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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, February 28, 2013

TTT and weigh in

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 111.5 kg or 245.8 pounds
Loss this week: -1.0 kg or -2.2 pounds 
Total loss: 15.5 kg or 34.2 pounds

Think I did ok weight loss wise, I was happier on Saturday when I saw 111.2 (245.1) on the scale  but it will go back to that eventually. 

On to something a bit more fun. Thanks to the lovely Laura Belle we have this phenomenon called Ten Things Thursday 
1. My car smells like Blueberry Jelly Belly. Talk about constant torture as I love me some Jelly Belly's. My son got to chose what new smell we put in the car this time 

2. My ass hurts, yup read that right, my ASS hurts and it all thanks to squats so I am appreciating this hurt and hoping for some more.

3. I just spent 2x40 minutes I can never get back in chemistry class. My teacher is horrendous she has to have ADHD since she can't finish a sentence or any calculations before she is doing something else.

4. I am eating a slice of Strawberry Cheese cake... I know I know but it was in the fridge and I was hugnry

5. I am about to turn my bedroom into a gym. I have a yoga mat, stationary bike, and am going to buy weights so I can help my upper body and then I need another ball since my last one disappeared. 

6. In two weeks I will become older than ever before.

7. I am scared to go buy new jeans as I don't think I have switched sizes yet and I don't want to be disappointed if I try on smaller and they don't fit.

8. I love doing my nails and this is what I did this week.

9. I am really pissed at the kids specialist, I rang on Monday and again yesterday to get the results of the blood test that was taken on Friday, and I have yet to get a reply. Thankfully he still has 9 days worth of medicine left but considering she felt it was needed to rush this shit at least she could call me back. I don't think he needs to change the dosage since he is growing like a weed and that means the thyroid is working AOK on this dosage.

10. This is a very self centered TTT as it almost all begins with I, but hey I don't care this is my blog, now I'm off to finish this slice of cheese cake and then I have to get on that bike and get rid of it as well.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

back in the saddle

So instead of sticking my nose in the chemistry books I put on my workout clothes and sat my arse on that bike. I did 38 minutes of hard/easy intervals and then did 2x20 rounds of squats and 3x20 sit ups (btw I am so not able to sit up but it is a start).

This is what the bike said in regards to the calories I burnt (203 kcal)

But this is what my heart rate monitor said, the one with the strap on thingy (512 kcal)

And I ended with a total of 621 kcal burnt after the squats and sit ups as well.  

I think I did a semi good job since I had a very annoying headache it would have been so easy not to do  any homework and not exercise so a slight pat on the back is in order I think. Weigh in and TTT tomorrow.

Ooooh and I found two nice steak houses in London which we are going to go to, well we´re going to chose one but I think I know which one I want but who knows I might let bf chose.

toodles my lovlies

Monday, February 25, 2013

loving my new fill

Ok so its been a week since my second fill and I have to say so far I am loving it. I only eat like 3 meals per day now. I just hope it sticks and I wont need another.

Also I almost shit my pants when out for dinner last night. Ordered chicken loins tender platter thing and it was amazing like usual, but this time I almost had a stuck episode. I just felt it down there, no pain but, I could feel that it was too much at one time and it was scary as hell. So going to pay more attention to how fast and how big bites I take while not eating at home. I feel most uncomfortable post-op eating out. I feel like if we go out people will notice how slow I eat which is total bonkers I know but still I think that is the reason I have a hard time eating at the right pace.

Anywhoots gonna go do my homework now and hope I never ever experience a real stuck episode, like ever.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

women's day

Yup today is women's day in Iceland. Which means that today women are being spoiled by their significant other. This is our counterpart to Valentines day. We have women's day that has been known by this name since 18 hundred and something but before that it was just a celebration of a new calendar month which meant longer daylight hours and spring arriving. Women's day is always the Sunday in week 8 of a new year. I was woken up by not a breakfast in bed but cake in bed. Like the whole cake mind you.

Yup that's it I am going to be so good and only have like one slice and give someone else a bite too. 

We also have husbands day (direct translation) it is held in week 13 of winter which was this year was on the 25. of January. It is a celebration of the beginning of one month in the old calendar. It used to be that the man of the house should go outside very early in the morning in nothing but a thin shirt and bare legs and no shoes, he should put one leg of his pants on and then go out and jump on one leg round the house, dragging the pants behind him to invite the new month in. Then he should throw a fiest which is still held to this day where people eat stuff like fermented shark, cured lamb testicles, singed boiled sheep heads, blood pudding, wind dried fish and so on. This is a delicacy here but I don't like it. You can read more about it here.

So you see now why I don't celebrate Valentines day lol we have our own, and I am a bit old fashioned that I don't think we need to start celebrating all the American days. Because apparently that is happening, they have started with Halloween (we have Ash Wednesday same thing ), Valentines day and even started trying to sell Thanksgiving stuff here. I am not sure why we would celebrate Thanksgiving but Iceland is way to absorbed in trying to become like everyone else these days. I am a bit scared that these old traditions will fade out eventually, which is a shame since some of them are hundreds and hundreds years old.

OK enough procrastinating better get back to studying.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Ok finally the day we´ve all been waiting for.  Now if only I didn´t have to do loads of homework this weekend.

I am trying to get to that mindset "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" but it is very hard. I was so happy on my scale this morning and kind of wish that official weigh in day was today not yesterday but I´ll just wait till next Thursday. What´s up with this lilyslim banner of mine. I updated it an while I lost weight it actually increased my BMI of 0.3 I am super bummed.

Took my son to see his specialist today after having been scalded a bit on the phone yesterday. Apparently he has to have blood tests at least 2 times a year and I had no idea since it was always just 1-2 years between them but that was the old baby doctor that according to the specialist was not doing things the right way. So she squeezed us in today and took all the normal measurements before sending us to have his blood taken. That kid is now 160 cm tall I am just 4 cm bigger BOOHOO!!!! and she says that since he has grown so much this last year (he grew a total of 13 cm thats like 5.1" and gained 10 kg or 22 pounds) that she is optimistic that sometime in the future he can go off his thyroid medicine.  Now I guess I should go buy me some humongous high heeled shoes so my kid wont tower over me.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

TTT and weigh in

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 112.5 kg or 248.0 pounds
Loss this week: -0.4 kg or -0.88 pounds 
Total loss: 14.5 kg or 31.97 pounds

Doing good I think. Day four of totally not having any kind of anything sweet and sugary and it is making me twitchy haha no not really but I am a bit irritated but that could be just the monthly visit TOM will be paying me soon.

On to more fun stuff.

Thanks to the lovely Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursdays. And here are my ten things

1. Going cold turkey on sweets and resetting myself sucks, I want sweets even more now than I did.

2. I am sitting at school and it is still 25 minutes till the class starts and I have been here for at least 10 minutes, I start from home really early so I miss the worst traffic and instead I look like a nerd hahaha like who comes over half an hour early? Apparently me.

3. My parka is getting rather big. I am refusing to even think about buying a new one, well guess I just thought about it darn it. But I am not going to buy another one until next fall. I will just wear my black tent.

4. I am not sure if this fill will be enough I am guessing not. Since he told me that I am definitely going for 3 meal per day and I am still doing at least 4. Going to give it some time and also going to start eating more protein. I hate protein but I do love me some carbs.

5. The London trip is approaching and I am hoping to be below 110 kg by then that gives me 32 days to get rid of 12.6 kg which would bring me down to 109.9.

6. I am going to work like a maniac this summer if possible. I figure my kid will not be home much like the previous summers, with trips to his grandparents in the country and stuff. So I might as well work my ass off and save some money so we can hopefully go to Orlando during Christmas 2014.

7. I really need to start using MFP again. I stopped when we started eating all these not so right choices foods. I also have a hard time putting some of the foods in there and figuring out how much protein I get. Like dinner tonight will be a fishstew? not sure what you guys would call it but here it is called Plokkfiskur (translates to mashed fish) you mash your left over fish we use haddock. Then you make bechamel sauce (think this is the closest I can come to it, just butter, flour and milk) and cube the leftover potatoes as well and when the sauce is ready you drop everything in it and warm it all up. This is delicious on new bread with some ketchup on it. But I will not eat the bread tonight. But yeah this would be hard to put into MFP.

8. I noticed a NSV the other day. On Valentines day we went out to a burger joint. I dont celebrate Valentines day but we went out since the kid was up north and it was just the two of us. Anywhoots, I didn´t notice it at first but then it dawned on me. I had no trouble getting in the cubicle seat. My thighs and humongous stomach were no longer touching the table. I was ecstatic. And I did not get a burger I got the steak yeah full of proteins that one and Bernaise sauce my all time favorite, I could live on that stuff. 

9. I have tons of homework to do when I get home. I wish it would be done with out me having to use my brain cause it is getting old you know. How funny is it for a almost 31 year old to be doing homework. This is why kids should stay in school hahaha. 

10. I guess the more you do TTT the easier it gets to find ten things you want to share. I have to say I am liking this more than I thought I would. I also love reading your TTT´s.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

yummy new dish

OK as I mentioned in my previous post today I tried a new recipe. It was awesome. So good that my son ate for at least 3 people which he usually never does.

Here is a link to the recipe yummy. I highly recommend it, I tried to avoid the croutons but they are good so I did have some but left most of them for my kid and bf.

And this is what it looked like

 This is all that was left and you can see my trusty half cup creeping in the right bottom cornor

Crazy person at the store

yup that would be me. I was at the store shopping for this experimental chicken dish I found online. That's not the crazy part. That would be the conversation I had with my inner candy loving self. I saw so much I wanted I even did a lil double step when I walked past something so delicious and it is not usually available at the store but I kept going. So YAY me but ugh I felt like a lunatic and it probably showed. Rows of candy, fresh baked bread and other baked goods all caught my attention.
Worse is that I am seeing signs that Easter is just round the corner and I know this because this is what I saw

The tradition is you get a chocolate Easter egg stuffed with candy and apparently they are arriving to the store now. This is just the beginning, there will be rows and stands and inescapable amounts of this chocolate torture for me to bare. But I have decided I will get an egg. Just not a 1 kg one like I once had (chocolate coma anyone) which took be bout 2 days to finish. Thinking more long the lines of those little ones on the top shelf. I wonder if they have CA you know like AA but it would stand for Chocolate Anonymous cause I think I might need it someday.

Anywhoots just needed to vent.  I will post a picture of the meal out yummy haha Parmesan and chicken cant go wrong or can they?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Fill #2

So I went to see the doc this morning. And he checked me out and said the pain I have been feeling is most likely some scar tissue that pulls on some nerve, but that it is also very common. And he felt I needed another fill so I got 0.7 mL and that brings me to a total of 5.7 mL in my 10 mL band.

I am on soft food for the next two days which I am going to use to reset myself. Since the end of January I have not been doing so well in the food department and now I am going to give myself a humongous kick in the butt.

Hope y'all had a great weekend.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

TTT and weigh in

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds
Today: 112.9 kg or 248.9 pounds
Loss this week: -0.5 kg or -1.1 pounds
Total loss: 14.1 kg or 31.1 pounds

I am getting back into gear. I am still going to the doctors on Monday but I am starting to think I might not need another fill. I am managing 3-4 hours between meals so I am on target in that regard and after getting the diet a bit together looks like the scale is going to start going down again.

Now on to TTT thanks to the awesome Laura Belle

1. Today is Valentines day, it is a newly established theme here in Iceland and I am a bit lame and am not participating. We have our Icelandic equivalent and I am sticking to them. Also I dont have a romantic bone in my body.

2. I hate cold sores!! Like hate it with vengeance! I really should have shown my BF this e-card when we started dating. I was free of it till I met him damn it. This one is the size of some enormous celestial planet you have never heard of. 

3. My kid went up north for Ash Wednesday (Icelandic Halloween) he serenaded the businesses to give him 1.5 kg of candy that's 3.3 pounds! Well he has gathered much more, apparently he and his friend just thought "hey well this is enough for this year". A teen relative once collected about 5 kg / 11 pounds of candy by going almost everywhere.

4. I am invited to a wedding in Norway. One of my best friends is getting hitched and I am trying my damn best to get there. I have most likely gotten time off work. She will house me so no hotel required. So I am like 98% likely to make it. WHOOP!!

5. I will be making a wedding cake this summer, see #4. Me and the bride are thinking of something like this. But it will be more like red/burgundy color on white and it will most likely have a rose themed stencil, simple but pretty. 

6. I should be studying. But instead I am trying my damn hardest to figure out 10 things to share. 

7. I have a slight shoe obsession. I am not sure how my weight loss will affect my credit cards since I will be able to buy and wear all the shoes I like. I am glued to my Converse these days, thankfully I have two pairs. I want a pair in every color and design. I also am dreaming about those sneakers with a hidden heal I droool when I see them. I am hoping to find a pretty pair in London in March. But I think if I start buying every shoe I want I´ll have to get a bigger apartment. See how pretty they all are. WANT 'EM ALL!!!

8. I hate having to come up with an idea for dinner. I wish it would just automatically be decided and of course it has to be ever so yummy and consider what a picky eater I am. But until that magically happens I am stuck with this question ever day " whats for dinner" and almost never have an answer.

9. I have mentioned my nail polish addiction. Well it just got a whole lot worse. I found that one of the pharmacys I am working for just started selling a new brand called HD Ruby Kisses. They are cheap and OMG! love the colors. I just bought 8 of the colors but again as with the shoes I WANT 'EM ALL! see all the pretty pretty colors.

10. Guess I am more of a girly girl than I ever imagined, yikes that is a strange feeling. I would rather say I am a tomboy with an affinity for shoes, and nail-polishes. Yup that works better for me.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

TTT and weigh in

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds
Today: 113.4 kg or 250.0 pounds
Gain this week: +0.1 kg or +0.2 pounds
Total loss: 13.6 kg or 30.0 pounds

OK I am going to give TTT another try. Did it once and don't think it was a fun read but I should say "who cares" but I care, I don't want to be writing boring stuff all the time hahaha

1. What is up with this Icelandic weather? Today we had, rain, snow, sun, below and above 0 °C (32 F) I would not mind it staying one way or the other, just not this constant changing. No wonder there is a saying in Iceland that if you don't like the weather just wait 5 minutes.

2. It is Ash Wednesday here next week, thats like Halloween in the US. I went with my son to buy a costume yesterday. He is just under 160 cm to my horror as I am 164 cm. So he is no longer considered a child when it comes to costumes, we were lucky to find a gorilla outfit for 8-10 year old's that fit, it was just a mask and a t-shirt. So next time I am going on eBay in time. Well anyways, kids don't go trick or treating. They go in tiny groups to all businesses/stores and sing for candy. It is also a tradition to "whack the cat out of the barrel" not a real cat but who knows what they did way back in the day, it has been stuffed with candy.

3. Speaking of Ash Wednesday, the two days before that are also considered semi holidays (celebration days). On Monday it starts with "Bolludagur" translates to something like Bun day. We bake cream puffs and pig out for an entire day. The day after is "Sprengidagur" translates to Burst day but you would maybe know it by Shrove Tuesday. That day we eat a meal mostly consiting of salted meat and pea soup. And like the name indicates again you stuff yourself until you burst.

4. How come reading study books is horrible and I cant remember anything unless I read it like gazillion times, but reading a crappy novel or my favorite Jane Eyre glues all details in every crevice available in my brain?? Not helping with my studies, specially since chemistry and analytical chemistry are dead boring.

5. I suffer from road rage "shusss don't tell". I have to try not to send some people the finger cause well that is just rude, BUT driving way under the limit in rush hour on the freaking left lane should be punishable by something horrendous.
 I should get this sticker in the window of my car.
Also if I would send someone the finger there is always the chance this would happen... 

6. I love bacon like I LOOOOVE it. I honestly tried dipping it in chocolate and fell in love. Blame that on my mum since she had melted chocolate near me when I was frying bacon for some recipe. I wish that bacon and chocolate were the healthiest food in the world, cause then I would be SO healthy right?? nah with my luck I would crave broccoli and carrots.

7. Wow finding 10 things is exhausting.

8. I love my job. I work in a pharmacy. Mostly I love our customers but I have such a hard time with other customers interfering in directions on how to use medicine. Like are you a pharmacist or have you had ANY training. I don't freaking care if your doctor once told you that you could take 800 mg of Ibuprofen in one dosage, the recommended dosage without doctors say is 400mg but in extreme cases like bad sprains you can go for 600mg 3x times a day for a few days, and besides you have no idea about the persons medical history, granted I don't either in most cases so we follow the rules! 

9. I think I am going for another fill. I have noticed that if I am not measuring my foods like when dining elsewhere I can eat a bit more than about half a cup and that is while listening for that I am almost hungry signal.

10. YES made it to ten!! and I am completely blank go figure.

Monday, February 4, 2013

hard week

This has been a bad food week again. Not going into to much detail since it is not mine to share, but my bf's family suffered a sudden loss and then a second shock all in a matter of say 4 days. This has not been used as an excuse to eat ill but rather no one has been in the mood to cook for a while. This has resulted in a few take aways in the last 7 days. I have been trying to not binge on this food but rather trying to keep to my portions and keep count. This has worked out OK, but I am still not sure the scale will be my friend come Thursday. Sometimes life just isn't fair at all, I wish I could do something to help but I cant so I will just be there when I am needed. 

On another note, I have booked an appointment with the doc. I am going to have to skip school but I have awesome classmates that can help me by taking notes. So I hope he figures this discomfort shit out cause it is getting on my nerves. I really want to go back to before the fill when I had no discomfort and no feeling of anything at all.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

to fill or not to fill

OK so the doctor will be in the country in just over 2 weeks. So now I have to decide what to do, since this on a Monday I have to either take time off from work or skip school, not liking either option. Also I am not sure if I should have a fill or not. I am eating about at 3-4 hour intervals, sometimes I can eat more than that half a cup allowed but I usually don't eat more, and it keeps me full for 3-4 hours so.... Not sure what to do. I don't want to over fill and I also am not really wanting to pay the price for a fill done by the people the doctor sends us to if he is not here because from what I hear it is done with barium swallow and costs about $100. Maybe it would be good to have at least one barium swallow to see if everything is as it should be since I have not had any x-ray or stuff since surgery but I don't really know what to do. I am kind of leaning towards getting time off work so I can go see him and see what he would recommend. Also since I have been having some annoying minor not even really pains rather uncomfortable sensation somewhere between my port and band area I should see him and maybe not have another fill. Ugh this is exhausting to think about. Think I´ll just flip a coin how about that.

Oooh almost forgot. Another NSV today: I was able to use my jacket like zip it up from its supposed position without any hassle, I have not used it much since I felt like a sausage in a extra small casing. But now I´m rocking it SUPER WOOP!