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Friday, November 30, 2012

in pain

I was so afraid of this. I have to sit for hours while studying for my final, and now my back has caved on me. I am in such pain, not really surprised since my bag was about 20 pounds today. I did a big band no no and took one Voltaren Rapid (diclofenak) which is a anti inflammatory medicine and I know we are supposed to stay clear of them but I had no choice. No I am trying my hardest to not take any more but shit this is not nice and I still gotta go to school tomorrow to keep studying :( I am wondering if I should email my doctor and see if it is OK for me to take them regularly for a few days now just to make my exam time and life a bit more bearable. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

weigh in

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds
Today: 118.9 kg or 262.1 pounds
Loss this week: -0.8 kg or -1.76 pounds
Total loss: 8.1 kg or 17.86 pounds

It's been 4 weeks since surgery today. Started eating normal foods yesterday and I am loving it. Still kind of scared what sizes my bites should be but I am just trying to keep them small.

Well I better be off to school and study some more

Sunday, November 25, 2012

protein and water

I am having a hard time filling those 60 gr protein per day some of the time, I am also not able to drink these 2 liters (68 oz) of water I am supposed to. I manage between 1-1.5 liters per day. And my protein intake is between 40-60 grams. I think it might have something to do with me picking foods that are easy to mush and eat that way. I can stop the mushies on Wednesday or Thursday.

Was a tad bit bummed that my weight went up a bit from two days ago, its not much just 0,5 kg (1,1 pounds) but again I think that is to be expected, I have not started exercising and don't think I will until I finish my stupid test on Dec 5th.

Day 3 of 5 days constant work is done. Have to get up at 7 am tomorrow to go to school and then work at 10 am - 18 pm. Will not have any rest until this test is done. I just really hope I can pass it.

Ugh feeling somewhat defeated at the moment, way to much going on, still haven't baked and the Advent is next weekend and tradition calls for cookies and stuff but I will have my head firmly glued in my calculus studies so the bf will have to deal with it or my mum.

Most likely not going to be blogging much other than weigh in until Dec 5th test is over.

So toodles my dears I will see you if I live through this exam stuff hahahaha

Thursday, November 22, 2012

weigh in day and update

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds
Today: 119.7 kg or 263.9 pounds
Loss this week: -1.2 kg or -2.6 pounds
Total loss: 7.3 kg or 16.1 pounds

Can not wait for next Thursday to arrive cause that means normal food. I have to admit I am a bit scared to start eating normal food again but I think I can do it.

I was shit scared last night that I would get stuck, I was eating potato gratin with cheese and for some odd reason the small part of cheese I had was not disintegrating enough and it slid down my throat I was so scared I´d get stuck.

I just have to ask about soda or pop if thats what you call it. Am I allowed to have any. Again I got no instructions from my doctor. And I am not talking about drinking tons of it, I am more thinking on the lines of a few sips, because one of my favorite parts of Christmas is drinking the Christmas ale its non alcoholic its just orange soda mixed with a malt ale. And I don't know why but I am feeling really sad about maybe not being able to even have a sip of it. Its kind of like saying no turkey for you on Thanksgiving. Which reminds me HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

barely awake

I'm blogging mostly to keep myself from laying down and falling asleep. Had to call my mom at 4:30 am this morning well just over two hours ago to come over because I had to take the bf to the emergency room, he had his tonsils removed last Tuesday and tonight it started bleeding so I had a choice, call my mom or wake up the kid. Couldn't think of waking the kid because well he is a kid and would be super worried and also he has an exam at school today.

Now I am just waiting for him to wake up and for the bf to call for me to pick him up, he sent me home after an hour and a half waiting in the waiting room because I am not allowed in the hospital unless I get tested for staph thingy because I was at a hospital overseas in the last 6 months. We apparently don't have this type of a problem in our hospitals and so patients are put in isolation while getting tested.  I just googled staph infection and the first thing I found was Cellulitis which I got while at the hospital so I think I will go and see if the doc will have me tested, I don't want to be kept from more relatives in case of an emergency just cause I might have it. "If red lines develop, that's a sign the infection is spreading and needs immediate medical attention." yup that was me just over two weeks ago, I was on antibiotics which cleared it up but still want to get tested.

Can't wait to go get the bf so I can crawl back to bed and go back to sleep. I think I was a bit stressed about this whole bleeding thing, because I had such nausea and now it is clearing up, so don't want to get the disgusting stomach bug that is going round the country at the moment. Reading about it on FB is way more than enough for me.

See I managed to blog until my kiddo woke and now I can ask him questions for his test. Yup I am an annoying mother that makes her kid read stuff extra well over before tests and then quiz him about it, but hey he is doing sooooo good at school so I must be doing something right, well that and he apparently has a brain that absorbs facts after just one read.

Sorry bout the rant just needed to keep awake, guess I could delete this but I wont


Sunday, November 18, 2012

I have a confession

I am a Twilight fan! yup I said it, and I went to the movies with my bff and her husband last night. I liked the movie, but did not like the girls that sat behind us and had these major teen fits of laughter when nothing funny was going on.

In other news I am doing good, great even. Eating about 4-5 times a day, I know that is much but I rarely manage to eat my half cup of food in one sitting, but I don't come back and try and finish it, nope I just wait my 3+ hours till I´m hungry again and then eat something. Last night I had chicken in Butter chicken sauce mmm so good. Looked awful but it was the taste that mattered.

Well should get my nose back in the book, have one final exam this semester and it is in Calculus for biology and medicine and it is killing me. Hate integrals, love linear algebra and differentiation. So hopefully I will pass and never have to see it ever again.


Thursday, November 15, 2012


I had the best dinner what felt like in forever. I made gullash in brown sauce and potato gratin. I put both of it in the miny food processor and omg I wanted to chugg it not chew it hahaha, not that it needed chewing, was very mushy. Thought I'd put a pic of it here, I ate about half a cup, and also put another half cup in the fridge to eat tomorrow. I was very careful to keep the mush very thin so I had to have extra gravy to use because when the meat cooled it got a bit thicker. To show how small the plate is I put the pen next to it :)

weigh in day and first goal!

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 (well it is 279.987) pounds
Today: 120.9 kg or 266.5 pounds
Loss this week: 1.7 kg or 3.7 pounds
Total loss: 6,1 kg or 13,4 pounds

First goal completed!!

I wanted to get to 120 kg and I am soooo counting 120,9 as that hahaha. I was discussing the goals with my boyfriend and am now changing the goals from 10 kg / 22 pounds to 5 kg/11 pounds. So my next goal will be 115 kg or 253,5 pounds

Ooh and I was talking about eating to little yesterday, well that is what it felt like, but MFP says I consumed about 940 kcal and about 52 grams of protein, so it was not really that bad, although I consumed to many carbs I think, 93. But maybe that is ok, MFP says I should consume 165 of carbs so I was above my protein and below my carbs. And I drank about 1,5 Liters wich is about 50 oz. So even though it felt like I ate to little it looks like I ate enough, think it is just little compared to the pre-op eating that confused me.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

eating to little?

Had any of you a sudden loss of hunger? I am having a hard time today and yesterday to eat enough. I just dont really feel that hungry anymore, and therefore I forget to eat.

Take today, I ate small bowl of applesauce with cream, dont even think it was half a cup. Then for lunch I made a tuna salad and put it in a 4 oz cup (half a cup) and I almost didnt finish it. And now it is dinner time and I am beginning to be a bit hungry and am going to eat that potato.

Do you know circa how many kcal I should be consuming? I got nothing about that from the doctor. Going to look online as well.

scared silly

yup I was totally scared taking my first bit of a mushy type of food. I am making tuna salad with boiled egg in it, and took a tiny amount in a spoon and ate it. I was so afraid it would get stuck, even though I made it rather on the runny side (it is so mushy), but down it went.

I am so happy to be here I would say you had no idea but you do so ;)

Cant wait to eat my potato tonight it will be heaven, I have almost gotten sick of my favorite protein shake and I want to be able to eat that for breakfast so its good to start on something else. And I so missed some texture in my mouth haha

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

going mushy tomorrow

I can no longer live with liquids, so tomorrow night I am going to eat my first mushy food. Yup going to ovenroast a potato and mushy it with butter and sauce. Then I will at some point try out something a fellow bandster told me about, taking chicken breast and mushy it with sauce so yeah I am going to jump the gun like 12 hours early.

In other news, I am feeling a whole lot better, but wearing a bra is still a struggle, so I felt real uncomfortable at work today cause it pushes down on the port site and that is not painful just uncomfortable. I think I am going to call my weekend work and try and change my shift or let this weekend just go, I am not confident that I can make 7 hours at work just yet. I know some of you had no problems of any kind. I think this port site will be the thing that annoys me the most.

My bf had his tonsels removed this morning so we are both going on mushies tomorrow, he is luckier than me because he can eat anything just has to be soft.

So glad this liquid fase is almost over. It was not as hard as I thought but still cant wait to eat my potato tomorrow. I am not joking when I say that the last two nights I have dreamed of me eating some kind of bread. I am a breadaholic. I am going to stay away from bread as much as I can, that will be hard.

I dont have infection in my cuts, I had the shortest doctors appointment yesterday. I went to the on call center and had him look at one of the cuts because it kind of looked like it was opening up, its the one that has been oozing, he looked at it for like half a minute and said I was good hahaha I felt silly but better safe that sorry since no other bandster I knew had any kind of fluid coming from their scars.

Anywhoots, going to bed now, got a long day of school tomorrow and I just hope it wont be to uncomfortable cause no way in hell am I going there with out my bra on hahahaha


Saturday, November 10, 2012

damn it!

I have to go to the ER tomorrow, not that I am hurt or anything, but because I was in a foreign hospital in the last 6 months it is the only place I can go. I now have this thrush thing on my tongue most likely from the antibiotics, so I guess I need more medicine, really not liking this, but at least I can have them check out that suture at the same time, that one that keeps leaking on me.

Really not a happy camper tonight.

Doing good

Felt my band for the first time today, or that is what I think. I was eating mandarine icecream and I thought I was eating it rather slowly. But when I was just about to finish it I felt this uncomfortable feeling where I think my stomach is. It was not pain rather something like hey! no more kind of feeling.

Cant wait till next thursday when I can start eating mushies. The first thing I am going to eat is a tuna salad with a boiled egg shredded to bits. I have been searching online for lists of foods that are considered mushy, because I can no longer just eat soups and yougurts and so on. A lot of them mention scrambled eggs, so I just put a question on fb for confirmation of that. Also I have read that a lot of the icelanders have just taken normal foods and mushed it to a pulp. So I am a bit confused at the moment. Really would have loved the doctor to mention something on this.

I am extatic to say I see a difference in my face just over a week out. My lovely bf took another set of pics today and when I compared them to the once taken before I left to the UK there is a subtle difference, most noticable round my tummy and face. So WHOOPY!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Liebster award

I was very lucky and got not one but two Liebster Awards, and I can't choose which one to do so I ´ll answer both of their questions 

First off lets view the rules of this:
  1. Think of 11 facts you´d like to share about yourself
  2. Answer the questions I asked
  3. Think of 11 questions you´d like to ask 
  4. Nominate 5 bloggers that have less than 200 followers   
So here we go!
11 things about me:

1. I love reality crime shows. I just discovered a channel here called ID Discovery and I am hooked. I also tend to eat while watching icky shows, dont know why but I do.

2. I have to sort my Skittles to eat them, I often even count them and will eat the odd ones first so that I have the same amount of each color. A bit OCD I know. 


3. I am very shy and dont like being round new people or in very big groups, parties are hard for me.

4. I tend to make up new words and not realize it, I also debate with friends and family that those are indeed words. Oops.

5. I am a googleholic. I use Google so often it is kind of ridiculous. I obsess about things that I should know but don't remember to the point I cant go to sleep unless I Google it.

6. I am a hypochondriac. Yup me and my best friend both are. I always think something is wrong if I feel any weird pains and stuff. I "had" brain tumor when I was a kid because I got these stress headache pains in my temples. I also "had" deep vein thrombosis if I felt pain deep in my calf's. I have been this way since I was a kid, why I have no idea. I just try and stress about it on my own or bug the best friend you could ever have my Mrs. BetsĂ˝

7. I hate the color pink, and for some odd reason I keep getting gifts and stuff in pink, I use them and even like some of them but ugh I hate pink.

8. I have changed my mind loads of times regarding my occupation. Since 2005 I have been sure I wanted to become a pharmacist and that is what I am studying now. If for some odd reason that wouldnt work I have no idea what I´d want to do instead.

9. I don't eat any vegetables, well hardly any. I am a real fuss when it comes to that category, my poor mum tried her best. I wish I ate them, it would make my life easier. I eat cabbage, but only the green soft stuff (salads).

10. I am always hungry, I eat and eat and hardly feel full. If I feel full it will only last about 5 minutes, hope this surgery will help with that. Even tried medicine to help but to no avail.

11. I don't like to be unplanned, even though I am a mess I have to have stuff organized long time ahead. And I almost obsess about it, and get real cranky if stuff changes. Don't like changes.

The questions that Jennxaz over at Tales from an Arizona Lapbander made

Favorite job and why?
The one I am in now, I work in a pharmacy, I just love the routine and that not much changes. The customers are great and that also helps.

Favorite food and why?
Hmmm hard one. I´ll say Christmas dinner. Because we only eat in once a year and I am a sucker for tradition. Just ask my mum, she dared to ask what we should eat this year like it was going to be anything other that the last 30 years hahaha.

Biggest indulgence?
Wow I indulge a lot so I am not sure. Going to say my phones. I have somewhat expensive taste in phones and the last two I´ve had cost a lot. I now own a Samsung Galaxy S Plus and love it even after one year.

Biggest fear?
That something will happen to me and I wont get to see my kid grow up and that he'll be without one of his parents.

Favorite trait in a friend?
I can't just choose one thing so here it goes; loyalty, cookyness and someone that tells me to shut up and stop being stupid when I need to.

Worst disaster you have been in?
Not been in any disasters (knock on wood), but I think the earthquake we had in 2000 was the worst thing I have been in, was shit scared it wasn't all that big, think about 6.5 Richter.

First car?
I have only ever had two cars in my name, both of them where Mitsubishi Colt, the first one was a 1989 model and the other 1999 I think.

Feature about yourself you love?
That is a real hard one. I don't think there is anything I love about me, I like my eyes but I dont love them.

Item you are grateful for?
I am so grateful for the internet. Without it I would not have known about the lap band and would not have been able to read all your blogs that are ever so helpful.

Experience you are grateful for?
Being a mom is an experience I am grateful for, because it has taught me some patience which is something I have always had a problem with.

Person you are grateful for?
my mom, she has been a whole lot of help through the years. Even if she did not support this decision at first she has come round now and that is awesome.
Questions Tina over at The Band-it Girl made:

Which family member (not spouse or children) are you closest to and why?
I would have to say my mom, as for why I am not sure we have just always had a close relationship, if I am not allowed to say her it would be my oldest younger sister (I am the oldest), we have just always had lots in common.

How do you relax?
Well either by staying in bed reading or watching something on the TV.

Do you have any crazy neighbor stories?
Hmmm not that I recall no. Have been pretty lucky regarding neighbors in my life.

Where do you buy your make up?
I buy mine here and there, I stocked up on a lot of it in Orlando this summer. I dont really use much make up but I do love to have it. Weird I know.

Do you have a good story from either high school or college that you will never forget? Share!
Nope none that I remember. I have always been a loner, at first not by choice but then it got to be a habbit.

What is your favorite moment of the day?
I love the nights, for some reasone I am a night person. I think it is because it is so relaxing. I do my homework and housework at night or evenings.

When you are 70, what is the one thing you want to say you were able to do in your life? Have you done it yet?
 I want to be able to say I finishe my masters and nope I have not done it yet, but I am working on getting there.

What was your favorite family vacation and why?
Think I´ll have to go with the time my son, bf and his sister and family went to Denmark to Löveparken and Legoland.  I was just a great time. 

What is your favorite clothing store?
Think I´ll have to go with Target, like honestly because I had no trouble finding anything I wanted there and it was not so expensive. It will be fun to see what stores I will like in the future.

If you had to leave your spouse and pick a current celebrity, who would you choose?
Thats easy, Ryan Reynolds oh he is drop dead gorgeous yummy

What are your hobbies?
Reading and watching tv shows.

My 11 questions:

  1. If money was no objection, where in the world would you like to travel?
  2. What TV shows do you like?
  3. What celebrity female would you like to look like?
  4. High heels or flats?
  5. What is your favorite exercise?
  6. What is one of your life goals?
  7. What is your favorite holiday and why?
  8. To which countries have you been to?
  9. What would scare you more, vampires or zombies?
  10. What is your favorite healthy meal?
  11. If you could only eat one candy for the rest of your life, what candy would that be and why?
And finally I am supposed to pick 5 bloggers and here are my nominees

Weapon of FAT destruction
BJ and the Bandit
A Fat Wife's Journey to Fabulous
Bandster Momma
Wanna Pet My Port???


first post-op weigh in

The numbers after the first week are

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 (well it is 279.987) pounds
Today: 122.6 kg or 270.3 pounds
Total loss this week: 4.4 kg or 9.7 pounds

Can't say I have any complaints, just hope those pounds stay off. My first goal is getting below 120 kg or a loss of 7kg / 19.5 pounds.

Oh I also got two Liebster awards so I´ll be putting the answers up here later today :D


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

crazy hunger pains

How did you deal with these massive hunger pains? If I don't drink continuously I get this crippling pain when I am hungry, not sure how to best describe it. It comes almost every two hours, but I don't always feel like drinking and that kind of gets me nauseous and its a aweful circle to repeat.

Also did any of you experience some oozing from your wounds. I only ask because from what I gather from what I´ve read from the icelandic bandsters have not had that. I am on antibiotic for another problem after surgery.

I want to get my bra on haha how silly is that thought. I just want this swelling to disappear so I can go to work and stuff.

Only 9 more days till I can start eating mushys. Did you guys use a blender to mush normal food or did you just stick to foods that were already mushy?

Ok I´m done with the Q's today, will blog more tomorrow if I dont die from boredom and swollen abdomen.

Monday, November 5, 2012

home sweet home

Finally back at home. Feeling a bit better. Still very sore between the port scar and the one above it, it is very very swollen. My arm is getting better from the swollen vein and cellulitis.

Keep waking up during the night to eat. How was that with you? I woke up every 2 hours last night, and the first time I woke I saw this huge flash of lightning and poof out went the electricity.

My awesome bf has bought tons of stuff for me to eat so I am quite lucky not to need to go shopping.

Well I better start catching up on your blogs now that I am back home.

OOh yeah I´ve lost some weight, not sure if it will stay off or what but since my surgery I´ve lost 3,5 kilos or 7,7 pounds. Wondering when I should have my official weigh in, torn between Mondays and the surgery date wich is on a Thursday.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

day 3

Yesterday and last night were horrible. I started getting more and more hungry, nothing I ate seemed to help. I slept very little and woke every two hours, it go so bad that at 4 am I rang the lobby to see if they could sell me some yogurt that is for breakfast. That kinda helped me but still feel really hungry even after having something to eat, it might be just acid or something but I am not liking this.

And I also have to go back to the hospital today because I have this weird red swollen line going after one of my veins on my left hand. Started yesterday and it is kind of sore so whoopy for me. Can't wait till I get home where I know where to buy stuff that will satisfy my hunger.

Going to walk to a ATM now because these funny taxis will not let me pay with a card. Lets hope I have enough energy to make it.

Update:  Went back to the hospital, got some antibiotics and some gel cause it was a swollen vein and some kind of infection in the skin. My bestie figured that out yesterday, she is really a good nurse. And now I´ve gone to the store and stocked up on soup so hopefully this night will be better than the last.

Friday, November 2, 2012

two blogs in one day

Wow I felt like an imposter about an hour ago. I started feeling like crap, more than crap, I just thought WHAT THE HELL DID I DO. The rumbling in my tummy is quite entertaining. I really need to find a place that sells soups or something. Cause smoothies, water, and juices are not doing it for me. I feel good with a hop cup of chocolate. Just ate my first windeze in hopes that the rumbling will go down. I have walked some more but I still kinda not feel like myself.

Sorry bout the rambling.

day 2

Still feeling somewhat good. Still not much gas pain, it does show itself but it is not so bad that I have taken anything for it.

Went for a small walk to a store near by to buy water and juices. My friend went for a walk to go buy smoothies since I dont feel all to fresh after only drinking water and orange juice.

I hate one of my suture, it is on my left side and I feel it is in a funny place and it hinders my WC stuff sorry TMI. And I was also a bit disapointed to see that the port is quite high, kinda scared that it will mean I´ll feel it, but we´ll wait and see :D I feel oh so funny lying here in my knee stockings to hinder water retaining in my feet and walkin round with out a bra, as one suture falls just under the bra thats a bugger lol

Anywhoots feeling rather good, slept good, woke up every two hours to go to the WC and drink something but I fell back to sleep quite easily. Cant wait to be home in my own bed though

Thursday, November 1, 2012

All done

Well I am all done. I was first in line. I was freakishly not stressed even my friend commented on that.

I am not having any major pains. I have drunk almost 3 glasses of fluids, both water and apple juice.

I just stood up and put on my own clothes, so I am just all coming together. I really thought I would have more pain from the gas, but maybe it will come later. I swear I feel kind of sore where the band is.

Hope I don't get too bad of a reaction from the bandaid they used. Apparently I am allergic to the adhesive. Found that out yesterday after the blood test.

Okidokie think this is enough for now, am still kinda dizzy in between.