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Sunday, January 12, 2014

pinched nerve / sprained muscle

So I went to the farm this weekend. My in laws (well not literally since I am not married) own a huge valley and a small farm up west in the fjords. We have been trying to go there since Christmas but the weather up there has been awful until now. We had such a blast on Saturday, going for visits and then going out to play in the snow. Well that was not a good thing for me since I somehow managed to sprain a muscle or pinch a nerve in my left hip, and let me tell you it freaking hurts. I almost fainted from pain when trying to get up from the couch last night. So I am I guess a failure in that 30 day challenge now. But I will start it up again when I am over this fudger.

Here are some pictures I took before my hip started to go bonkers.

My son found this snow bank that looked like it belonged on a dinosaur if you viewed if from the side 
this snowbank is higher that a single storey house
my son dug this hole and it is more than 4 feet 11" or even deeper since my son is 5 foot 6"
a view into the valley such a pretty view
my son dug a tunnel through the first snow bank he saw
there were lots of seals on the beach near the farm
they are not that timid 


  1. Beautiful pictures! Sorry about your injury - I sprained my stupid ankle this morning...booo!

  2. Ouch!!!!!!! Pain is bad, I hope you get better quickly.
    You're pictures are awesome.

  3. beautiful pictures. I am so sorry you got hurt though