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Friday, December 28, 2012

totally forgot NSV

I have had these tights from a thick material for 1-2 years, I have never been able to wear them. I tried them on a week or two before Christmas, then I did again on Dec 26th, and I got them up comfortable :D I was so giddy when I came out of the bathroom hahahaha like mom look!

On other notes, I think I might be eating to few calories per day now, because after the fill I am only eating about 3 meals per day, and it is really hard to fit a lot of protein and stuff in 3 meals. I was actually eating meat for breakfast now just to try and get more protein in.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

after X-mas weigh in

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds
Today: 116.2 kg or 256.18 pounds
Gain this week: +0.4 kg or +0.88 pounds
Total loss: 10.8 kg or 23.81 pounds

A slight gain but nothing I am bummed about. I am more bummed about TOM who's lurking round the corner. I thought I did OK during Christmas, although I did eat a bit more of food than I should have. But you live you learn. Now I am going to go see if my lil nephew can't catch his flight today, the weather was so bad last night that the plane could not land at his fathers town so he had  to fly back south, and they are predicting bad weather until after the weekend so hopefully for his sake he can go see his dad, if not he´ll just stay with us until his mother comes south.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

my band hates ice cream

I have to admit I did eat a bit more than my allowed half a cup today and yesterday. I also had ice cream today and my band still does not like ice cream. I can feel where the band lies after eating ice cream. Even though I eat it slowly.

Well just wanted to check in, now I better go chat with my guests (mum and stepdad)

Monday, December 24, 2012

sore port site!

I just wanted to ask if any of you experienced a sore port site? I had my first fill on Tuesday and I have been somewhat sore since then. Well it kind of disappeared but came back yesterday, I'm hoping it is due to my bra pushing down towards it so am going to change and use another one today. Do any of you get sore round the port for a few days after a fill? I have been trying to follow the rules I was given and have no trouble getting anything down so thats not why. Anywhoots just wanted to put this out there and see if anyone got simular stuff going on

YES only 8 and a half hours till Christmas dinner and about 10 and a half hours till we open the presents :D

The last santa brought me and my family books to read. I got the Hobbit, my son got a book about Real Madrid football club in Spain and my bf is getting a book on seldom used jeep paths in Iceland well that is if he ever gets his bumb out of bed hahah

Again MERRY CHRISTMAS  hope you all have a wonderful holidays

Sunday, December 23, 2012

OMG christmas tomorrow

I can not wait, tomorrow is Christmas. Today we are going to decorate the tree and the apartment. The last of 13 Santa Claus comes tomorrow and that means I get a lil something something. I love Christmas, the food, the family all together, the peace and just all of it.

I have been trying to do good in the food department. I have been eating 3-4 meals per day, I do see some change from the 2 ml fill I got on Tuesday. I have had a few chocolate pieces like 2 one day and one the next day but I think that is ok. First it is Christmas and I am not going to deprive myself, second it is like 10 grams (bf corrected me, each piece is at most 5 grams) at most each so I think it is OK. What is not OK is the fact that last night I ate a sub similar to the Philly Cheese-stake, I only ate about 1/4-1/3 of it and not the bread. Still I could have done better, I have an excuse but it sucks. I was in a terrible mood yesterday, I was almost seething. And for that reason I think I turned to food, I am proud that even though I did, I did not eat much more than I should. I could have but I stopped.

Who wakes up at 8 am on a Sunday!! Me that's who. Damn it I wanted to sleep in but noooo not gonna happen haha so here I am at almost 10 am, already eaten my breakfast and started eying that tree for decorations. Might plant a picture of it later today when we are done with it.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

last weigh in before Christmas

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds
Today: 115.8 kg or 255.3 pounds
Loss this week: -1.4 kg or -3.1 pounds
Total loss: 11.2 kg or 24.7 pounds

Cant say I'm not happy with this. My goal was to lose 15 kg before Christmas but then I did not do any exercising per say. But I am so glad to see 115 something on my scale. It means I am getting closer to my goal of a two digit weight :D 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

first fill not so bad

I could hardly eat my breakfast this morning, I did not think at first that I was nervous about the fill, but clearly I was. I finally finished it just in time to drive to the town where the surgeon rents an office while in Iceland. Not a minute to spare when I finally arrived, the visit took probable about 5 minutes total, asked my current weight and I asked him bout bite sizes and stuff, then up on the bench and wow is he a pro or what, the fill took less than half a minute or round that. It did hurt a bit, but not that bad really, I´d say it was worse than getting your blood taken but it was so short it did not matter. So now I have 5 ml in my band. And I hope that means I will soon find that green zone. I am on soft foods today and tomorrow then just back to normal.

Cant wait to step on the scale on Thursday :)

toodles, and sorry I posted on the silent blog day, my heart goes out to all the families. I can not even begin to imagine their loss.

Monday, December 17, 2012

I passed! fill + did 8 km today

OK so I passed that awful calculus exam. I got 70% which is fine by me. I would not say no to a better grade but I am sooo glad I passed and never have to do that again.

As a result I have booked a house in Orlando for the latter half of May, will book flights tonight when I can get my hands on the bf's wallet haha.

Tomorrow is my first fill I hope. I can not wait until I can go at least 3-4 hours between meals not like the 2-3 hours that is the present. I am a bit scared, saw some posts that it can be painful but am trying to be optimistic and take Pollyanna view on this whole thing.

My scale keeps greeting me with such happy news each morning. I wonder when I will hit my plateau. I am also a bit scared of starting to exercise much. I mean I am losing about 1+ pound a week. And I am scared it will run of like butter if I start full on exercising and it scares me because of the excess skin I will have. 

Anywhoots I did 20 minutes on my bike and kept it on between break 7-10 for most of it and I can feel that in my thighs. Those 20 minutes resulted in 8 km or 4.97 miles. I know I can do longer but then the break is more like 5 so I want to try and alternate between heavy and light cycling. 

Think that is about it. Now I am off to your blogs and catching up, been working all weekend and not on blogland. Will post about the fill tomorrow. I so hope he will fill me. Its almost been 7 weeks post op

Friday, December 14, 2012

help, bite size?

Ok so I am still trying to get to grips with this size stuff. I watched on the video that it should be about the size of a dice. But I am not sure if I am eating the right size, so I ask you, how much do you concentrate on the size of the bites? I just don't want to screw this up, so no making a pouch above the band if I can help it.

I usually don't think to much about it because I can usually cut smaller pieces but I was eating a burger (just the lower half of the bread, the meat, cheese and pinapple). I almost finished it all, first time I have eaten so much, NOT liking it, but I have a fill on Tuesday so it should be OK. Anywhoots, back to the sizes. Should I feel it if I take to big of a bite? I actually took a picture of one bite next to a dice hahaha I know a bit weird. So I ask does this bite look too big?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

weigh in + 13 Santas

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds
Today: 117.2 kg or 258.4 pounds
Loss this week: -1.2 kg or -2.6 pounds
Total loss: 9.8 kg or 21.6 pounds

I have been MIA. I was at my in-laws and they don't have a good internet reception and no 3G for my cell so I had no internet for a while.

Been doing fine food wise, really need to start exercising and I really should start keeping track on the calories I eat. I seem to forget I have this awesome stationary bike in my room. This morning instead of using it I lay in bed reading.

I am waiting for my grade in Calculus to arrive so I can book the house in Orlando and book a flight. I can not wait to get back to Orlando. This time I will spend whole days at the parks and just take it easy there, not try and fly through it like we did last time.

So I decided to try and see if I could drink soda. It seems I can, I just took tiny sips and it caused my no pain. It was a bit of a relief since when I get migranes like last night I usually take a fizzy asprin with caffeine in it and now I dont have to be afraid to take it cause the fizz wont bug me. Also it means I can drink my almost holy Christmas drink this year.

Last Saturday we had our friends over and that is when the experiment started, I had half a glass of Coke with dinner, and about half a small can of alcoholic apple cider. I have no intention to start drinking soda or that kind of stuff daily. I will only have it on special occasions.

Speaking of special occasions. The first two santa's have just come, that means my kid put his shoe in the window and got a lil something from them. We have 13 Santas, they are not like your santa, ours are very mischievous and basically are old crooks that live in the mountains. The do give children small gifts in their shoes each night starting 13 nights before Christmas, if the child does not behave well it gets a potato instead of a gift. Also the santas mother GrĂ½la is a troll that threatens to eat children if they misbehave haha so yeah icelandic santas are not like yours.

Ooooh and I almost forgot. I am seeing the surgeon on dec 18th, so hopefully I´ll get a fill then too :D

Thursday, December 6, 2012

weigh in & NSV

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds
Today: 118.4 kg or 261.0 pounds
Loss this week: -0.5 kg or -1.1 pounds
Total loss: 8.6 kg or 18.96 pounds

I am a bit surprised that I lost this week, just due to me sitting and doing nothing but studying. But I will keep at it haha.

My old way of thinking is has so not left me. After my exam yesterday I really wanted to eat something yummy just to celibrate... well we didn't so yay for me. I did have a square of chocolate last night, but I did not go crazy and want to eat the whole package so another yay for me.

We took some pictures last night, and I have to say I can see a difference. My belly doesn't stick out as it did and wow my face looks a lot slimmer even though it still looks fat so that is a step in the right direction.

Well gonna go do something, like fold laundry and do 10-15 min on my stationary bike. 


Ok was on my bike for 17 minutes, thats 7km or 4.3 miles for you non km folks. Also according to my HRM watch I burnt 303 kcal. So I am pleased as a button.

NSV #1:  When I am on my bike I no longer see my belly while cycling woop woop. Now all I see are boobs and thighs. HELL YEAH!!!

NSV #2: so I fit into my size 22 jeans that I bought in Orlando in August WHOOHOO. They are a bit snug but not uncomfortable and I do have a slight muffin top belly thing going on. But NO WAY am I taking them off, not only am I reveling in the fact they fit but also my other ones have a hole in the crotch haha

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Ok so I am finally done with my exam. I think I have passed but I don't want to say I'm 100% about it just in case. But my gut says yes.

Speaking of the gut, girls the gut is getting smaller. I swear I see such a difference in the mirror. I took measurments before I went to the UK and now 4 weeks after lap band. I have lost 11 inches, 2.8 from my waist, 1.97 from my thighs, the same from my hips and I even lost 1 cm from my neck I think that is AWESOME.

Now its weigh in tomorrow but I am not really expecting to have lost a lot since I have not moved for a week due to extreme cramming, I almost lived at school while studying and am so glad to be home again haha. Next step is to start moving my shrinking butt.

My back is getting better, but ugh grinding these tablets is disgusting, they taste awefull. I think the fact that my bag was around 22 pounds might explain it a tad bit.

I can not wait till Christmas is here. We have bought all presents except mine and my bf's. Total of 31 presents if we include us. It can be a bad thing coming from a divided family. And if this is the only thing I can think of in that case gosh I must have been so lucky.

I´m going to start catching up on your blogs

Toodles bandsters