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Sunday, May 18, 2014

love summer

It is so bright now, I have yet to stay up 24 hours but I do think you can now read a book outdoors 24/7. Gym starts tomorrow. Kinda scared and excited at the same time.

I have been having some issues with those bleeping gallstones, those that they left in there, I had a episode last weekend and since this Friday I have been having this slight achy feeling that threatens another episode. I just wish they had removed them all and that I didnt have this hanging over me constantly.

My band is still almost empty. I have yet to add any more to it. I think I might this week and I will be getting the fill at the clinic even though it is way more expensive just so that we can be sure that the band is not too tight. But maybe I should wait since the band has been messing with me and I just checked and the last fill was just 3 weeks ago (guess I am still not very patient).

I passed all my finals, I am super excited but I must admit I would have wanted slightly higher grades but I´ll just have to step it up next year.

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