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Friday, January 24, 2014

YAY me!

I did it :) I so wasn't planning on doing it but suddenly felt like it, and I did a whole 38 min program on the bike without thinking once that I wanted to quit. Now I am just hoping my back/hip will be happy and not kill me later tonight or tomorrow.

This weekend will be spent studying for a 30% test in physicochemical principles of pharmacy (yeah say that fast 10 times), there will be no final in this course just 3 tests during the semester and I am kinda scared of it. But to keep my stress at bay I am taking regular breaks and knitting mittens for that kid of mine, I swear he loses so many of them that I no longer buy them just make tons of them.

I don't remember if I mention it but I am not going for another fill this month, with all this stress and all the sliders I have consumed (so ashamed about that) I want to get on a good place with the fill that I have, this band of mine is weird it feels almost as tight now with 5.4 ml in it as it did with 6.5 ml I had before the gallbladder removal.

My kid finally came home today YAY. He has been gone this whole week, he left on Monday for a trip with his school to a camp near where I lived as a kid. This is a place where almost all school in the country go to for a week, they take two schools at a time, and only kids in the 7th grade (13 year olds) go there and it was such a funny coincidence that his old class in his old school was there with him so he also got to meet all his old friends.

I am gonna go see the MD soon and have another blood test. I am so tired all the time and my hair is really thin now so I want to see if I need a top up on that B12 again. And guess its time to start taking all my multi vitamins and omega again (kinda went haywire after the surgery)

Proof I put some effort into it today
total 674 kcal of which 529 came while cycling

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