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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, January 24, 2014

YAY me!

I did it :) I so wasn't planning on doing it but suddenly felt like it, and I did a whole 38 min program on the bike without thinking once that I wanted to quit. Now I am just hoping my back/hip will be happy and not kill me later tonight or tomorrow.

This weekend will be spent studying for a 30% test in physicochemical principles of pharmacy (yeah say that fast 10 times), there will be no final in this course just 3 tests during the semester and I am kinda scared of it. But to keep my stress at bay I am taking regular breaks and knitting mittens for that kid of mine, I swear he loses so many of them that I no longer buy them just make tons of them.

I don't remember if I mention it but I am not going for another fill this month, with all this stress and all the sliders I have consumed (so ashamed about that) I want to get on a good place with the fill that I have, this band of mine is weird it feels almost as tight now with 5.4 ml in it as it did with 6.5 ml I had before the gallbladder removal.

My kid finally came home today YAY. He has been gone this whole week, he left on Monday for a trip with his school to a camp near where I lived as a kid. This is a place where almost all school in the country go to for a week, they take two schools at a time, and only kids in the 7th grade (13 year olds) go there and it was such a funny coincidence that his old class in his old school was there with him so he also got to meet all his old friends.

I am gonna go see the MD soon and have another blood test. I am so tired all the time and my hair is really thin now so I want to see if I need a top up on that B12 again. And guess its time to start taking all my multi vitamins and omega again (kinda went haywire after the surgery)

Proof I put some effort into it today
total 674 kcal of which 529 came while cycling

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I am super stressed these days and it has not helped with my weight loss. I really don´t know why I am stressed, well it could be finance, school, weight loss, isolation, life etc. I have been feeling kind of isolated for a while now too. I have not had any time to spend with friends or family. And the times I try to reach out to friends they are busy with their lives (which I totally understand), but it can be a lot disheartening trying to reach out and they never have time to chat and constantly forget to call back. I am just being a bit dramatic I think, but I really should try to befriend more people (I am more the few good friends kind gal) but maybe having more people in my social ring would be good, I am just such a wuss and meeting new people scares the shit out of me.
Sorry bout this rant just really needed to vent, although my friend it Norway did wonders for my mood today I so miss having her here where I could just go over and spend time doing silly things.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

pinched nerve / sprained muscle

So I went to the farm this weekend. My in laws (well not literally since I am not married) own a huge valley and a small farm up west in the fjords. We have been trying to go there since Christmas but the weather up there has been awful until now. We had such a blast on Saturday, going for visits and then going out to play in the snow. Well that was not a good thing for me since I somehow managed to sprain a muscle or pinch a nerve in my left hip, and let me tell you it freaking hurts. I almost fainted from pain when trying to get up from the couch last night. So I am I guess a failure in that 30 day challenge now. But I will start it up again when I am over this fudger.

Here are some pictures I took before my hip started to go bonkers.

My son found this snow bank that looked like it belonged on a dinosaur if you viewed if from the side 
this snowbank is higher that a single storey house
my son dug this hole and it is more than 4 feet 11" or even deeper since my son is 5 foot 6"
a view into the valley such a pretty view
my son dug a tunnel through the first snow bank he saw
there were lots of seals on the beach near the farm
they are not that timid 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

last day of Christmas tomorrow

We took down all the decorations today. I started the day with my exercises, too lazy to use the bike but hey I did something. School starts tomorrow and tomorrow is also the last day of Icelandic Christmas, so we will have something yummy to eat, this time we are going to have steak with bernaise sauce and then we will go back to regular eating habits. My school schedule is not the best lol well it is ok but boy oh boy will this be hard. I have lab work in all courses and I am hoping to get Tuesdays off so I have one extra whole day to study, not super optimistic but it could happen it all depends on where my lab work in organic chemistry 2 lands.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

day 3 and men suck

Well I did day 3 and used the bike for a measly 5 minutes. I got annoyed that my bf had turned off the HRM on the watch so it didn't count the calories, so I go downstairs a bit annoyed at him and tell him why, he asks if he should turn it back on and I said no cause I was going to try it myself, then it didn't work and I tossed it over to him on the other couch turn round to fill up my water bottle, then I hear this thump and sure enough he threw my watch to the floor breaking it, cause he said I threw it at him, well I sure as hell didn't so now I am upstairs steaming mad and he thinks it is all my fault. UGH men SUCK!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 2 done

My ass hurts. Guess I should have stretched yesterday. I did my exercises this morning even though my muscles are sore from yesterday. Not much else to report, I am going to start weighing again on Thursdays and posting it here. I am going to do better this year, I am also going to get my back in shape. Too bad I don´t really like exercise but I love how I feel after.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

doing a 30 day challenge!

Yes me the lazy ass chick joined a 30 day challenge, it entails choosing at least 2 out of 6 exercises and doing them according to the plan for a total of 30 days, I am doing ALL 6 yes you read that right all of them. For most people that isn't so hard but it will certainly be a challenge for me. So here is a picture of the plan.
My boyfriend is also doing the challenge and that's why there are two types of ink on there, I am the red one. I was petrified about doing the plank but it was OK but I have to admit that at the end of the 20 seconds I was trembling, and I did the cop out kind like on my knees thing but it was all I could and it was allowed hahaha, they posted a picture of all the exercises and how you could do them.
I am going to get my HRM fixed well not fixed just put new batteries in it so I can start using it. And starting tomorrow I am also going to use my bike before doing the exercises.

I took a video of the craziness that is New Years here, we spent way to much on fireworks and will not do so again this year since we are saving for a trip to NYC and Orlando next year. So that means no more wasting money, no more nail polishes says my kid hahaha thats what he thinks I spend all the money on hahahaha. But in all seriousness I am going to be a money dictator starting today, from now on I will only shop for two weeks at a time instead of every day, and I AM going to be able to take my kid on that amazing trip.


Oooooh by the way I passed all my exams, I am so happy and still in shock. I was so sure that I would fail that last exam but I got 55% so thats 5 more than needed and I sat in shock when I saw it, like literally couldnt speak and my bf was like "what is it, spit it out"