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Saturday, October 19, 2013

less pain and loving the scale

I am getting better by the hour. I am no longer on any strong meds, only taking paracetamol (thats acetaminophen in the US). I am not taking the anti-inflammatory anymore. I am still feeling kinda off, not really sure how to describe it, kinda like faint but not ugh lets just say I ´m off.

I am loving the scale these days, but not sure it will stay off. I am continuing to losing weight after I came home from the hospital. This morning it said 103.8 kg (228.8 pounds) and that made me step on it again and then it said 104.3 kg ( 229.9 pounds). I hope that the weight will keep off, because I have been eating since I came back home.

Is it weird that I am a bit hmm not scared but something on those lines about nearing my lowest weight that I was in 2007, I have been to 103.6 kg before that was in May 2007 and then I screwed it up. I think my mom was right when she asked if I was a bit timid about approaching this weight again. My onderland will be 220.2 pounds that´s 99.9 kilos and means I am under the three digits.

Anywhoots, I should try and eat something more. I am so not going by the rules these days, I am eating tiny amounts and often. Also I am petrified of having to go #2 (sorry guys), this scares my now because I am still not pain free, and I am hating on this big cut in my navel.

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  1. Oh Girl! So glad you are feeling better in your recovery.. Take it easy and you will be back to normal before you know it.