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Monday, February 17, 2014

olympics and future plans

I am a figure skating fan, I especially love the couples free style routine. Now I should be studying for an exam on Thursday but my attention span is less than zero. So instead I am jealously watching figure skating and wishing that it would have been an option when I was a kid.  I also just had to pick my jaw off the floor while watching the womens freestyle skiing, I kept holding my breath when the difficulty level got high and I was soooo bummed when Lydia Lassila fell in landing and placed thrid.

I got my lab results back last week from the latest blood test. It all came back good except well he said I could do with a bit more vit D. I was super happy hearing this since he had said my liver could still be recovering but seems to be back in order now.

I am dreaming big now. I want to move to Norway in two years time. I can work over there as an assistant pharmacist with my Bachelors degree and it would give me twice as much pay as I would get as a head pharmacist over here (masters degree). My kid was a bit apprehensive and now he seems to be more OK with it. I just dont want to live here anymore. The country is in shambles and you have to work yourself to the bone just to scrape by even if you have a degree. I want more for my kid. I want to have a better quality of living and Norway offers that. I have done lots of research on this matter for a few years and now I just want to do this. We would have to wait two years so that I can finish my Bachelors and my bf can finish his marine engineering degree. So lets hope this works out I need something to look forward to. The cost of living is 50% better in Norway than here (includes pay and home and all that jazz) and even though the cost of living in Sweden is 98% higher than here I would not want to go over there, we have family there and they love it but I just dont like the language. I know Danish and Norwegian is basically that but just way more understandeble so next year I will be going to health professional Norwegian language classes (crossing my fingers).

I have not been good with walking lately but I will.


  1. Wow a move is exciting girl. I hope that works out for you, sounds great.

  2. Awesome! The apartment that we are renting in Reykjavik is owned by an Icelandic woman living in Norway! Sounds like it is a much better wage and cost of living - that makes a huge difference.
    I have been slacking on walking the dog, so he was giving me the sad eyes... I have to get back on it as well.