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Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday five

I forgot to do TTT, what happened? 

1. I am almost back to my pre exam weight, am trying to pick good foods but it can be hard at times but thats life.

2. I really want to have my hair done. I found a salon that is offering a special prize on coloring, cutting and nails. Think I´ll do that but I need to find free time where I can fit that in.

3. I am so happy I only have two more weeks left to work with a certain coworker. I can not stand her, she is so rude to the customers and other staff. I usually can ignore such behaviour and just vent when I get home but it will be hard not to cuss her sometimes at work. In two weeks I will be working two weeks in another pharmacy and then when I get back to mine she will be on her vacation.

4. I am not patient enough. We are waiting for the buyer of our place to get their loan before we can go sign the sale, but it is taking time and patience is a virtue I dont possess. I will be even worse because we have to wait till fall to buy another place down here.

5. I am still waiting for summer to arrive, it has been so cold and it just does not seem to be changing any time soon. I want warm weather yesterday.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

love the gym

Why is it that I love going to the gym but I have a hard time getting my ass down there?

I went today and ran for 2x1 minute and then 2x30 sec. Mostly I did not run more than that because my pants don't have an elastic band in the waist and I kept needing to hang on to them or else they would have hit the floor and I would have taken a tumble that would have made $10.000 on AFV.

Anywhoot not much to report other than I am feeling a lot better on that port debacle after I stopped wearing my bra. I am no longer having discomfort when trying to lie on my left side but I am still feeling a bit achy in the port in the mornings so I´ll give that another week before I send my surgeon an email.

I will not make my June 1st goal but I kinda figured I'd blown it when that whole "eating a ton of shit while cramming for analytical chemistry" happened. But I will not let that bug me. I have set another goal, that is to be below 100 kg (220 pounds) before September 1st. That's 13 weeks from today to lose 10 kg (according today's weight) or 22 pounds. That would be an average of 770 grams per week or 1,7 pounds per week. I think that should be doable.

Monday, May 27, 2013


I am currently sporting a uniboob. After going bra less all weekend I had hardly put it on before it started to hurt a bit (well not really hurt, rather being really sore with short stab like pains). So I am giving up wearing a bra for a while and just gonna use my sports bra which has no wire and it seems to do the trick, but that means I no longer look like I have two boobs.

We sold the apartment!!!! Got what we wanted and even a tad bit more. And my boyfriends big fishing ship is coming kind of early this year and he should be on it like the past years so things are looking bright and shiny. But I am trying not to be to sure of it, cause shit can happen but I am hoping this will all go to plan. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

trying not to get ahead of myself

We might have sold the apartment after it was listed just over a week ago. We got an offer on it that we are almost happy with, going to put an tiny tad bit higher counter offer and hope they say yes. This is just getting us one step closer to buying here in the capital. I am ready to stop renting and own where I live, I want a bigger apartment and so does the bf. So we are aiming for a 4 bedroom apartment (that means 3 bedrooms, the fourth room is the living room weird Europeans).

In other news I have been adding shifts to my summer work schedule. June will be boring since I will be working about 25 out of 30 days and in July I will work full days all month plus I am have most likely gotten extra night shifts on wednesdays so on those days I will be working from 10 am till midnight. My poor son will be an orphan this summer, but it is also in his best interest because working this much will make the move more likely and it will add stability to be in our own place. He will be practicing football (soccer) and will also be partaking in other one day activities he has singed on for like, pizza making, parkour, cave exploration and so on.

I can also report some weight loss not much but it is no longer going up. I have been having these annoying pains in my left shoulder after meals, no matter how well I chew, how much I eat and even if it is a liquid. I am still sore at my port site from that stupid hitting myself in the port with my laptop. I think my bra wire is the reason I still have soreness there almost a month after it happened, so I am going commando this weekend (or is commando just going without knickers....). I am feeling better in the port today so I think I am right. But ugh it is irritating to be having some sort of discomfort because I am a hypochondriac and will automatically think the worst. Like for instance I might need to have a lymph node removed near my left ear because it has been inflamed and giving me pain since March last year, I had to fight tooth and nail to get it checked out in an ultrasound and they were able to say ok it is abnormal but not a mass, but I want it out. I am beginning to be super annoyed at having constant pain, and if I get a cold it gets worse, I have had this pain for months now and no painkillers work on it so I am wanting it out like yesterday.

Ok gonna stop now, obviously I have a diarrhoea of the mouth today and could go on and on.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It freaking hurts but I love it. I can barely move due to sore muscles. Looks like I wont be making a trip to the gym today hahahaha can barely sit my ass on the couch. I will on the other hand try and use my stationary bike today, just to try and soften those muscles. I love this feeling, so long since I´ve experienced it.  These pictures all ring true, especially the first one hahahaha

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a gym meber now

So proud, I went and joined the gym. Bought one months access. It kind of sucked since I had no program with me so I really didn't do anything, well OK I did things but not nearly as much as I wanted to do. I did burn 621 kcal in 50 minutes, and I did run well lets call it jogg for just over 30 seconds. I am going to call another branch of this gym and see if I cant meet with a trainer to put together a program for me. It will cost me some money but that will be worth it.

Anywhoot I went!! like I really went. This is a tiny gym with old stuff and it is half as cheep as the others but I like it. All I need is there.

Now onto the more awkward stuff, I need to speak to the head office of my pharmacy regarding my salary. I just heard the other day that a girl that has never worked at a pharmacy will start with the same pay per hour as me. And I have worked for them since 2005, she has no more education than me, we are in the same course at college. I do not like confrontation but it has to be done. Hopefully I will get a slight raise but I am not holding my breath.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Still here

OK sorry for being MIA. I had to go up north and put our apartment on sale, then I was working and for some weird reason I have not been on the computer all that much. Nothing happening on the scale.

I saw my surgeon and he gave me a 0.3 ml fill so I am not at 6 ml in my 10 ml band. For some odd reason I think that is much.  Anywhoot, he said don't pay any attention to the calories, as long as I feel OK it does not matter if I come out in minus after a hard workout. He is also happy with my progress even though I messed things up during the exams, but hey I´m only human as he said. Gosh he is great.

Speaking of workouts, I am going to buy a months membership at a gym tomorrow, I am peeing my pants I am so nervous about it but I am going to do it. I need more than just my bike and dumbbells. And since I wont start working full time until July 8th I think I will use that time to kick myself back into gear. Lord knows I need it.

I took some pictures when I went up north just on the highway and thought I would let you see the landscape. I love it but sometimes it just doesn't translate well to pictures at least not on mobile pictures.

I will be back here tomorrow to tell you how awful it was at the gym (I´m hoping it will be empty and therefor awesome)
This is what my awesome hometown up north does to its red lights, every single one is a heart.

 There are so many hills in this one place, and every year they try and count them but never succeed because no-one can say what should count as a hill and what shouldn't. Like is it every peak? beacause some have two peaks and so on but it is so beautiful.
 These are the mountains near my hometown. They are not all that high but in these colors they are so awesome.
 Just a view from the highway didn't translate well onto picture
 In one place along the way south there is an endless lavafield
 This is the culprit for some if not all of that lava, this is an extinct volcano, it spewed that lava field about 3400 years ago.
 Pretending we have a forest, but not really, that is about all the trees we have in that place.
 I wonder how long it would take me to drink a can that big, well since my band I don't like the taste of Coke anymore like how weird is that
 That is a giant pastille box, they are kind of like Läkerol if you know what they are.
 Almost back to the city, I love mountains where you can see the layer that make them up.
 This is the tunnel that was on the top 20 worst tunnels in Europe, apparently they don't live up to safety standards and something but we all use them. They are 165 meters below the surface of the see (that is about 0.1 miles)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

So happy thats over with

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 110.5 kg or 241.2 pounds
Gain this week: +1.1 kg or +2.4 pounds 
Total loss: 16.5 kg or 36.4 pounds

Gosh this has been a hard week. I have been stressed beyond belief. I have so much riding on this last exam I took yesterday. I have no idea if I passed or not, wont know for another 2 weeks. This has been the worst week post-op food and exercise wise, not only did I eat like 4 tonns of crap (mostly chocolate and chips) I was also not exercising because I was studying almost 12 hours a day this past week. My mood was horrific and my bf said PMS and exam stress were not a good combination and boy was he ever right. 

I am going to see the surgeon on Monday and hopefully get a slight fill. Now its back to planting my ass on that bike everyday and start loosing those pesky pounds. 

I have to say not having blogged for a whole week, I see that blogging has been keeping me somewhat accountable. So lets get back on that proverbial horse and kick ass (well lose ass since I want mine smaller hihihi)

Will try and catch up on you blogs this weekend, but now I gotta go watch my kid play soccer, he has games every week, well at least this one didnt start at 8 am like the last one. 

Gonna leave you with this collage I made at midnight. It is almost summer since I can now read a book without any additional light source 24/7. The midnight pic is a bit hazy but you can see how bright it is. I wont see stars again until late August or early September

Thursday, May 2, 2013

10 things Thursday

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 109.4 kg or 241.2 pounds
Loss this week: -0.1 kg or -0.2 pounds 
Total loss: 17.6 kg or 38.8 pounds

TTT is brought to us be the fabulous preggo Laura Belle what would my Thursdays be like without her.

1. I was not expecting a loss this week but I am so happy with the small one I had. I can not wait till I go get a slight fill and when these exams are over. I just have to hang in there for another week. I promise to do this move next Wednesday.

2. This picture made me laugh, I love these sarcastic fitness photos.

3. My son is home sick today, he has had this awful cough for about 2 weeks but no fever or anything and now he is nauseous and hurt his back during soccer practice yesterday so I let him stay home today. I am hoping his cough goes away soon, he tends to need asthma inhalers when he gets these kinds of coughs so I am hoping that wont be the case this time.

4. A rude line in a song I heard on my way home from my last exam made me laugh out loud in the car. It went something like this " girls giving blowjobs for Louboutin! What you call that??   Head over Heels" hahaha still think that is funny, OK I admit it I am slightly rude lol 

5. Where the F is my spring! First day of summer was like last week and it is still just hanging round 0°C (32 F)

6. I am still bummed I cant go to my besties wedding in Norway. I wish I would just win the freaking lottery already.

7. My bf says I have way to many pairs of shoes, I totally disagree. Does this look like much to you? My son actually said to me while I was taking these pictures "ahhh! that's where all our money is going" Like what the F shuss up and be happy you have two pairs.

8. I want to be lazy and not study and just do something useless like doing my nails and shit.

9. Apparently I like country music, and I love Blake Sheldon. Yup I am hooked on watching The Voice. But OMG how hot can Adam be! Swooning every episode lol 

10. Well trying to be the good mommy today and doing as the kid asks lol he wants a caramel covered bun, (he rarely gets one) so I am gonna get my lazy ass of the chair and put on some shoes and go buy him one. 

Hope you all had a great week, sorry but I have not had time to read your blogs, I will try and catch up.