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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

no sleep tonight

Really don't think there will be a lot of sleeping tonight. 

Am supposed to be at the hospital at 7 am as I went there today to have all the pre op stuff done. 

Apparently my EKG was by the book so that was a relief.

Loved the hospital or what little I saw of it. 

My poor friend has a bad migraine and I so wish I could fix it.

Ok going to go try and relax, sorry I haven't commented on any of your posts, been so busy sight seeing that I have not read one blog since I left home. 

Toodles, keep me in your thoughts tomorrow. Hopefully I´ll be all done before noon.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

getting nervous

Really getting nervous as the time gets closer. I am going to get all the pre-surgery stuff done tomorrow, that includes getting blood work done. Have I mentioned I hate needles, ironic I chose this surgery then isn't it. 

I spent 3 night in London and it was fun and all that. A bit disappointing about our tour bus, don't think it was the one I found online. This morning we took the train to Birmingham and I somehow feel so much better here, it is less stressful and less people here.

My tummy is not happy. Don't know if it is stress or if it is the fact that we have not been eating so regularly after we came here. About two times per day. I know I know.... So much to do and so little time to do it all. 

Well going to drink my Coke and hope it eases my tummy and not something like me getting sick. Not having that now.

So I will have my blood work and stuff tomorrow, waiting for the peeps of FB to tell me if I need to do it while fasting, and that means my surgery will be one of the first ones because I am a self pay patient.

Okidokies my honeys blog more later and no pictures till I get home as I left my cord at home haha 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012


1. Almost forgot to do TTT, this day is just not long enough. It is almost midnight, well I still have half an hour left till midnight.

2. This is my last night at home for a while. Going to my friends tomorrow night and then we fly to   London early on Saturday. She has to inject me with a blood thinner courtesy of my surgeon. I hate needles (I know I know about the big needle but what will I not go through to get this weight off me). But my friend just so happens to be a nurse so she can do an awesome job, if not I´ll kick her ass, hear that Betsý KICK YOUR SCRAWNY LIL ASS hahahaha well I could try anyways, not sure I could though lol 

3. We have two big malls here, one is quite old but the other one is just over a decade old. I swear the architect that designed it was a man. Want to know how I know this? Well just look at what it looks like.
Not only does it resemble a male body part, but the first floor is tiled with white tiles, and running the length of the building is a redish jiggly line ending in a circle, so it kinda looks like a semen has been added for good measure.

4. I am running around like a headless chicken today. Trying to remember everything I need before I go to work, cause I am going to work with my suitcase and all. Have an amazing ex GP that prescribed me some pain killers in case I need them. I always get stressed before travel cause I don't want to forget anything.

5. I am list crazy. I make endless lists. I am kind of anal when it comes to organizing. Wish I was that way about cleaning the house, but my awesome bf does most of that hihi.

6. I am getting paranoid about getting sick before the surgery. I really should not be but I am one crazy mother... The only thing I am really concerned about the surgery is the anesthesia. Seen way to many TV shows about doctors and horror stories about not being asleep just paralyzed. See one crazy right here!

7. I am a Logo Quiz junky. That in itself is bad, but I have infected my bf and my kid. The kid is hooked on the football (soccer) one, the car one and the flags of all the countries in the world. While my bf is just hooked on the plain one like me. We were in bed the other night, each with our phones, going "do you know this one". I need help, maybe they have 12 steps for this..

8. I am in pain. I apparently have been eating loads of pain medicine because I have not had any anti-inflammatory since my little oops moment. And my shoulders and back are not quite killing me but annoying the heck out of me. Wish paracetamol had a bit more kick to it. I am bringing one kind of anti-inflammatory with me, just so I can ask him if it is OK to use it. It is a kind that does not dissolve in your stomach rather in the intestine so it does not irritate the stomach. I have a really bad back and I just want to make sure what I can do when it does act up. Which hopefully it will stop doing so often once the weight drops.

9. Think I am going to miss my kid tons, the bf as well but I am used to not seeing him for a while when he goes to sea. But he will have a great time with his dad.

10. We had the first snow show its ugly face in the city today, no longer is it just in the mountains but it has breached our city. I HATE snow. It makes a aweful sound when it is to cold outside and gives me goosebumps. I just want snow during Christmas and Easter, then it can take a hike.
                                                                      Exhibit A
Exhibit B

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

getting very curious

I have this lives traffic thingy on my page, and I am getting so many visitors from Reykjavík Iceland. I wonder who these people are haha not that I mind. Just I don't know of any people I have given this link that live there except for myself. Somedays I am getting over 30 views from here (not including me). So why not say hello people, no need to be shy ;)

In other news. I am nervous, excited, scared, thrilled and many other adjectives that don't make sense. Only a week, well not even a week as it is 8:30 pm here now so wow it is coming fast. Got tons of things to do tomorrow, then work on Friday and off I go to my bestie Betsý and try and get some sleep before the flight.

I am exhausted so I am not gonna blog more today, just curious who all these peeps are (see I speak slang hihi). I am actually thinking of going to bed now, don't think I will make it to 10pm to be honest. I´ll try my hand at TTT again tomorrow


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guess what I saw on Saturday night

Yup that is a Christmas tree people. This one drug company has put up a Christmas tree on their property and when I went to school yesterday they had also added a huge red bow filled with red Christmas lights. So I am no longer the only one who can't wait for Christmas to come. Ooh and I also saw that one of my mums neighbor had put his Christmas lights on his balcony already.

On other notes, Jeepers Creepers how the time flies. I am going to the UK in 4 days. Have to admit that I am beginning to get a bit nervous, mostly that something will come up and I wont be able to get my surgery.

What do I need to do before surgery girls? I have taken my measurments, my weight, I need to make some kind of goal list but my head is kind of blocked at the moment. When my bf comes back south I will have to get him to take before pictures. So is there anything else that you would recommend I do? Also have to remember to tell the bf to stock up on juices and protein shakes before I get back home.

Well I really dont have anything to say other that what I have, but I could ramble all day about stuff so I am just gonna go plant my ass in the sofa and watch some TV before I go to work. And try and kill off the butterflies that are taking resident in my stomach.


Friday, October 19, 2012

minor/major oops?

Gosh now I am wallowing a bit. Ok so I had this majorly annoying headache before works so I took on of those fizzy tablets we have called Treo (I take them for bad headaches/migraines), its aspirin with caffeine in it. Ok so afterwards I kept thinking didn't I read something about aspirin before the surgery.

Yup I did. In my letter from the hospital it says in instruction nr2 that "DO NOT take aspirin or drink alcohol, during the 14 days prior to surgery".

Major screw up as it is only what 13 days till my surgery. I am kind of petrified to send my surgeon an email asking if I screwed up my date for the surgery. I keep thinking that well it was only one tablet of 500 mg aspirin and the half life in the plasma is only 3.5 hours ( I work at a pharmacy so I always read this stuff online rather than in the instructions you get from you pack, so much more detailed in the medicine info the Icelandic Medicines Agency keeps). And in their info they say use of this medicine should be discontinued a few days before surgery so.. I am like 99.9% sure it is ok. I still feel like I did something wrong by not remembering that :( And I can promise I will SO not use it again until I am allowed, I will rather stay in bed and take the day off work in case I need to.

Seriously need a bit of a internet hugs

Thursday, October 18, 2012

trying ten things thursday

1. Exactly two weeks from now I will be in some pain or experiencing some discomfort. But it will be so worth it.

2. My friend and I are figuring out what to do in the three days we have in London before our trip to Birmingham for the BIG day. All I know is  I want to go to Timberland and buy these shoes. Also I want to go to the wax museum and the London Eye, even though I am petrified of heights.
3. I had to get up at 6.25 am this morning! This was due to my kid going with his school to the zoo (its not a zoo like you would know it. It has cows and all other farm animals they have in Iceland plus some common wild animals like reindeer and foxes). Anywhoots they couldn't take the bus because that would mean the kids had to wake up way before that, so parents had to drive them to the park. I was ever so lucky that a friend of his offered him a ride so I could crawl back to bed and listening to people scraping the ice off their windows because it has started to freeze.

4. I am hooked on watching this British show called Threesome. It is hilarious, it only has two series so far but I sure hope it will have some more.

5. I had this stupid thought while staring at the mirror while brushing my teeth. I couldn't stop thinking "will I be pretty when I am no longer fat". Yup that was pathetic but I cant help to think what will I look like. Last time I was thin was when I was 17 and that was a loooong time ago. This is a picture of me taken in 1998 I was 16 there. Even though I am smiling and wearing a short dress I felt like a humongous fat disgusting pig. Yup if only I knew back then what I know now, I'd never had believed all those lies and hopefully seen myself as I was. Normal..

6. Only 66 days till Christmas WOOP WOOP. Christmas in Iceland starts at 6pm on the 24th. We eat Christmas dinner at 6pm while listening to mass on the radio, then at 8pm we open the presents. Christmas here last 3 days, that's 3 days off from work. Guess you would call it Christmas eve, Christmas day and boxing day, we call boxing day "the second day of Christmas" weird really considering Christmas starts on the 24th.

7. Went to the store today with my mum and our spouses to start buying Christmas things like the Christmas dinner! yup really. So it is in the freezer just waiting for us to devour it, well in my case have a wee taste I guess.

8. Was very efficient today. Booked an appointment for my kid to go to the orthodontist, guess the poor kid needs braces like I did. Then I finally booked an appointment for myself to have that god awefull pap smear think you guys call it. I am officially one year late for it, been so good at going every 2 years but moving put me off my schedule.

9. I have a thing for colored pens and nail polishes. Think it is more than a thing haha. I have a huge bowl filled with nailpolish. I went nuts when I was in Florida this summer, the polishes only cost like a few dollars compared to at least ten dollars here. But the pens are more useful. I just discovered frixtion pens. They are awesome, you can erase what you wrote like it was a pencil. I don't need to have a pen, eraser and then a pencil, just that one pen and obviously I need one in EVERY color right?? even pink which is my least favorite color of all. Even have a Frixtion highlighter.

10. Thinking of 10 things is kinda hard. Guess I should write stuff down during the week to remember what is important. Hope you have a great weekend, I have to work tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. Yay for me! (so hope sarcasm translates online hihi)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

weigh in day a bit late

Ok so I forgot to weigh in yesterday so I did just that now that I am up and out of bed haha, well I gained 0,7 pound this week, not really surprised to be honest, last weekend was not a good one and TOM here so I have some fluid on me as well. But all in all I am kinda pleased with the weigh in, could have been worse.

Hope you all have a great day

Monday, October 15, 2012

Still hate mondays but this one was better

Ok so I went extra early to school today so I could sit in my car and call my sons school to complain.

So the complaint went ok, I was so mad I swear my voice sounded funny. I first asked the lady who answered who I should talk to. After telling her why she handed my call to the assistant principle. He was ever so sorry for this to happen, he was quick to say that in these cases there are two guidelines to follow either loan the child shoes from the collection of shoes that noone owns, or take the child to the office and call the parents, this option is almost always used. He said he would talk to the teacher but I learnt from my kid that he is abroad so he wont be told off just yet. I was a bit peeved at the a.p. for saying of course my kid should know he could go to the office and call home. For one thing my son is so shy it would never happen in a million years, also he had just found out his shoes had been stolen so I think he was a bit upset (my kid is very emotional, should have seen him when Sam and Optimus Prime died in Transformers 2 haha) and like he said he didn't know what to do other than to walk home. So... I am going to stop thinking about this as the a.p. sent someone up on the roof to see if they were there and also went to classrooms to tell kids about this. So hopefully the shoes turn up if not well I´ll buy him new ones.

On other notes:

I am going to the UK in 12 days!! OMG this is happening like really happening. I am trying to find my way again after the bf came home. Not helping is TOM god I sometimes wish I was a man. I am craving disgustingly unhealthy foods but I am trying ever so hard not to cave in.

Thought I'd put this picture up here, saw it on Facebook and have to admit I actually had to tell a person in Florida that no I did not live in an igloo, and yes I had the internet. I really really wanted to say, yes I live in a three story igloo and have a huge fireplace in the middle of it hahahaha so lets hope not to many foreigners think this is true. And omg the northern lights I saw last night were nothing like this picture, it was ten times better, were green, white and purple at times and they were freaking crazy the way they moved.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

one crazy mom on the loose

oh I am seething mad today.

Went for a walk with my bf and the kid. Was wondering why on earth he was wearing his old sneakers. Well someone stole his new ones at school. That is not why I am mad. No I am furious because he went and told his teacher that his shoes were missing. The teacher went round the school with him trying to see if they had just been moved. But when they saw that they were nowhere to be found the teacher just left him. So my kid had to walk home in the rain, and it is fall here which means the heat has been 0-5°C or 32-41°F, and that is without the wind factoring in.

So I am going to rip the school a new one tomorrow. Why on earth did the teacher not let him call us to come pick him up or bring a change of shoes? That pisses me off.

Food wise has not been all that good from Thursday till today, TOM is coming for a visit and seems to be bringing carbohydrate longing with vengeance. I want all sorts of unhealthy stuff today :(

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Epic fail

Ok so I have been crazy busy doing this calculus assingment which was due today at noon. We finished it and I handed it in just before the lecture. But I also forgot to eat from noon till I came home at around 6 pm, and I was starving. Asked the kid what he wanted for dinner and he so wanted Domino's and I ordered a PIZZA!!!

I ate 3 slices of a 12" pizza and drank one glass of Coke. I am so embarrassed, I so did not plan on eating any junk food until when ever.

However I am not going to let this get me down, this is what has usually destroyed my diets. I fail and then think well I royally screwed up so why not eat like a huge bag of assorted candy and chips and stuff. But NO more. I am going to drink shitloads of water this evening just to ease my mind, not sure what that'll do but... And then tomorrow I am going to stick to my plan of 3 protein drinks per day and a dinner.

On happier news, the bf is coming home tomorrow!! WOOP WOOP Which means I am in tornado cleaning mode hahaha I tend to remember to do anything other than clean. Not that this place is filthy, its more like you can clearly see someone lives here haha my school stuff all over my study corner and all over the dining room table (we eat in the kitchen). Then I have not folded that huge laundry mountain which has mysteriously appeared on my bf's side of the bed. So tomorrow I'll fold that laundry, get my study area neat and who knows I might mop the floor (no promises).

Leaving you with worthless strange facts, as I am hooked on reading them online during breaks in school, wonder how many of them are true, but these are a few I just found.

fact #1: A 'jiffy' is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second (I clearly need to stop saying that)

fact #2: In Philadelphia, you're not allowed to put pretzels in bags according to an act of 1760.

fact #3: In Utah, daylight must be visible between dancing couples (guess they don't dance at night)

fact #4: It's against the law to have a pet dog in Iceland. (This is just plain wrong, I had a dog for years, and most of my family have had dogs since I was tiny. However, it was against the law to own a dog if you lived in the Capital up to 1985 I think, somewhere round that time. Guess you really can't trust stuff you read online hahaha so that makes me wonder even more about some of the stuff I've read.)

See here is my beloved dog, who just has the best home now since we couldn't take him with us when we went to school

haha when I was looking for a pic of my dog Spot up that's his name. I found these pictures I took in the national park, those rocks are called "man and woman" guess which one is the man... I´ll give you a hint, its the one that looks a lot like ummm it rimes with rock all I'm saying...

Monday, October 8, 2012

2nd weigh in day

Loss of the week was -1.8 pounds, which I am pretty pleased about. The Friday weigh in was a bit lower.

So today I was 277.3 but on Friday I was 276,7. But I´ll take what I can get :) well it is almost 7:30 am so I better get my school stuff in the bag and my ass out that door before traffic becomes a nightmare

Hope you all had a great weekend


Whoever thought of having a calculus pop quiz at 8 am on a MONDAY!!! needs to be shot, not shot and killed neccicery just shot in the butt or something so he can only sit on a freaking donut!

This calculus stuff is ruining my face hahaha belive it or not. I was trying to remove my mascara last morning and like usual grab a cotton and the blue bottle, but just as I put in on my eye I noticed it smelled funny.. it was freaking nail polish remover! yup I almost freaked out once I realized that but at least I hadn't started to rub it on like had intended

ok gonna stop now, going to spend the next 4 hours waiting to go to this other calculus class I need to be at and not try to kill people next to me just because I dont drink coffe and still feel like this "see picture below" except in my cup would be a lovely hot chocolate lolz

Friday, October 5, 2012

I love Fridays

I will keep it very short as I have to get to work

  • I love Fridays just as much as I hate Mondays haha.
  • My scale was ever so good to me this morning, lets see how it will be on Monday
  • My bill for the surgery just arrived, I'm bummed because I cant go to the bank today and pay it because I am working till 18:00 so Monday it is.
  • I am so excited this is really happening
  • Garfield and I agree totally about how the week is hahaa

Thursday, October 4, 2012

this is so hard

I am such an carboholic. I am resisting with all my might not to go to the bakery and buy me a big cinnamon roll covered in caramel. Like the one on the right, it is my all time favorite to snack on I am almost dreaming of it.

I am not joking when I say I am feeling a bit lightheaded, which I think is because I am not eating the foods that I am used to. That in it self is a good thing, because those foods are a big reason why I am at this weight. I am eating about 2-3 protein drinks per day, and one meal. Like last night I made my kid an me each a beef snitzel mmm it was so good. And tonight I am making gullash kind of stew I think you might call it.

I am trying to cook our food from scratch rather than make processed foods. It will be ever so easier in about 10 days because thats when my boyfriend comes back from his tours at sea. And I have to admit he is so much better than me at all his housework stuff, including cooking. I rock at baking though :-þ

Another food/baked goods I keep thinking about is cupcakes... yup I just recently found a good cupcake recipe and I so want to try it out with chocolate chip in it but I guess I´ll have to save that for some other time. I think I would not be thinking so much about food if I had not set these goals for myself.

I am going to rock this band. I WILL not let potential setbacks bring me down. Nobody is perfect and you learn from your mistakes, I know I might fail at times but that wont define me. And I will just have to pick myself up and keep at it. This is a mental attitude I need to keep to because if I keep doing what I used to do then I will never change and I refuse to be like this anymore. I don't deserve it and my family doesn't deserve it either.

Well that is enough time in self pity, best get back to this calculus assignment we have to hand in on Wednesday, better do it quick as my partner in it is going to Hawaii OMG so jealous hahahaha

Monday, October 1, 2012

no pre-op diet? first weigh in

Ok so now its only 30 days till I get banded. My doctor does not require a pre-op diet. But I have decided to start a version of one any ways. My version will include no sodas, no candy, no or very little bread (might make tortillas). So my plan is to drink mostly liquids during the day, my favorite choice is a whey protein drink, but as my bf is not home I´ll have to cook dinner for the kid and well I decided it would be ok for me to eat dinner. I just don't think I can do an all liquid diet and try and cook a dinner for not even one as the kid often only eats a tiny amount. I´ll just weigh it all and maybe I should take pics of how much I eat as to keep me in line? Think that is a good idea??

I am going to call this my first weigh in well first official one at least and this morning I was 279.1 pounds. I am going to do weigh ins on Mondays since that's what I did today, but after surgery I think I might change it to Thursdays as that will be my operation day.

My weight goals are a bit different than those of you that use the pounds, I will be happy to be in ONDERLAND but I´ll be even more thrilled when I get to 220.2 pounds as that means I´ve just broken the 3 digit kilo barrier, I´ll be 99.9 kilos. Omg I cant wait to see a two digit weight on my scale. But yeah my weight goals will be each 10 kilo mark, thats each 22 pounds.

My doctor finally made that prescription for the blood thinner injection that my surgeon wants me to take before my flight, only took her a bleeping week, and it usually only takes about 1-2 minutes to make prescriptions here as we use mostly electronic prescriptions which I am so thankful for as I hate reading the doctors writing when ever I am working and putting it in the computer (I work at a pharmacy), I swear doctors must have a course at college in how to write so you cant read what they put on it lol

Well best get back to that calculus, my teacher is trying to kill us hahaha I swear, we have an assingment to hand in next week which is a bit long, and then he added 10 old exam questions to do for this wednesday plus 78 problems from the book well those I can devide to two weeks but still a shit load of stuff to do.