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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, March 29, 2013

home at last and loads of NSV's

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 111.8 kg or 246.48 pounds
Loss this week: -0.7 kg or -1.5 pounds 
Total loss: 15.2 kg or 33.52 pounds

So we got home just after midnight and I am up again, like why did I not sleep in? cause I am old that's why hahaha.

First off I lost weight on my trip, this week I was down 1,5 pounds and am almost back to my lowest. I tried to eat good but that was not a possibility at all times as I was sick with some tummy thing and salty chips seemed to make it better. But over all I am thrilled with this loss, I walked so much I am surprised I have not lost inches off my height from wearing out my feet.

Ok on to the London trip. It was amazing fun but cold as (a big swear word). I was so nervous getting on that plane since my bf's sister had said the seats were so tight and I thought oh hell I wont fit. But what was tight was not the seat itself rather the leg space between seats. I had probably about 6 inches left of the belt like what the hell! and I had room on either side of my hips like so freaking nice!!

When we started looking for clothes I started out by trying jeans in UK 22 (US 20) and they fit but they were a bit baggy so I was like maybe I can fit in the 20's but nope they did not go over my hips. BUT when I went to all the other stores and they all just had 20' so I tried that size again and even tho they are tight they all go up and I can wear them!! LIKE OUT IN PUBLIC WEAR THEM! so I have gone from borderline UK 26 to UK 20 (US 24 to US 18). The first thought in my mind when I got the first jeans up was I need to take a pic for my fellow bloggers and the next thought was hell! my phone is in my parka which my bf is holding out in the store so no pics of my with a humungous smile in my size 20's.

Then there are the bra sizes like who came up with this shit. I was a 40 GG before surgery and now I am 36 H/36HH like I want to go down a freaking cup size not up!! but at least my boobs are not slapping my toes anymore hahaha.

I shopped like tons. I have got clothes for the next 2-3 size and I should be set for a while. Well guess I should go get my kid at his grandmas and get him home to see his b-day present. 

I will catch up on your blogs as soon as I can. Tons to do in the homework front too.


Friday, March 22, 2013

not enough hours in the day

There is so much to do these days, hence no blogs from me. Like today is my sons birthday, and it is not even 8 am yet and I am about to go to the store to buy some butter so I can start baking for the big party tomorrow. Then I also have to go to school later today and that means I cant go to the movies with him and his 14 classmates, his dad will go alone. I wanted to see that movie too, so bummed.
We have a b-day party for him on both Saturday and Sunday this year. Mostly due to the size of our apartment and not being able to fit everybody in and also due to other personal family stuff. Then super early on Monday we are going to the airport and hopping a plane to LONDON!! who knows I might even have a picture of me from there with visible face on it hahaha if I dont chicken out that is.

The kid asked this morning after I sung to him "mom, can my birthday present this year be that I can stay home from school today", and I was a meanie and said nope.

Well best get to the store and start baking. Hope you all have a super great weekend and I probably wont post much until I get back from London and then it is going to be hopefully everyday just to keep myself accountable.

p.s. I lost weight this week, not much just 1,1 pounds but hey its a start. Now I just have to try and not suffocate myself in all those treats during the parties.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Laser Tag rocks!

Ok so I was at a 40th b-day celebration yesterday, we started off by going laser tagging and I was petrified that it would not be fun since I am you know fat and stiff as a board. But it was so much fun, I began to run and trying to hide and not being hit. We  played two games one team vs. team and the other one was everyone vs. everyone. In the first game I sucked lol came in last I think, but in the everyone vs. everyone game I came second. I got to shoot my bf 6 times and he only got me like 3 times hahahaha. And I was sweating so much that my make up was non existent really. So I got a good exercise, my back was ok for all that time, but my ankle was messed up in the end and I still cant put any weight on it (guess this is what happens when you sprain it one to many times and the Orlando sprain seems to have be the one to many one).

Well me being the scale whore I am went on the scale today and it is down since Thursday but not back down to the lowest but I am good with that and I was so proud that I only had one slice of cake on my b-day.

Ok best be off to study for my exam tomorrow

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 113.0 kg or 249.1 pounds
Gain this last 2 weeks: +1.5 kg or +3.3 pounds

I could blame it all on my injury but I won't. I know that even though I have been sidelined in regards to exercise I have not been eating the right stuff. Rather I have been wallowing in self pity and indulgence. I really need to be accountable why is that so hard? I have only been eating about 3 times a day but again its the inbetween snacking that is ruining this process. I know the band is not going to fix everything and macigally make my weight drop so I really need to kick myself in the butt and get back on track.

On with TTT

1. Its my birthday and I am so old hahaha

2. My bf forgot to say happy b-day this morning but my son came and gave me a huge cuddle right before he left for school.

3. I am baking a cake, yeah I know right, but in my mind I have to make it since I have to try the new cake pans and so on for my friends wedding this summer.

4. I will not eat more than 1 slice, I invited my mum to come and she and my family will eat the rest, if there are leftovers they are going in the trash.

5. Next week my son turns 12!! yikes, that again means more cake since we will be having a family b-day party for him on Saturday. On Friday he will be going to the cinema with all his class mates to see Jack the giant slayer or whats it called.

6. My new shoes came yesterday. Love them but now I want more in other colors and styles... yikes eBay will be the death of my Visa card.

7. Today is the first day in a while that I have not taken any pain meds due to pain in my back, I am going back on the bike again today for another easy round. Lets hope it will stay this good.

8. I am a stupid lil gal for downloading Sugar Rush and 4 pics 1 word onto my phone, this means I am hooked and I seriously need to like detox from it. Have never had to charge my phone this often.

9. My stupid port is in a bad location for my ball exercises, all the back ones I need to do are a no go since that means super pressure on the port and that shit hurts.

10. I could go for a Twenty Things Thursday but I wont. I am going to go watch this cake rise and hope it turns out good and stop cursing the stores for not having Raspberries for me, I so wanted them on the cake.

Ok do you know is there like an acountability program out there lol like for us bandsters, to be like all up in each others grill? Think I might need one. My bf is great but like when I am in pain like this last week he knows me and knows I will not say no to candy or ice-cream so he brings it home trying to be nice and I am like YAY! for a while then I´m like shit I was not supposed to do that.             

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

light exercise

I decided since I was way better today (with pain+anti inflammation meds) that I should do some light exercises. So went on my bike for 15 minutes and then did some weights and sat on my ball like a lunatic trying to soften that stupid muscle. It wasn't much, total of ca 25 min and ca 300 kcal.

Why is it that doctors don't want you to exercise those muscles while on meds but if you don't take them you cant get that muscle working like it should. I need my back/hip to be in tip top shape so to speak in about two weeks for London. So I will try do this exercise at least every other day but hopefully each day till I have no pain.

OK got that out of my system so now onto analytical chemistry lol

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

not dead, just stoned

Ok so I have been MIA these past days. I am swamped with homework, work, and the kids football(soccer).

My back was getting better but went to shit again today. So now I am feeling somewhat high of my pain meds. Not liking the feeling, but guess its better than crippling pain. This is the first time I am taking Parkodin Forte called Tylenol Elixir with Codeine in the US and I am feeling kind of funny, so I will definetly be taking this as few times as I can, I am used to using the non Forte kind and so far that does not make me wonky.

Well I am just checking in. Will post more when my head is clearer and I hope to be able to start training soon but that might be wishful thinking.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

snow storm = stuck at home

I am stuck at home, there is a snow storm outside, the evil mother I am sent my kid to school since his dad has a modified suburban jeep on 44" tires which means he can go anywhere he wants. The weather is so bad, the whole building is shaking and the noise is so annoying. This is so typical of Icelandic weather, yesterday it was getting a bit chilly but there was no snow in sight in the city but it is a whole different story today.

Ooooh had another NSV today, decided to try on the leggings I bought at Walmart last August in Orlando, these are size XL and I could not even get them over my knees when I bought them..... I am wearing them now, comfortably by the way hahaha so I am not squeezing into them with all them rolls I used to have, no sir, no rolls in sight!!! SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!

Will post a pic or video of the hellish weather later today, its only 11 am so I am not sure what to do with the rest of the day. I am procrastinating on the study department.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

massive NSV

I have a massive NSV, at least I think it is. I have had a high blood pressure for many years now, not too high but always somewhere round 140/90, which has not been high enough for me to be put on meds but high enough for my hypochondriac messed up mind to bother me and scaring the shit out of me as well.

I have only taken my pressure once post-op and it was still high. So I decided I should do it again now since I have not noticed that annoying heartbeat sound when I go to bed. I am ecstatic to say it is now 115/75 which is totally normal!!! WOOPY

In other news: my back is getting better. I took some pain+ inflammation meds this morning and it is doing a great job. I almost passed out last night due to pain when I had to go to the toilette. I am trying to be optimistic and say I can be on the bike and start the new training tomorrow but we´ll see.

Monday, March 4, 2013


I was so happy with myself  after I went and bought myself a exercise ball and weights so I could start my exercise full on. Well the weights are only 20 kg in total, I have had that much weight on me before (in fat) but now I was carrying it up the stairs to my apartment, and what happens when I put the weight box down?? my freaking back goes haywire. I can not make it to work today which is making me so unhappy. I hate not being able to work, not that I feel like I am un-replaceable but rather I don´t want my boss to think I am just slacking and not bothering to work (I have serious issues as you can see).

This is the culprit for my unhappiness and severe pain

I cant wait till my back gets back to its usual self so I can start my new routine. I got posters with both the ball and the weights and I am going to place them on my wall and use them as guide.  

Yikes how can those 20 kg feel so heavy to carry? When it was not so heavy when it was attached to my body in fat.

Friday, March 1, 2013

help me chose

Jeepers creepers I can´t decide which shoes I should buy first. My bf says buy them both but I say no. I think I like the beige ones a tiny bit more than the black ones. But I wonder if they will work with jeans and black pants... ARG I so love them but what to do....