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Sunday, December 29, 2013

weird fill + weirder port

So two days ago I went and saw my doctor for a fill, he tried to bring me to 6 cc, so the fill he put in was 1.5 cc, well that didn´t go so well. After a tiny sip of water I had to have some of it taken back out. He thinks that is weird that my band refuses such big fills considering I was at 6.5 cc before all this gallbladder debacle. So now I am at 5.4 cc and will have another fill when he gets here again in 3 months. I am flat out refusing to have anyone else fill me up after the freakish 6 tries and hell of a lot of pain and bruising that happened last time.

Onto the port, my port used be positioned so that he could just jab that sucker in there no problem, but after my last horror fill with the x-ray my port has not flipped but it is now lying weird so he has to come in at a 45° angle for a fill, he says its OK so I will try and not freak out.

He was also super happy with my progress, I had only gained 4.4 pounds since I saw him last and that was when I was totally unfilled. And these 4.4 pounds are my holiday gain. He was very happy and said he would have estimated about 22 pound gain due to my long no fill and long tiny fill, so I was superbly happy.  YAY me

I am still waiting on two grades, I have passed all my others to my surprise, I was just so happy since I missed out on roughly 5-6+ weeks out of 14 due to my gallbladder crap. So I am super happy with my 60%, 65% and 70% passes I have gotten, now I am just waiting for the last two, I am going to pass one of them just matter of by how much and the other well I dont think I will pass but if I get 50% I will be squeeking so high your going to hear it all the way to where ever you are at hahahaha.

Now onto the new year which is going to be loads better than this year, I will keep at my weight loss, try exercising more (found my electric cord for the bike yay), study harder and work like a lunatic this summer so I can have some money for that confirmation trip to the US we want to take our son on.


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