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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Possible revision to sleeve or just plain band removal

Well this is not where I wanted to be 3 years after my band surgery. But for the last two years I have been dealing with a lot of problems regarding my band. It all started after I had to have it unfilled so that I could have an ERCP procedure done due to complications with my gallbladder removal. Well when we went to fill it back up it just refused to accept the fluid we were wanting to put in it ( I was at 6.9 cc and was so so close to the middle of the green zone) so we ended up putting a lot less, then over a few months we got me up to 5.7 cc if I remember correctly and that ended up with me in super pain for 2 days without the ability to eat or swallow anything and having an emergency unfill on the couch of my surgeons house with his 2 year old running around us (this was Good Friday 2014). Then we tried again to refill and that time it accepted less than with my previous refill attempt and this time we filled it ever so slightly, but then in June 2014 I had to have it unfilled again due to 4 more ERCP´s (still complications from the gallbladder removal). So that summer I was totally unfilled for 3 months. Then we started filling it again and this time I got it up to 6.3 but I was constantly stuck, even just drinking water would sit there and cause me pain, so last May we took 1 cc since I was going to Florida and was scared that I would have more stuck episodes there. Now I am finally back to 6.3 cc and I am still getting the occasional stuck episode, mind you it does not matter what I am eating or how small the bites are. I have an appointment on November 6th to discuss what my options are. I am super bummed since I feel like a failure. I was down to 223.5 pounds when I had to have my first fill and that meant I had lost just about half of the weight I wanted to loose in a year. But since then I have been sitting between 256-264.5 pounds and in 3 days it will have been two years since my first unfill.

Now I am scared that I wont be a candidate for the sleeve and then I am not sure what I will do. Well if I am a candidate that means I cant have it soon since I will have to pay for this one myself again and it will take me a short while to save for it, hopefully I can do it next summer, that is IF I can have it.

Not sure if people still read this blog but I just seriously needed to vent.

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  1. awwww yuck :( I'm so sorry to hear that you're having problems. You've been through a lot. Hang in there and update us after the doc appt! xo