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Thursday, January 2, 2014

doing a 30 day challenge!

Yes me the lazy ass chick joined a 30 day challenge, it entails choosing at least 2 out of 6 exercises and doing them according to the plan for a total of 30 days, I am doing ALL 6 yes you read that right all of them. For most people that isn't so hard but it will certainly be a challenge for me. So here is a picture of the plan.
My boyfriend is also doing the challenge and that's why there are two types of ink on there, I am the red one. I was petrified about doing the plank but it was OK but I have to admit that at the end of the 20 seconds I was trembling, and I did the cop out kind like on my knees thing but it was all I could and it was allowed hahaha, they posted a picture of all the exercises and how you could do them.
I am going to get my HRM fixed well not fixed just put new batteries in it so I can start using it. And starting tomorrow I am also going to use my bike before doing the exercises.

I took a video of the craziness that is New Years here, we spent way to much on fireworks and will not do so again this year since we are saving for a trip to NYC and Orlando next year. So that means no more wasting money, no more nail polishes says my kid hahaha thats what he thinks I spend all the money on hahahaha. But in all seriousness I am going to be a money dictator starting today, from now on I will only shop for two weeks at a time instead of every day, and I AM going to be able to take my kid on that amazing trip.


Oooooh by the way I passed all my exams, I am so happy and still in shock. I was so sure that I would fail that last exam but I got 55% so thats 5 more than needed and I sat in shock when I saw it, like literally couldnt speak and my bf was like "what is it, spit it out"


  1. yay that a great challange. I am doing monthly challanges this year to in addition to my cardio.. I think its time for me to bump it up a little.. PS Planks SUCK the instructor in my core class last night had us do 5 min... I thought I'd

    1. yikes, I am not looking forward to the last days of this challenge the longest plank is 270 sec and I dont see how I can plank for 4 and a half minute hahaha but I hope I will manage