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Sunday, June 8, 2014

waiting sucks

I am still waiting for the surgical department to call me and fix this gallstone mess. But I have a feeling I will have to wait a long time. Firstly its summer and that means that the already short staffed hospital is under even more stress. I still have 6 painkillers so I can survive 6 more episodes before I will have to go to the ER again.

I am still in the dark as to what procedure I will have, the ER doc told me last weekend that he thought they would do the ERCP again and try and get as many stones as they can. But I dont want that I want ALL of them out. I do not want to have this happening again and again until they get them all. I think it must be less expensive for the health system to have them remove them all instead of me going to the ER again and again for the same problem.

Anyways I am not gaining at the moment and am hoping to keep it that way.

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  1. Keep me posted girl. Sorry you are having to deal w ith this