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Saturday, June 21, 2014

This is getting ridiculous

I took two of the antibiotics I was prescribed yesterday, when I woke up this morning I was covered in red patches and they itch like hell. Went to the clinic again and was told I might have developed penicillin allergy!! like what the what. So I got another prescription and lets hope this stuff works cause I do not want to go to work looking like this. I seriously resemble a albino giraffe.

Friday, June 20, 2014

got an infection

Ok not only did the ERCP not get rid of any stones yesterday but I got this acute vein infection think he called it vasculitis or cellulitis not so sure. Got this after the IV from my lap band surgery in 2012 so I knew what was going on but this progressed so much faster than last time. The look of the poor MD when I showed him what was going on. He put me on massively strong antibiotics and I will be on them for the next 10 days. The picture doesn´t show how far up my arm it has gotten, basically it is just below the elbow and it is sooo annoying cause it hurts and I cant use my hand, just driving to the clinic was painful cause I drive a stick shift car and well it plainly just hurts, can not even make a fist so I am kinda glad I got that extra day off from work. Hoping I will be all better on Monday and lets all pray that I wont have any stone attacks while I wait for the next ERCP.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Surgery was not successful :(

Had my surgery/procedure today. It did not go as planned as he could not remove the stones, he saw them but they were just unusually stuck. So the doc put in a tube/shunt thing that will help the bile flow trough and hopefully not case me any more attacks. The bad news is that I have to do this all over again in about 6 weeks. I am feeling a lot defeated and hopeless and knowing that I can not have anything put in my band until this whole mess is over is getting me down as well.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Got a surgery date!

So happy and relived. I got a call yesterday from the ER doc I saw when I was there two weeks ago. He found a doctor for me that is going to do a ERCP surgery on Thursday and he is going to be using a shadow liquid stuff to help with finding any extra stones that are there. So hopefully after lunch on Thursday I will be stone free and wont have to go through this crap for the 4th time. I am hoping that I wont have any stone attacks until then but I know that it might not go that way, these last two weeks I have only had 1-2 days between attacks and today is day 3 since my last one.

Hoping this blog will start to revolve around me losing the pounds again.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

waiting sucks

I am still waiting for the surgical department to call me and fix this gallstone mess. But I have a feeling I will have to wait a long time. Firstly its summer and that means that the already short staffed hospital is under even more stress. I still have 6 painkillers so I can survive 6 more episodes before I will have to go to the ER again.

I am still in the dark as to what procedure I will have, the ER doc told me last weekend that he thought they would do the ERCP again and try and get as many stones as they can. But I dont want that I want ALL of them out. I do not want to have this happening again and again until they get them all. I think it must be less expensive for the health system to have them remove them all instead of me going to the ER again and again for the same problem.

Anyways I am not gaining at the moment and am hoping to keep it that way.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

3rd unfill in 7 months :(

I´m having my 3rd unfill on Thursday. This time it is due to my darned gallstones that are still bothering me. I have been having these episode/attacks pretty frequently since the end of April. I spent the weekend at the ER and am now just waiting for the surgical department to call me so I can have the rest of them removed. I am pretty depressed that for the last 7 months I have not had anything in my band and that I have gained just under 18 pounds. This instance I am having a episode and took some morphine that I got from the ER and it has numbed the pain but it is not completely gone. I am petrified to eat anything now, my liver is in shambles and all the enzymes are a mess but at least I have not yet developed jaundice like the last time. 

Sorry about this blog having turned to a whiny blog instead of a successful positive story.