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Friday, September 6, 2013

ramblings of a mad mad woman

I have started moving, we are just using our station wagon to move some boxes and garbage bags of clothes at the moment, we are trying to avoid having to use a rental van. We plan on moving the big things at the end of next week.

I took one load over just now, it was nothing much, 4 bags of clothes and 1 box of glasses and stuff.
It was freaking hard I tell you. I went alone since my bf is in school and my teacher didn't show which meant I drove 20 minutes to school just to drive back home. Anywhoo the new flat is on the 4th floor (that's 3rd floor for you non Icelanders I believe) and the flat itself is on two floors so I had to carry those heavy bags first up to the flat and then up to our room, think that qualifies as a good cardio for sure.

I called my doctor again for some more info on the blood work that was taken. She is only a intern so I am a bit unsure if I should consult another doctor but I will at least send my surgeon an email. But anywhoot she told me the same thing her replacement said, yada yada yada B12 and D. But then she went on to tell me that my cholesterol has gone up since 2011, back then I was at about 5 and now it was about 6.3 and that most of that was the bad kind. She said not to worry since I don't smoke and I should just try to exercise since according to her researches have shown that changing your diet usually doesn't help with that. And then she said I had weird liver enzymes, they should be about 45 but mine are at 93, again she said not worry it is nothing in an on its own but I find this weird since I have never had anything like this happen before and I am a hypochondriac and that is not helping either hahahaha

I got a 100% on my first test in Physiochemical Principles of Pharmacy YAY for me. Next week we start our practical work in organic chemistry (not sure if that is what its called (practical),but we are at a lab doing experiments and doing reports on them and stuff), then we also start that same thing with two other courses one being biochemistry and the other is microbiology, I am kind of excited for this all but OMG will it be hard work or what.

So that was all the news I have for today, I don't have enough hours in a day for all that is happening lately.

Oh yeah and my new neighbors downstairs keep having these really heated arguments late at night so now I am even more happy about moving. Last night it was only about 30 minutes but the night before it was over 2 hours and our building is made of concrete and we still could here words and sentences they were saying.

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