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Friday, March 29, 2013

home at last and loads of NSV's

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 111.8 kg or 246.48 pounds
Loss this week: -0.7 kg or -1.5 pounds 
Total loss: 15.2 kg or 33.52 pounds

So we got home just after midnight and I am up again, like why did I not sleep in? cause I am old that's why hahaha.

First off I lost weight on my trip, this week I was down 1,5 pounds and am almost back to my lowest. I tried to eat good but that was not a possibility at all times as I was sick with some tummy thing and salty chips seemed to make it better. But over all I am thrilled with this loss, I walked so much I am surprised I have not lost inches off my height from wearing out my feet.

Ok on to the London trip. It was amazing fun but cold as (a big swear word). I was so nervous getting on that plane since my bf's sister had said the seats were so tight and I thought oh hell I wont fit. But what was tight was not the seat itself rather the leg space between seats. I had probably about 6 inches left of the belt like what the hell! and I had room on either side of my hips like so freaking nice!!

When we started looking for clothes I started out by trying jeans in UK 22 (US 20) and they fit but they were a bit baggy so I was like maybe I can fit in the 20's but nope they did not go over my hips. BUT when I went to all the other stores and they all just had 20' so I tried that size again and even tho they are tight they all go up and I can wear them!! LIKE OUT IN PUBLIC WEAR THEM! so I have gone from borderline UK 26 to UK 20 (US 24 to US 18). The first thought in my mind when I got the first jeans up was I need to take a pic for my fellow bloggers and the next thought was hell! my phone is in my parka which my bf is holding out in the store so no pics of my with a humungous smile in my size 20's.

Then there are the bra sizes like who came up with this shit. I was a 40 GG before surgery and now I am 36 H/36HH like I want to go down a freaking cup size not up!! but at least my boobs are not slapping my toes anymore hahaha.

I shopped like tons. I have got clothes for the next 2-3 size and I should be set for a while. Well guess I should go get my kid at his grandmas and get him home to see his b-day present. 

I will catch up on your blogs as soon as I can. Tons to do in the homework front too.



  1. so nice buying smaller sizes...and kudos to fitting in the airplane seat with much extra room!

  2. Great NSVs!! You're doing a great job x

  3. I like shopping so much that I even like READING about shopping. So this post is a WINNER in my book!! Congrats on the NSVs!! Post London pics please!!

  4. Congrats on all your NSV's! Good job! Shopping for smaller clothes is pretty cool and I don't like shopping :)

  5. Awww... I wish I had shopped in London last week! It was just soooo damn cold and I didn't know where to go for shopping!