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Friday, August 31, 2012

61 days left

Ok so now I´ve found a hotel, both in London and Birmingham. Funny enough that two and three star hotels in London are not that far apart price wise. We decided to go with Holiday Inn, and as far as Trip Advisor is concerned both of the once we choose are getting good reviews. Not that I really need anything fancy while in London, but I sure as hell want something cozy up in Birmingham to get back to after surgery.

My friend and I both have lists of things and places we want to see and visit in both cities. Have any of you used the tube in London? Is it kind of idiot proof lol. Only subway/tube I've used was in Budapest and that was just like going north south kind of stuff. We are staying in Earls Court and as far as I have found, the tube is not that far from the hotel.

I have to get my head back on straight. After the trip to the USA I have not been doing anything regarding working out or nothing like that. I don't think I've eaten really much candy or junk food so that is good, I really need to up my water intake again. I've seen somewhere that I should avoid pasta, bread and rice for the first three months after surgery and for some idiotic reason that makes me want to eat loads of bakery goods, none which you'd have there abroad but omg I need to think NO! every time I go to the store, and say to myself that this is a good thing, and I should not be binging on that. If anything I want to lose a few kilos/pounds before I go even though the doctor says I don't have to.

Have you got any tips for the first days after surgery? I have been warned and read a lot of blogs about the pain the air in the cavity causes so I am a bit nervous about that, as I tend to get back pains if I am very bloated and I have this rubbish back I inherited from my fathers side. I also kind of am scared about that, because I read that banded people should stay away from anti inflammatory medicine, and I have to take those on a kind of regular basis. I am so hoping it will get somewhat better after I lose the weight but I know it wont disappear as I have had it from the age of 12-13.

Ok looks like I have verbal diarrhea so I am gonna stop now,  and go look at the videos from that guy my surgeon suggested again.

hope your all good :D

Saturday, August 25, 2012

getting ready for banding

Ok so I´ve booked the surgery, booked the flight, now I am just waiting for a friend of mine to fix me up with a family/friend discount at the hotel chain he works at and then I´m ready WOOP WOOP

What did/do you use to aid you in your eating ways after the surgery?
I have bought a few of these storage containers that hold 4 oz and I think that is the amount I am supposed to be eating, but it varies from doctors between 4-8 oz or if your used to cups its half-full cup, I need to watch that video again.

I think I will try and use this trip to do some Christmas shopping as well. And then I am also starting to do tiny amounts of planning on our next trip to Orlando which is supposed to be in May next year but it will only happen if I pass this calculus course in December and boy am I soooo gonna try and do so.

Okies gonna go be sick now lol this is my forth bout of serious cold this year and I thought I had gotten rid of that annoying swollen lymph node but nope it came back yesterday once my left nostril stuffed up SO ANNOYED guess it is somehow related to me having a cold as it started out with one hell of a cold.

okiedokies bandsters gonna go raise some hell over here lol or plant myself on the couch with a blanket and have my bf bring me stuff lol he is finally home after 43 days straight at sea, to bad he´ll be going again in about 10 days, so not the best time to be sick :(

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I have a surgery date!!

I just got an answer from my surgeon and he simply said "if you are determined, send me back a reply and I will book your surgery for November 1st". So of course I went straight online and went over the plan from my school again and promptly replied that I was in fact determined and he could book me for that date so..... I have a surgery date!!!

Let the countdown commence...  70 days

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

november 1st

Well that is the date of my surgery if he agrees. I had 3 dates I could choose from my school and that one seems the best choice regarding flighing with the airline points we have. My best friend has gotten the ok from her work to go with me WOOP WOOP she is a nurse btw ahahaha so I wont need to jam myself with any needles lol its her job after all mwuhahahaha

Ok so now I just have to wait for the doc to answer my email omg this is happening way to fast kind of, but omg again.. this means I'll have 6-7 months before I go back to Florida with my bf and kid, and that means I will be somewhat slimmer by then.

I guess I have to really start figuring out a goal. I don't know how small I should/could get. I am 164 cm that's about 5 feet 4 916 inches. I have often thought about 70 kilos, that is about 154 pounds but I was told I could go to 60 kilos which is 132 pounds but I think that is a bit too much. Who knows maybe I´ll start with the 154 and see if I can get rid of anymore.


My friend and I will be going to London first, going to spend about 4 days there before going up to Birmingham, then the surgery is on a Thursday and we can go back home on a Sunday. Which means I´ll only miss out a week of school and I chose a week where I know the subject relatively well so it wont be that much problem. I just really want to do this now. I am so ready, and it gives me almost two months before Christmas to get used to it. I will grieve all that food to be honest but I´ll much rather give that up and be thin. Also I can eat some of it, just not as much as before.


okies my fellow lapbandster omg! I am falling apart from excitement over here

Saturday, August 18, 2012

oh boy

Just looked at my class schedule and the time I had kind of chosen to go to the UK for my lap band falls on a week where I have to do an assignment. So I just sent the teacher an email asking if I had the right dates, if I do that means I have to book it earlier. Because if I book it later it will fall on my exam preparation period. So by the looks of it the surgery might be late in October rather than November. Now I just have to wait to see what the teacher says, and then start contacting the doctor. He said I didnt need a long heads up as I was a paying patient or something like that but I am a person who really likes to have everything planned and prepared. Soooo I need like a extra doze of patience like right about now, so if you have any spare please send it my way haha

Friday, August 17, 2012

The trip

So I just came home after two weeks in Orlando Fl. I loved it there, the thunders at night were my all time favorite. Did not like it at all when my son found a cockroach in his shorts one morning in our bedroom. The trip was fine food wise. I think we all ate a little less than usual as the heat made us less hungry, but we drank tons of Sprite and other sodas. I loooove Target hahaha me and my sister love Walmart and Target, maybe cause there are none here and they seem to have everything you need. I did have a eventful first visit to Target though, on day 3 of our trip we went there and after I returned the shopping cart I sprained my ankel! yeah I know, it was so annoying, but as I am so used to my ankles twisting and stuff I knew if I could find a thingy with hard sides for it I would be able to walk. So I took 2 days just trying to rest and ingest tons of ibuprofen and hoping it would go away, then I went to CVS and bought that thing which I dont know the english word for, well its a ankel strap thingy. The bad thing about using it was that all the swelling just relocated to the front of my foot, so I had extreme swollen toes and the top of my foot looked like a balloon.

Anywhootz, the parks we went to were fine, I wish we would have been able to stay there longer but besides me and my son there were my sisters kids and her bf and our dad. Lets just say I´m gonna go back to Orlando next year and do the parks all over again with my son and my bf. For example in Magic Kingdom we only went on 2 rides, well 3 if you count the magic carpet kiddie ride on the way out, same story in the other parks.

I loved shopping there, I bought clothes for me and the kid for tons of $$ so he should not need new clothes or shoes until next summer. I bought clothes in several sizes. As my bf said a few days ago that I can start planning the lap band trip woot woot!! I wont start on that until after sept 15th when he gets paid but by the looks of it I am going in November!!!

I bought a NSV jeans :D they are a size 16 US so that is like 18 EU or so I found online so... when I can fit in them I can shop at all stores here at home as 18 is the largest size almost all stores carry WHOOPY

I am so glad I did not gain weight over there, even though I ate what I wanted when I wanted.

Okies gonna leave it there, gotta go googling and try to find a hotel prices and such for both the Orlando trip next year and even more importand for the Lap Band trip in November!!!
Sooo excited, gonna go do my blog rounds as I have not done so these last two weeks

276,4!! home sweet home

So I just came home last night, and after two weeks in the States I still managed to lose on my vacation :D Just had to write it here, will blog more tonight