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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I survived, but just barely

well then this final is out of the way that means just one more to go. I am exhausted. I will either pass with something like 60-70% og fail with 45% I just dont know where I was at. And to top it all off, I could not eat until dinner, I woke up and I just felt sick, I forced myself to eat half a banana before the test at 1.30 pm. And I was so hungry after the test I ate a burger, (almost all the meat and the bottom bun) and Coke and now I have the slightest shoulder pain. Again I am exhausted so I am going to crawl to bed and try and stay awake till 10pm when the kid goes to bed since its a day off from school tomorrow.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

just a tiny post

Have no time, but my mind is going wonkers. I am beginning to stress so much for this exam on Tuesday, and I am not knowing what to pay most attention to ARG. Anywhootles I made just the tiniest space for a workout today, I went to school at about 10.30 am and came home 18.30 pm and now I am studying again. So 20 minutes on the bike resulted in well you can see on the pic lols but not sure its right since this is not my HRM with strap just my wrist one but it was pretty damn close last time. Not gonna post anything or read any blogs until Tuesday night or Wednesday depends on how the exam goes lol

Saturday, April 27, 2013

my lil baby *updated

is no more haha he is 12 years old and I was just picking up his new training uniform for soccer. He is in a size 16 and it is just right (like what the F!) and his shoe size is bigger than mine. Oh how I miss my lil man. This growing up thing is not so much fun for a mum hahahahaha.

I asked for a one week vacation from work for the first week in July and unbeknownst to me that is the time that the big soccer tournament is happening so I have signed him up for that. Its 4 days of soccer up north in our old town, too bad this whole soccer practise is so expensive, just the tournament is $255 then the summer training cost (not sure of the proper english word) thats for 3 months of practises and so on is another $310, and it will get more expensive as he grows older. But I am more than willing to pay because that means he is keeping active and exercising at least 3 times a week and not just hanging out at home in the computer like some of his friends.

I am craving salt like mad right now, not really sure why. But I am also drinking tons of water to go along with it. I think this craving thing (also for sweets) could be the result of my cramming for exams, because in human biology last year we were learning about the brain and how it works, and apparently it needs loads of sugars to work properly so the more you use it the more you need, or at least that is what the book said.

I am annoyed that I fell into chips yesterday but I have to say, I am so happy I have not done more, like usually during finals I will eat tons and tons of candy, soda and fast food, like every single day. And I have not done any of that now to speak of. That is a NSV I think. At least I am proud of it, it shows me that I can deal with stress with at least not all that crap, but I am still the same crazy person with my drama moments and all that jazz  hahahahahaha

Done my exercise for today, not nearly those 1000 kcal I said yesterday that I would do, to be honest I was just to lazy hahahaha and I still have to shower, then go give my vote for the new parliament(congress think that's the same) but I haven't got a clue who I should vote for, as I haven't had the time to read up on the different parties available. Then I still have to go shopping and all that jazz, and and and... hahaha no wonder I put the remote in the fridge when I was getting me some protein drink, not the first nor the last time that happens. See my post workout photo, I have almost no double chin from that angle BOOYAH! I am acutally rather normal looking after this workout. The veins in my cheeks run so shallow that I usually turn purple after workout or in too much heat/cold and it makes me look plain weird like honestly I go freaking purple.

Hope you all have a super duper weekend, now how do I get the ink off my nose hmmmmm

Friday, April 26, 2013

Not the best choices

I dont know what is happening, since I started exercising I have been getting much more hungrier, have an appointment on May 13th and I so need a slight fill apparently. I was at school today and I was starving and when I went home I bought a bag of chips and dip, I had cola in the fridge since whenever unopened. I dont know why I bought it or why I ate some of it, I probobly 1/3 of that bag (the bag is 175 grams or 6.2 ounces) and just barely touched that dip and I still have half of that glass left, I am just craving water at the moment. I honestly feel kind of queasy and am so not getting what the Fudge! I was thinking. Why did I not chose well today, I have been doing so good and finally gotten on a roll in my loss again? Well cant beat myself up forever no matter how much I might want to. I will try and at least burn about 1000 kcal tomorrow just for my sanity hahaha ugh I am so pissed at myself ARRRRRG!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy summer + TTT

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 109.5 kg or 241.4 pounds
Loss this week: -1.1 kg or -2.4 pounds 
Total loss: 17.5 kg or 38.6 pounds

Happy summer today is the first day of summer here in Iceland and the weather so far is sunny and some what warm. But like the saying goes, "just wait 5 minutes" so it could do another snow spark bullshit like yesterday.

TTT is the brilliant idea of one lovely preggers Laura Belle 

1. I am taking a break from exercise, my body is sore and I have a slight headache.  Also I have been sore when I try to lie on my left side, like where my stomach is so I think it might have to do with all those ab workouts but we´ll see.

2. I am still concerned about my calorie intake because I have been using MFP and I only ingest 700-850 kcal per day and then I am burning 400-900 kcals per day so that leaves me with a tiny if not minus calories ingested.

3. I am going to do measurements today. Hoping to see a change there too.

4. I am now below 110 kg which is NSV for me, the biggest one will be getting below 100, that is like achieving getting to onederland for you guys.

5. I still crave unhealthy foods, even after not having any for a while now, been ever so good and put stuff into MFP so I can show my doc like how a week is.

6. I think I might have to have a slight fill when I meet him on May 13th. Ever since I started working out like I do, I have needed a extra meal so I am some days forced to eat 4 meals but I want to do it by the book but who knows maybe he says its OK.

7. I am home alone well not totally the kid is with me but he will be with his best friend from up north. Anywho I am home alone until Saturday and I am scared that I will fall into old habits about what to have for dinner.

8. I have been craving cake for days upon days. I wish I knew of a super healthy protein rich delicious cake but I am a super fussy eater so I am not going to hold my breath on that one. Mmmmm this cake was soo good, made it for my sons family b-day party last year.

9. I have another NSV. I no longer have those extra bags that form on the inside of your thighs when you get too heavy, I find that to be so awesome cause those annoyed my to no end.

10. I can't wait for  5 pm May 8th cause that is when my exams are over. At least if I don't fail anything.

This is a very self centered TTT since all my things begin with I. But hey its my blog so pfiff.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My day in pics

Let me tell you about my day using pictures. I will do a tiny subtitle with each well I aim to do a tiny lets see how it goes.

Top left: I looked out my window about 8 am this morning and the sun was shining and not a snowflake in sight, then about 5-10 minutes later that is what I saw!! like what the F!

Bottom left: This is what I came home to about 8 hours later! like the weather here is definitely schizophrenic or has a multiple personality disorder.

 Top right: This is the speed I was reduced to traveling to school! that is less than 20 km/hr (12.4 mph!). It took me 50 minutes to drive 12 km (7.4 miles) it usually just takes me 20 in heavy traffic. Patience is a virtue I have heard but I don't possess it.

Middle right: That was my lunch, garlic tortilla wrap, with honey mustard, chicken, mozzarella and cream cheese and lettuce (I hate warm lettuce so I had to have it on the side) that was just over half cup but had 23 g protein in it.

Bottom right: I am exhausted, studying this much is taking its toll so all I managed today were 36 minutes on my bike but that ammounted to 456 kcal so I cant complain. Well I could but I wont.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Anti-Incest App in Iceland

hahaha this is hilarious. This app does exist but not for the purpose he say hahahaha omg love him. This is like a huge family tree online, and I for instance can trace my farthest relative back to the year 770 in Norway, but I could potentially go back even further.

too much noise

They are apparently working on the flat above mine, which is great since no one has lived in it for over a year now, but... it is not working for me, since I have to cram cram cram for my finals, so I have to start going to school to study in peace.

On other notes, I took time out for some exercise this morning, good to get it out of the way before work. I did a new program on my bike and it nearly gave my poor lil heart a fright haha no just kidding, but it does do a spike in one minute on extra high brake which sent my heart rate up to 192 which is apparently my 100% limit.

I am putting all my meals on MFP so I can show the doctor what I am doing, I am a bit worried I might not be eating enough, I will be happy if I manage 1000 kcal today, but I have also just burnt just under 700 kcal and well lets just say I don't get any of this haha cause I have seen and been told that you need to increase your calories if you burn this much but there is no way I can do that and keep with the rules of 3x half cup meals per day.

Toodles and thanks for keeping my in check, I do have this tiny drama queen living in there somewhere and she sometimes sticks her head out.

Monday, April 22, 2013

How many calories?

So how many calories should we be eating post-op? I am going to see my surgeon on May 13th and I have a few questions for him like, how many kcal should I be eating, how much protein and do I need more in my band (I have 5,7 ml).
Like today I ate 4 meals, I snuck in an extra protein drink for extra protein. So I ended up on just 741 kcal (I try to eat round 1000 kcal), and 69 grams of protein I was under on kcal , carbs and fat. And I am not sure if that is enough. I am also kinda bummed that the weight is not coming off faster, I am happy with the weight I have lost but I sometimes feel like a failure for not having lost more than I have, cause I know I didn't do so great in February and March. Its almost 10 pm and I am too lazy to go on my bike today, go figure, complaining and not acting.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday BBQ

OK so the sun is shining and it is not so cold outside, what does that mean?? Well of course it means its time to BBQ again ( or should I say grill?) We are going to grill/BBQ (ugh that is gonna bug me) some lamb, mmm that is the second best meat to put on my grill, my favorite is foal meat (it tastes awesome but also it is so tender I never have any problems chewing the pieces to mush) and I am just to lazy to go to the store and buy me some.

So I did some exercise today, I wanted to give up after like the first 5 minutes, my head is sore and my sholders from the beating they took with my weights yesterday. But I am a stubborn hippo (apparently he claims they are so cute but I warned him that hippos are dangerous so he better watch out) and I refused to give in till I got at least those 38 minutes on my program. So I finished at 40 minutes and total burn of 423 kcal and managed to cycle a measly 19.37 km (12 miles). That will be all my exercise today unless I can manage to get my fatty ass of this chair and my face out of those god damned books and drop in my local shop, bugger I really have to do that cause all my protein food is gone, double bugger.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

trembling spaghetti arms

thats what I have at the moment. I was supposed to be studying this morning but instead I was starting doing my blog rounds. Didn't get very far, cause I read this great post of a blogger that was feeling proud of herself and I thought well I should try that as well. So off I went on my bike and was determined to make up for my lack of exercise yesterday. So I cycled for a whole hour and managed 29 km! (18 miles) and burnt 697 kcal, that is huge I am so happy with that. Then I did my weight exercises for about 20 minutes and ended up burning a total of 900 kcal in an hour and 23 minutes. So I guess I am allowed to eat 1 or 2 pancakes with my guests today. Our pancakes are more like small crépes, these thin ones not those thick American ones I see on TV we call them scones haha we weird Icelanders.

That's all for today
See ya later alligator 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

it´s thursday again

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 110.6 kg or 243.8 pounds
Loss this week: -0.4 kg or -0.9 pounds 
Total loss: 16.4 kg or 36.15 pounds

This is a comparison picture I put together yesterday. I know there is a difference, I can feel it, and I can see it on the scale, but on those pictures I cant really see it (I think that is weird because I see it in other pictures or at least in the mirror). My boyfriend said I should look at my face cause it looks like a hippo in the before picture, yup he said that and got the evil look from me. I will have to put together a better comparison picture so I can see it myself.

 Well shouldn´t we do some TTT today??

1. Iceland is living up to its name, it started snowing yesterday. Well here in the capital but it has been snowing in other parts of the country for a long while but it is weird to get such contrasting weather each day. Like sun and warm weather about +8 or +10 °C and then the day after having -2 °C and snow is not normal in my books.

2. I need to learn to do short TTT´s I babble to much and some might not wanna read so much haha

3. My son is going on his second blood test in two months today, since he has grown so much his thyroid medicine needed to be upped a bit and now we need to do another test to see if it is a right dose or if we need to do something more. He hates it but he is a true champ, having had well over 40-50 blood test since he was a kid.

4. My boyfriend finally got a birthday present from me yesterday, been to busy with work and school these past days to go buy anything, and this is what he got. The smurf is the bag I put it all in. He got two Icelandic beers, shower gel, wind dried fish (yummy soo good) + chocolate and then I bought that Bishops finger beer just for the name. 

5. I am so procrastinating today, I really should be doing analytical chemistry notes but I am watching The Voice

6. I was very happy with the scale this morning, I have not been in this region since 2007 so I am ecstatic. I am also 600 grams (1.3 pounds) from being able to say goodbye to the 110´s and it will be so sweet. Hoping it will happen next week but we will see.

7.  I took the job I was talking about the other, day (think I talked about it ) I will work two weeks full days and all of them have between 1-4 hours of overtime in the end of June so it will make up for me not working all of June like I was supposed to. I will also work some weekends and that is all overtime pay so it will make it better and I will be taking all the shifts extra in other pharmacies I can.

8. Exams are almost upon us. My first one will be on April 30th and I am getting stressed and I am trying my damned hardest not to pig out.

9. My goal for this week is to burn at least 600 kcal each day, I burnt 661 kcal yesterday and I will do it again after I take the kid to the test. 

10. I am also going to try and be more active in commenting on your blogs. I need to stop being so scared about commenting.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I ate cake!

Yup that's what I did. I did not eat much of it, just two tiny cubes. Then I went and burnt 649 kcal in 58 minutes on the bike and lifting weights. I wish I were rich so I could have a huge home gym. But I´ll get by with what I have for the moment. Now its off to do more cramming on chemistry, and then tomorrow I will eat more cake!

 Well the cake for today was for my bf's birthday which is on Monday and we are both super busy then so he got cake today. Then tomorrow we are going to a 9 year old's b-day party. I will restrain myself and only have a taste. Then going to burn that off on the bike again.

I am not going to deny myself a slice (on these kinds of occasions, not going to bake a cake just to have a slice hahaha) but I am going to be aware that it has consequences and that I need to work out to keep the weight off. After this there are no birthdays that I can remember for a while but I cant see that one slice here and there (far between hopefully) will do much harm. Like today I am not going to buy candy even though today is candy day in Iceland well all Saturdays are but I am not participating anymore. If I want candy I will have some, like tiny some, no more huge bag, if I am craving it will be a small piece and that will be that. Today I get cake not candy.

Friday, April 12, 2013

just a tiny update

Massive headache today, but I still went on the bike cause I found this awesome 90's dj mix and it works so well with workouts. I bailed on my initial target of 15,6 km (9.7 miles) and ended at 9.1 km (5,7 miles) and then I was stubborn and did three rounds of 12 sets of three different arm weight thingies. For a total of just 350 kcal in 28 minutes. I am pissed I did not do more but my head is trying to split in two so I will just call it a day.

Then I´m gonna go out with the bf to buy us a new gas grill, since our previous one is rusted out from way too much use. Then its off to school for a final class in chemistry and then well who knows.

hope you all have a great weekend and I am going to try and update my exercise here to try and keep myself accountable.


Thursday, April 11, 2013


No weight info today, completely forgot to go on the scale this morning. Instead I will post it tomorrow.

I am over the worst of my irritation concerning work, but it is still not resolved.

I almost bailed on the bike again today, was even all ready to take a shower but decided to get dressed again and suck it up. Spent 53 minutes on my bike burnt 585 kcal and cycled 24 km (14.9 miles). Then spent another 23 minutes lifting weights, doing squats and so on and burnt a total of 820 kcal, max heart rate was 184 and average was 157 bpm. So hooray for me!

I need to go get me a new sports bra, cause going without any support was just plain funny, guess I should call myself lucky that I am not sporting a black eye on both eyes.

Well best get back to doing more preparing for exam shit. Can not wait till 5 am on the 8th of May.


1. I am exhausted after my workout

2. It is freezing here, below 0°C (32 F), I want warm weather

3. I want candy and tons of it, blame the PMS or who ever but I want it and I want it now! but not going to have some so my mood will reflect that as well, poor bf and son

4. I long for another trip abroad, but that wont happen in a while

5. The apartment below ours up north sold in less than a month and it is exactly like ours so I am trying to be optimistic that ours will go that fast as well.

6. I had to cancel my plans to go to my friends wedding in Norway, and it bums me out

7. Why is it that when you have tons of things to do you are the most lazy?

Thats all you're gonna get today, I´m freezing and my head is not cooperating 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

seriously need to vent

I love my job but I am getting very frustrated. I was supposed to work half days for June but apparently that changed and my boss did not mention it to me until I had to ask for one day off. So now I am looking at just working 4 hours two days a week for May and June, that means about cutting my paycheck in half and I freaking need more than that. I was frantic and called my other boss at another pharmacy and he can fix me up with two weeks of 8 hours at the end of June, so I had to ask for 3 days off in my other work and that apparently is not ideal. Well I am going to ask to have my summer vacation then, cause I am only taking two days in July and I cant financially afford not to take those two whole weeks.

Sorry if it is all ramblings of a mad woman but thats life, I'm stressed, got a severe head cold and PMS. Bring the candy like yesterday!!! No I promise to try and stay away from food in this state.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

TTT and weigh in

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 111.0 kg or 244.7 pounds
Loss this week: -0.8 kg or -1.8 pounds 
Total loss: 16.0 kg or 35.7 pounds

Lets get the boring stuff out of the way first

Another good loss this week. Looks like I might be able to fit into that dress on June first if this keeps. I have been using my handy half cup to measure my meals and I eat a protein drink for breakfast which has 22,5 grams protein, 205 kcal, 25 grams carbs and 1.5 grams fat per 250 ml. Then for lunch I usually have skyr which is usually simular to my protein drink in carbs, protein and all that. Then its just what ever is for dinner, I sometimes sneak in another protein drink if I stay up late.

I tried a new program on my bike, this one is more about trying to keep the same speed, I tried to keep between 77-80 rpm for 27 minutes on brake 7. Then I did more weights. Total of 55 minutes and a 622 kcal and heart rate at max 186 bpm and on average 158 bpm.

Now on to the fun stuff! 

1. On my way home today I was overtook by a hearse!! a freaking black ass hearse!! don't have enough !! but like I was even driving a bit over the limit so I was like "what the fuck!" when I saw this black ass freaky car take me over on the left lane. Guess even the dead like driving fast.

2. Finals always stress me out, and I can feel myself becoming stressed because I really really need to pass Analytical chemistry this semester.

3. I am flat broke, stupid school and stupid me going to London and buying tons of new clothes. But it will be all right, middle of next month we get a refund and I will hopefully work like a maniac this summer, but it sure looks like I have not time or means for a vacation, which also means most likely not going to go to my friends wedding which will be a total bummer, but with financials the way they are it might be impossible.

4.  I really want a new look for my blog, like a personalized one like many of you have, I am going to have to go on YouTube to see how I can make that happen. Getting tired of this look and want something different, more me.

5.  It is still cold here but it has been unusually warm considering that it is still winter. I was even able to go outside in just my cardigan yesterday like that is awesome, cause my parka is getting humongous or me getting smaller, either way we don't fit each other now. I miss summer! Looking through old photos from our travels in Iceland are not helping.

6. I wish there was a clothe swap between bandsters here in Iceland because I am about to throw away good clothing, well I might donate it to charity or something if I can get my ass in a more productive mode. 

7. My gel nail kit finally came in the mail. So I am going to take an hour to put on some nails today, I have been feeling naked without them. Tried the green ones two weeks ago and took them off after a week cause the annoyed me and I am just plain weird about that.

8. My brother just had another baby boy yesterday. He was a big one just over 11 pounds. I hope I will make it to his christening since it will most likely take place round my finals since they need to do it before he gets to big for the christening dress.

9. We are going to sell our apartment up north and buy a place here in the capital. We wont be going back there since everyone else has moved away. I just hope it happens fairly quickly and we get what we want for it. I want to be in my own home, this rent is getting ridiculous and I am hoping that by buying a home the cost per month might actually go down, well in theory it should. So that's what we're gonna do after finals.

10. I am obsessed with a lot of things, like shoes, nail polish, and make up. I went a bit nuts in London when I went to Boots and Superdrug. They both had these buy 3 pay 2 sale going on and you could skip between brands. I have way to much make up now, even though it didn't cost that much it was still unnecessary but hey at least now I know how to use eyeliner, cause I bought this really good gel one from Maybelline and it rocks.

As promised this is what the dress looks in the back today. It is a size UK 18 (US 16) and that is the size below my current one, so hopefully I can zip it all the way up on June 1st so I can use it at work cause it will be so hot in that little place (has no windows other than on the front so no air circulating) 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

back on track

I am having massive chocolate cravings after Easter. I did have an Easter egg, but I don't think I went overboard as it was a small one. I am going to try and stay away from candy as much as I can for the next month, trying not to stuff my face full of candy during finals will be hard. I bought me a dress and it does not fit me now, but I am giving myself until June 1st to being able to zip it up. Will post a picture of it tomorrow. 

Bought new shoes in London!! I love them they only cost 18 pounds in Primark thats about $27. I absolutely love them. And I also had to buy a new wallet (well not a real wallet) for my cards and stuff . Aren't they gorgeous?

Started my exercise again yesterday. Burnt 595 kcal and of them 394 kcal were burnt on the bike. My heart rate was at max 191 and an average of 161 bpm during those 51 minutes of cycling and lifting weights, completely forgot to stretch shhhh don't tell. It took me 31.24 minutes to finish 15.20 km (9.4 miles) in one of the programs.

Today it took me 30.39 minutes to do the same program and finish those same 15.2 km's. It took me the same amount of time but I burnt less kcal this time and I could feel that I had less energy than yesterday, by watching the rounds per min thingy. Heart rate was almost the same today so I think that is good.

Now I better start getting my nose firmly stuck in my books, because my first final is in 27 days and I need to jam as much info into my head as possible so I will pass. Will squeeze in a blog tomorrow with weigh in and TTT