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Saturday, February 22, 2014


I think I might have to go swimming. My shoulder is giving me grief now, I broke it when I was a kid and it has always been a bit weak but in January I was swinging a way to heavy school bag onto my back and something went a bit off. Since then it has been getting worse and now I can hardly use my left arm. I am thinking swimming might be a good option to try and fix it since I cant afford a physical therapist right now ( need one for my back too) so this could be the least expensive way to do it. Right now I am in my lazy boy enjoying a hot bag thing on it (not sure of the english word for it) and it has this fuzzy outer layer and it freaking stinks I tell you, it kinda stinks like Johnson´s baby wipes if my memory is correct.

Still waiting to see my doc for a fill, after the last time I went to the clinic I don´t want to go there again (was jabbed 6 times and was all bloody and bruised after it, it honestly took just under 40 minutes).

I so want to run, but I first need to get my back and body back in a semi good state. Why does one want to run sigh it seems like such a weird longing. When I was a kid I was a runner, I quit when I never got higher than second place! FACE MEET PALM how stupid was I and how I wish I could run.

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  1. The pool sounds like a great idea... it gives a great workout at the same time being good on your joints. And girl you can totaly run :) Get you back and shoulder right ( you use your shoulders a lot when you run) and start off slow to avoid injurys but you can totaly do it.. let me know when you get started or if you need any tips :)