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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I am done!

YAY school is out till August, so now I can start drowning myself in work again. No no I wont, I dont think I could make another summer where I would work every single day from June till August.

My weight is slowly creeping up, I am still checking my portions and now that I am working I only eat 4-5 times a day. I am starting the gym this Saturday, I am working a lot this week and next week I will be able to go to the gym every day so that will be good, but the last week in May I am working from 8am - 6pm so I am not really sure where I can squeeze a workout in, I might just take some of my lunch time and walk a bit or use my stationary bike at home.

Orlando seems like it will be coming true. Since I passed all my finals, I have some leftover $ from the student loans and that is going towards the trip and I am hoping to be able to save about $1800 this summer and then with the tax return we get in August we should be fine to go. It literally will cost about $8800 to take this trip might even be more but hey my kid is only confirmed once. This is a lot of money and it would not be so expensive if I didnt live on an island in the middle of nowhere where they charge you obscene amount just to get off it. Just the flights would be somewhere between $2400-2900 and the house would be about the same. And renting a house is not that much more expensive than staying at a hotel and I dont think we want to stay at a hotel for 16 days.

Well better get off to work got loads of painkillers in my bag and am taking a whole shoe collection with me so I can change shoes ever so often.

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  1. You won't regret the decision to stay in a rental house. When we went to Disney, we stayed on site, which was convenient of course, but we stayed at one of the economy hotels and it was BARE BONES. Absolutely nothing more than a very basic, small hotel room. No Wi Fi, no business center, NOTHING beyond a room. We asked about a mini fridge and were told it would be $10 per day to rent one! I was appalled. Disney is supposed to be a place for kids and young families, yet they would dare charge for the use of a fridge?! For that price I could buy a gallon of milk every day, use what we need, and throw the rest out and STILL not have to pay $10! Ridiculous.
    I'm so glad you're done with school for the time being.
    Time for a much needed break!