :D

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

102 days, 23 hours and 19 minutes till Christmas

Well thats cause Christmas here is on the 24th, and it starts at 6 pm


As you can see I love Christmas. But this Christmas will be quite different, since I will be banded and will have had at least one fill by that time. I know the doctor sometimes puts a few cc in the band during op so maybe I´ll have some restriction which is fine, because I always gain a lot during the holidays.

There is a tradition here called Advent and we bake cookies in the end of November and eat them each Sunday starting 4 Sundays before Christmas, and even though I am very happy getting the band I have to admit I am a bit hesitant about how it will affect the holidays. I know I won't pig out like I have before, but I still want to enjoy the foods we only eat once a year, just in smaller portions.

So yeah this is where my head is at these days

Monday, September 10, 2012

stupid weather

There is a storm going over Iceland, and it has been so windy today, and I am supposed to attend a birthday party for my stepmother, but I dont dare drive over there. It is a 30-40 minute drive and through a pass that is famous for its strong gusts, and they have been warning people to not travel if it is not neccecery.

Just finished 20 minutes on the bike, I could not do more as I have this annoying headache due to this stupid muscle swelling I have in my shoulders, I don't know the proper name for it in English.

So far I have 461 kcal left of this day and that should be enough for the dinner. Although I really want something warm and disgustingly yummy due to the weather.

OMG did I mention it snowed last night! I so dont like snow, like not at all and this means winter is just like coming round the corner

Took this picture just after 7 am this morgning, so you could see that aweful snow 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

48 days till London and 52 days till surgery

Okies, have been so bad at blogging for a while now. Got my ass handed to my on Facebook by my lovely best friend just a minute ago, so here I am.

I have set up a plan to follow until surgery.

Plan is as follows.
  • drink at least 2 liters of water per day
  • use my stationary bike at least 5 times a week, 30 minutes minimum sessions
  • get my eating habits on schedule
  • drink 1-2 protein drinks per day
  • no more candy after september 30th (should stop now but give us a break :þ )
  • I am trying to lower my blood pressure, it is hanging just under 90 in the diastole
  • use myfitnesspal for keeping up with the kcal and protein intake
  • try and not go nuts on food that I won't be able to eat after surgery, according to my lap-band support group on facebook this is very hard, as most of them gained weight before surgery
Think that is it really, so I am trying to not gain any weight till surgery and trying to lower my pressure a bit.

On other stuff, omgosh I so need to pass this horrific Calculus class I am in now, I failed it last semester and I refuse to do so now, even if that means I have to switch shifts at work and cause a bit of problem there. Because I so need to pass so I can take my son back to Orlando with his dad. So that is my motivation on that.

Shout out to BETSÝ I finally blogged :þ now bugger off dearest hihihihi just kidding love ya