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Sunday, March 16, 2014

still here, just super busy

I have felt these past weeks that I have not had a moments rest but it will all be worth it in the end (or so I keep telling myself). I have an appointment for a fill on Monday 24th and hopefully the weather will be good cause it is a 40 min drive over to the town where he does them and my appointment is at 11:20 am and I am supposed to be at the lab at 1 pm so it will be a bit tight but I´ll manage.

I am drowning in reports I have to make, I have 4 to hand in tomorrow then in the next two weeks I have a total of 7 other to do. I am joining a gym on the 26th and I cant wait, I am having these almost depressing panic attacks about this weight that has crept on me. I have gained about 15 pounds since my gallbladder removal and un-fill. I hope he can get me at least back to 6.5 (what I was before the un-fill) since the 5.4 I have in it now does nothing for me. To add to my current stress due to school and gaining and all that, the Uni teachers are going to vote about a strike in the end of this month and if they go on strike that will be during our finals so I would be in a bind regards to student loans and the bank, but I am trying to think positive.

I swear I am  feeling the age creep in, my b-day was on Friday and I did nothing, literally nothing, well nothing special that is. I went shopping for my son because he needs new shoes and pants, it just made me feel older hahaha he has alway only worn comfy gym pants but now he wanted skinny jeans like super skinny and well we are still on the hunt for shoes, cause he apparently has grown a very definite taste so now I cant even try to persuade him to try something different, he just has to find black shoes with red soles, and well now that he is no longer a kid a pair of shoes will cost me at least $150 "sigh" sometimes it sucks to live in Iceland.


  1. Happy Late BDAY!! Mine was Sunday and uneventful too.. HUbby was gone with the Military wont be back for another wk and a half and then I got hit with Vertigo so I was sick all day.. by mid day I was like ok Im ready for this day to be over

  2. School stuff sounds stressful - I hate those things that you can't control like that. Really effects all the hard work that people have put in - but thats why they do it.

    I have family that lives in the Yukon and they would always do thier shopping on vacation to where the clothes were cheap!

    I'll be in iceland in June/July... let me know if you want me to bring some shoes for him. I can totally do that. :) Order them online - have them delivered to my house and I'll pack them up to Reykjavik for you!!

  3. 1. Happy belated birthday! I hope you will find some time somewhere to do SOMETHING special for yourself. I know it can be hard (warning, sort of lecturey - possible obnoxious - but well meant - blah blah - coming. ;-D) but I think it's important to take care of ourselves and not wait for anyone else to, because sometimes no one else can or will. I know it is nice (really nice!) to have someone else spoil us, but dagnabit, I determine to do something for myself every year rather than let myself get in a funk that no one did, or believe I'm not worth it, or (fill in the blank). In fact I often treat SOMEONE ELSE for my birthday! No joke! I take out a good friend for lunch or to go somewhere with me - I say, "it's my birthday, I'm allowed to spend money!" and use it to justify I can blow money and do something fun and enjoy it, you know? It really helps me at least, to make sure I always do something fun. Or some years I just go to a movie myself, or by myself some clothes, or whatever the heck sounds indulgent to me that year, but I make something happen. My birthday in in January, and I pay our family bills, so my guilt trip is always spending money when we are drowning in Christmas bills, but I do it anyway - SOMETHING. xoxo YOU DESERVE IT!!

    End of soapbox. I just feel like for me, my weight issues are so tied into self care. When I'm not taking care of myself in other ways, I eat, I gain weight or stay fat. The more I take care of myself, the easier it is to get in control of the food. And on that note - so glad you are able to take care of yourself and get your fill!!!! You have to take care of your son, and work, and run around doing for others all the time. I just want you to take care of you. Okay, I started lecturing again. Sorry.............. Wishing you the best, is the intention. xo

    1. hahahaha thank you, I am going to try just that. I think you´re on to something regarding weight gain and not taking care of one self. You are welcome to lecture me when needed :)

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