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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Sunday, March 22, 2015

5x to the gym = 3847 calories

Cant say I am unhappy with that at all.

I can say however that I am not loving the scale since I started exercising because it has almost stalled, I only lost 0.2 pounds last week and this week I lost 0.88 pounds and I am glad it is going down but I had this silly idea in my head that when I started exercising and doing it real consistently the weight would not fall off but like get the hell off faster but patience is a virtue and I guess I just have to try and be patient because with all the sweat I am dropping in the gym that scale should be my bitch right about now.

I am going to buy a new scale, mine is ancient and even though it is digital it is very inconsistent and can show you way different readings every time you step on it.

This is my week in the gym in pictures. Had a few firsts this week, like the first time I could do the treadmill like my trainer programmed it without slowing it down, the first time my heart rate did not go over 190 which is super awesome. But it is also a week of lower calories burned since my stamina is creeping up, I like that it is getting better but disapprove of lower calories burnt haha guess you cant have it all.

This is so true, I cant understand how anyone can fall asleep so fast. Like my mind is on overdrive when my head hits the pillow, I can remember everything when I should be getting some sleep.

Sometimes I want to throw my chicken salad or some other healthy food in the face of a co-student that went to the burger joint and is eating a burger and fries next to me.

My kid is 14 years old today, like I can not fathom that, where did all that time go. He wanted apple cinnamon cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream on his b-day and I happily obliged. They are so good. I only had two, but wanted all 22 of them.


  1. Ha! I cracked up over your burger comment! ME TOO! Makes me kind of stabby....

    As for what you said about expecting the weight to just fall off, I'm guilty of that. TOTALLY. I remind myself that these things take time----even though I don't want them to. LOL. Like yesterday I busted it and sweat so hard I thought I was going to die. I can't move today. Like a dumb dumb I jumped on the scale this morning. Up a pound. DUH! Because my muscles are swollen. Give it 24 hours and I'll drop 3 lbs. Why can't I just be patient?!?!?! Gah!


  2. I hope all is well over in your neck of the woods!

    1. it is getting there, I have struggled a lot while my band hasn´t been working, but I am hopeful that things are about to change. Feeling like a failure for gaining weight back and being almost at the same place when I had the surgery