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Thursday, July 12, 2012

this week on....

Don't all episode previews start off like that? Anywhoot, this week has been somber. The bf went out to sea on Wednesday which was a total bummer as I don't know when he will be back home, could be I won't see him for 2-3 months or more. This caused my dear son to cry all the way home and took a lot for me not to cry with him because I don't like him being sad and I was sad as well.

Regarding the Orlando trip next month, well obviously the bf can't make it so my sister and I decided to bring our dad along with us, this was good news to the ever so sad kid of mine, so now I just gotta go get that idiotic international drivers license they demand I use in the States, that btw is only a little grey book with my picture and three stamps. So only 20 days till we go WHOOT WHOOT.

Do you know of any stores in Orlando where I could buy a bathing suit? I don't think I'll have time to buy one here. Ugh so much to do and so little time to do it. I don't have any time to do anything when I am working 10-18. Most shops close at 18 so I miss out until the weekends, so maybe I will go see if I can find one here on Saturday.

The bf did not bring me the best gift ever back from the Faroe islands. I got this shitty cold and god awful cough, I honestly thought I might choke last night, woke up at 1 am and damn coughed so much I could not breathe, and my eyes watered like crazy. So not the best gift ever hahaha and the other thing he brought with him was pickled whale blubber, and him being 1/4th Faroe he thought it was great and sent most of it to his mum who loved it and said it reminded her of her youth ugh that shit was NASTY I tell ya, it ugh I refused to taste it and that will never happen haha.

Well food wise things have not been that good, I have not been eating like I should, I skip breakfast and usually don't eat until 2pm when I get lunch, and then I eat dinner and voila that's it and I know that's not good. My mind just has been all over the place with all the planning and stuff for Orlando and the bf going away for so long. It is not an excuse but I just have a hard time keeping to it. It's like I have been on a diet forever or so it seems and all I ever end up with are some extra pounds I get when I snap back, so maybe this whole diet thing is not a good idea, I should just try and eat less and I can't wait to have my band, I know it won't fix everything but it sure will make it easier to skip the things that I eat, for instance I eat a lot of bread products.

Well think this is enough for now, I hope I have not made you stop visiting me by not blogging so regular these last weeks but I´ll bug ya till ya come back hahahaha

Now I´m off to bed to read book 32 of 47 in The Legend of the Ice People series which I looooove. I honestly read one book per evening hihihi


  1. Bummer about the BF being gone for so long but at least you have your trip to look forward to!

    The Legend of the Ice People - I've never heard of this...what is it about?

  2. I should imagine bathing suits are reasonably easily found, especially at this time of year. Disney sells them in ALL sizes in their resorts, Downtown Disney and water parks. I should imagine this would be the same for any hotel. They would be crazy not to.

    There is a really good outlet mall called Premium Outlets off International Drive if you want to go there. They have Lane Bryant which does all plus sized clothing and hundreds of other stores with great prices.

  3. it's about this family form Norway and begins in 1581. It revolves around this family and it's bloodline is filled with witches and stuff, they are trying to defeat their ancient ancestor that sold his soul to the devil or something, can read about it here
    This author has 2 other series which I love but I don't think these have been translated to English