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Thursday, June 27, 2013

TTT & weigh in

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 108.5 kg or 239.2 pounds
Loss this week: -0.9 kg or -2.0 pounds
Total loss: 18.5 kg or 40.8 pounds

I am loving this new fill. 

Thanks to the lovely preggo Laura Belle we have this awesome creation TTT

1. I have lost 40 pounds since my surgery and 49.6 pounds since I was at my heaviest.

2. I am so tired, tonight is the second night shift out of four in a row, and the longest one is on Saturday (working till midnight)

3. Still no news on the sale of our flat, getting really annoyed.

4. Next week I will go up north and hopefully the sale will have gone through and I will be able to spend that time with my son on his soccer tournament.

5. My band is tighter in the mornings and I am lucky that I usually only have a protein drink for breakfast because even that seems to go down slowly, but by next meal I am fine.

6. My face is so dry, it is irritating my, if I try and use a BB cream or foundation it just looks like my face is scaly and shit.

7. Have I mentioned I am PISSED waiting for this loan to go through so we can sell our place. The loan thingy (its not a bank but most house loans go through them.) even demanded we get another agent to appraise our house and he came up with the same figure as the other one so I want this thing done like yesterday.

8. I am craving ice cream after reading a fellow bloggers post this morning.

9.Where is my summer?? it has not gone over 61°F, and there was even HAIL in a neighboring town yesterday. Its almost July for heck's sake bring the sun out and warm up this weather for me.

10. I am lazy, don't have to go to work till 16:30 so I am still in my nightgown refusing to get dressed haha

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Midnight sun

It is just over 11 pm and the sun is still shining. It will not go down at all tonight SUPER AWESOME took this pix on my way home from work 30 minutes ago (I know no smile but I find I look weird when I try to smile for a selfie  and I was trying to concentrate on driving hahahaha

Got stuck

I got stuck yesterday morning and I was lucky it didn't really hurt but my gosh was I panicked. OK so I woke up super early to go to work, ate my breakfast and saw that I was getting late so I stuffed that lil last bite in and off I went to the kitchen, and then like the stupid idiot I am I took a small sip of juice and that motherf****r got stuck. Thankfully it went down in about 15 minutes without any major sliming or vomiting (I was most afraid of that) but I am not wanting to do that again, pain or no pain.

I was able to eat during lunch without any problems, but I have to admit I have been super aware of my band after that introduction.

I cant wait to see how this fill settles in, I thought I ate less yesterday but it will unfold in this next week. I had what I called chicken salad for lunch at work and I felt stuffed but when I look at the pictures that doesnt look like I ate much, that is a tiny plate btw hahaha

Thursday, June 20, 2013

TTT & x-ray fill

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 109.4 kg or 241.2 pounds
Loss this week: -0.7 kg or -1.5 pounds
Total loss: 17.6 kg or 38.2 pounds

The fill was OK I just got home from it. It was my first fill with the aid of x-ray. I was scared shitless but the stab itself was not painful but when he was messing with my port before that it hurt like I was in PAIN. But it was short lived and I am fine now. I was a bit timid when he said I was to receive a 0.5 ml fill because I thought it would be too much but I trust my surgeon and let the other doc do that so now I am at 6.5 ml in a 10 ml band. I cant wait to eat solids again tomorrow and see what I hope to be the perfect balance.

1. The sun is finally shining but it is still just over 10 °C or 50°F

2. I am tired of working this much but I will keep it up so I can get me some money honey

3. I want to hike that path again but will have to wait until mid July to have time for it.

4. Barium swallow is not that bad, I was prepared for it to taste awful but it was just OK

5. I want more clothes, this is bugging me because I am going to be a Scrooge and not buy any if I can help it.

6. I don't want to wait till tomorrow to eat solids, but it is what's best for my band so I will

7. Still not heard anything regarding the finalization of our sale on the flat up north.

8. I am so lazy these days, I have not even done my nails and it needs doing I tell ya

9. I am coming up short today so it'll only be 8 things Thursday

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy independence day *updated*

I am getting ready to take that hike. I don't know how far I will make it but we will see. If the view is great I will post a picture here later today.

Update with pictures:

Oh that was exhausting but so awesome. I went as far as I could manange which was base 3 out of 6 with 7 being the top.

I wanted to quit after the first 3 minutes, because it was all up hill (well DUH! your hiking up a mountain you idiot!) But then I got this determination that I wanted to go at least to 2 and then I thought oh well it is not that far from 2 till 3 so I went that as well but OMG I could no more. When I started back down my legs were shaking with each step my muscles wanted no more of that.

 On the way, its straight ahead there

 Lots of greenery my first thought was I wanted to go above that and I did

View from the parking lot

 the view from somewhere round base 1

This was horrible to go up, there are steps to the left but they are so high my thighs HATE them now

View from somewhere near base 2, now you can see part of the capital 

 My awesome kid who had more faith in me that I did

 Better view of the capital

My kid at base 3

Myself at base 3, to exhausted to smile any more than that

Going back down

Apparently I forgot I was afraid of heights before starting this trip 

loved the scenery 

that's the calories burnt going up and down, burnt 110 more on the 15 minute drive home

Thought I would try out this sport tracker on my phone, too bad I didn't turn it on until like 10 minutes into the hike so the total time was more like 1 hour 20 min and about 4.8 km

This sport tracker is high I think either that or those paths are freaky

Saturday, June 15, 2013

what the doctor said

Well my doctor has replied to my email last night. He thinks I should go get a slight fill and that means I will be getting it from someone other than him and that scares me but at the same time it is nice because that means it will be done with an x-ray so I or they will see the band and if stuff looks right. He also said he is not concerned about this discomfort / mild pain I have been having. And that he wants to look at that himself when he comes to Iceland in late August. This x-ray thing should ease my mind somewhat I think. I also kinda want to see stuff go down not sure if I can see it for myself.

In other stuff, it is very obvious that June 17th is fast approaching when you drop to the shops here. I will be home alone with the kid, my mother and my siblings are out of town and so is my bf. Me and the kid are hoping for a good weather so we can go for a short hike and then maybe try and grill some foal for our selfs mmmm hope I get good weather because I wont grill in the rain.

Friday, June 14, 2013

can you feel the food go down?

I am contemplating another fill. I sent my surgeon an email just now. Asking what he thinks because he wont be here until mid August. I also finally asked him about this discomfort I am having. We shall see what he has to say.

Anywhoots, I want to know can you feel your food going down? I cant unless I have taken too big of a bite and then I get this really uncomfortable feeling and it aches not really hurts for a bit. I am just wondering if I am supposed to be more aware of it going down.

I am freaking out a bit. I discovered last night that one of my birthmarks has changed so I am going to a doctor next week to have it removed. This is so not helping to de-stress me at all with me being the most hypochondriac person I know (well part from my best friend lol bless her she is as nuts as I am), which reminds me she is recovering from having her appendix removed so this is for her.
Hahahahaha elska þig Betsý geitapabbi minn hihihi

Well this is a short one. Gotta go to bed so I can be super fresh when I go to work at 10 am (what was I thinking when I decided to work every day this month)

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 110.1 kg or 242.7 pounds
Loss this week: status quo but was 109.3 two days ago :( 
Total loss: 16.9 kg or 37.3 pounds

1. It was pouring rain yesterday like standing under the shower kind of rain and my son had a soccer match. But they still managed to beat the other team.

2. Speaking of the kid. I was working from 6-10 pm on Tuesday and when I got home he had cleaned the living room and dining room and the kitchen and he had even filled the dishwasher and was taking the stuff and putting it in the right places. Maybe I should ground him more often if this is what I can expect.

3. Again more on that kid of mine. The summer bottles of Coke are printed with tons of icelandic names and he had been looking for his for a while but finally found one.

4. I wore a dress to work today! Me the tomboy who only ever wears jeans and T-shirts, OK I have started to try being a girl but anywho I suck at it. I looked super dooper frumpy. I look like I just escaped the Amish way of living.

5. I have a confession. I fell hard into a constant supply of this awesome goodness, it is sinfully good. It is puffed something covered in caramel flavored milk chocolate. I need help this is addictive and all sorts of wrong for me to be eating it.

6. Our national holiday is on June 17th. I hope the weather will be good. It seems to always rain on this day. But since it is my only day off this month I hope to get sun and some heat so I can do something with the kid.

7. I am stressing about finances, I really dont have to stress but all this waiting for the sale to go through and then waiting to buy our new place and my bf might not be able to be at sea as much as he would like this summer so I am a bit worried, although he keeps telling me not to worry.

8. I have been thinking about wether or not I should try this reset that Tina just did. It might be what I need right now.

9. This is a bit like what I am feeling but if I cant kick my own ass then it is not a good thing.

10. Ugh I give up today. I worked till midnight last night and I just want to crawl in bed and read a good book. Think my Jane Eyre is calling my name again (read it at least one time a year)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

need serious sorting out

Since my bf has left for sea my routine has gone to shit. Not the food but the sleep. I am reading in bed until 3 am cause I am not being asked to turn the light off haha so I stay up way to late and sleep almost till noon. Thankfully my son is self sufficient these days. But this is not working. I need to stop this.

Oooooh on other notes my scale was AWESOME this morning, it will hopefully be so on Thursday and it would probably help if I stopped downing bottles of Fanta lemon. Yup it is summer so they are producing Fanta lemon again, and I love it. But since I can not really stand the gas I take a few sips and then shake the bottle a few times and am left with this awesome lemony carbonless soda. But it has so much sugar so I will have to stop drinking it.

Well not much else to say. I am planning the meals like a military drill. Will be making the ususal recipes and am freezing some of it in small containers for me and some in bigger for me and the kid. Then I also have to make dinner that he can heat up in the oven on the days I am working till 10 pm. Thankfully again he is very self sufficient and knows how to use the oven and all that jazz, I am not liking working till that late but I am home until noon and he wont be home till 10 am either way so it will be ok, just got to stop being a mother hen type of thing.

Well I´m off and lets hope that scale will be as brilliant on Thursday, I am wanting to do TTT again I have not for a while and I miss it hahah how weird is that.

Monday, June 10, 2013

mothering troubles

Ugh got to unload. So read on at your own risk.

I felt awful last night. I had to ground my son for the first time. He has started to come home late repeatedly so. And I had warned him that I would have to ground him if he did not stop this. And yesterday he was supposed to be home at 10 pm but I knew where he was so I didn´t call his cell until 10:25 pm and when he did not answer I called the boys house. His father told me that my son had left as soon as the phone started to ring. But when he was not home more than 5 minutes later (his friend lives in the apartment building next to ours so it takes max 2-3 minutes to come home) I called his phone again and then heard it ringing in the hallway. That kid of mine was afraid to come in, he thought I would be furious, like I was some kind of monster :( but I was actually very calm and just told him that he was grounded and that meant he could not go out with his friends after dinner for a while (have yet to figure out how many days I should ground him for).
The laws here are that kids age 12 and under can stay out until 10 pm. But some parents let their kids stay out longer than that. I dont mind him being out longer if for instance I know that they are finishing a game or something but I want to know about it first.

Ugh I want my responsible kid back hahahaha he never used to come home late until he started hanging out with this kid. I know he is at his house but still...

Friday, June 7, 2013

wanna punch my bf in the face

He landed in Las Palmas about 3 pm Icelandic time, and he texted me and said, "landed, horrible weather ;) " well that should be read with TONS! of irony. Then a few hours later I got "it´s so hot" then a few hours after that, he had to text me to tell me that he went out to dinner and had a heavenly steak and was waiting for his pina colada to arrive. ARG!!! this should be considered spousal abuse, this is mental torture hahah me sitting here in chilly, rainy, windy 11 °C / 52 F and he is sitting in the sun, drinking MY favorite drink in a balmy 20 °C / 68 F.
I deserve the warm weather and loads of sun and I sure as hell want some Pina Colada but that could be do to TOM´s regular visit is just round the weekend so I might be a bit cranky but... I still think he should not be allowed to gloat like that. Oh I will find a way to pay him back just you wait ;)

Think this ecard is appropriate since my other favorite drink is sex on the beach and I wouldn´t be surprised if he had one of those as well haha

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Grass widow

I have yet again become what the Icelanders call a grass widow. That means my boyfriend has gone to sea. Well he first has to fly to Dusseldorf and from there to Las Palmas to fetch the ship and be part of the crew that sails it home. So this means I might not see him for two weeks to well hell it could be I wont see him until late August if things go well (mean well for him like fishing loads and making loads of money so we can buy a new place).

It will be hard for me not to fall into the old routine of eating crap and ordering in like a mad woman now that he is gone. That has been my usual behavior up till now. It will be hard and I hope not to screw it up.

The only good thing about being a grass widow is.... I get to sleep sideways if I so choose. Yup I like my space hahaha. He would probably say the below picture is accurate. In the old days he would go to the toilet during the night and come back and have to sleep on the other half of the bed because I had somehow taken over his half. That caused a few confused mornings for me at first hahaha.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

from mousy to orange or wannabe blond

Ok so I finally had my hair coloured. I wanted it to be blond but the lady said it could not be coloured blond unless using highlights but she hadn´t time for that and it was not part of the offer I had wanted. So it was ok and she used the lightest color she could. I first thought it was ok now I am not so sure, it kinda looks orange. But we´ll see. I have not washed it so it might grow on my.

See I am so lucky to have this typical Icelandic mousy color hair. And it is now so short as well I am grieving those few inches or so she took off it. Please ignore the writing on the mirror. It is our hallway mirror/note board.

My boyfriend is going to Las Palmas on Friday!! Well we dont have to pay and it will not be a fun trip so it´s ok haha he is going there to be part of the crew that will sail it back home. So that is good because it means he is on the payroll starting Friday. I have instructed him to bring me a can on apple Fanta. I know soda is bad but omg apple Fanta is awesome, and I have only found it in Spain so maybe they will have it down there in Canarie. 

Onto other stuff. I am doing the laundry and I want to know what the heck happens to the freaking socks!! like how is it possible to lose socks in the washing machine. Oh and speaking of socks, do me a favore. Settle a spat me and my bf have had for years. Am I the only one who uses right and left socks, that is after the first use I will never EVER use a left sock on my right foot it just feels uncomfortable and it gnaws at me if I accidentally do it. I just feel like well if you use them where ever they become square and annoy me. (ok I´ll admit I am a bit OCD sometimes) 

to fill or not to fill.....

I am trying to decide whether I should have another fill or not. I am currently at 6 ml in an 10 ml band. The doctor says I should strive for 3 meals a day, I am still in 3-4 mostly 4 meals per day. But I am so undecided. I kind of dont want it just yet because that would mean I need to let another person fill it but they also use a x-ray so it might calm me regarding that soreness that keeps coming up. On the other hand after I stopped wearing a bra and just use a sports bra I have almost gotten rid of any discomfort and soreness. Am no longer having pains in the shoulder and so on.

I was afraid of having a erosion problem or something but I have no discomfort or anything like that while and after I eat. And like I said, after I stopped with the bra it went away, well I tried the bra again yesterday for about 4 hours and that was enough to irritate the port again and now it is a bit sore.

Onto other stuff. I am hoping the weather will be good next weekend so I can go on a day trip with the kid since it will be my only off weekend this whole month.