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Saturday, July 21, 2012

travel worries

Was working an extra shift today from 2pm-10pm. It was so looong, so few customers and I was bored silly.

Wow Orlando is fast approaching, just bought currency to pay the rent of the house we have out there, and it just hit me, this is really happening. And then SHIT I didnt lose as much weight as I planned well of course not when I cant stick to a diet. Like just now I ate half a 12" pizza, was soo hungry as I only had a hot dog round 2 pm and then this pizza. The weight is ok I fluctuate from 280-282,3 pounds these days, mostly at the lower end of it. That means I am about 7 pounds heavier than I was last time I went abroad in 2010. Not really that bad.

I still am so so scared that I will have a situation at an airport in the US where I wont be allowed on board unless I buy another seat. Saw that happened to a lady there and I am petrified. I have not had to do that and I have not had to ask for a seatbelt extension either but I am still so scared. This is one of the reasons I cant wait to have the lap band. I want to be somewhat carefree when traveling, not having to panic "am I so big now that I wont fit?"

One of my newest panics is about my dads passport. It usually takes less that two week to get one here. But due to demand it was printed in the paper it might take 3 weeks. We dont have that much time. I have to apply for ESTA and APIS for him, those are permits and info to go to the US. I need his passport no later than next Friday. So if he doesnt have it on Tuesday I´ll have to call and see if I cant have it hurried along.

I´m waiting for my tax retun so I can go buy more currency, problem is it wont be here until aug 1.s and I am supposed to work till 6 pm then and the banks close at 4 pm. I have a girl ready to work for me from 2pm-6pm but I am still not relaxing. I am stressing way to much about everything regarding this trip, think it is because my bf wont be with us.

anywhoots gonna go to bed now, its 11:45 pm here, so I can be semi fresh for work tomorrow and then I can go pick up my kid woohoo so lonely without him here.

Hope you all had a great week, I´ve read all your blogs and I am still somewhat scared to leave a comment, just know I do read every post :)

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