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Sunday, July 7, 2013

home sweet home

I drove home last night and arrived just past 1 am. I was exhausted, and the kid could barely keep his eyes open. It has been a hectic past days at this soccer tournament.

I am super proud of my "lil" boy. He was a goal keeper for all but one of the games and he was the top 4th goal keeper of his group (they place them into these categories ranging from group A to F, in his group F there were two sub groups F(A) and F(B) and he was in the first and each group had 8 teams), so yeah basically he was 4th out of 16 and he doesn't even train to be a goal keeper but that might be changing because he is a natural at it.

His team placed 3rd in the F(A) and 5th in the combined groups.

Ugh I wanted to punch one mother that was cheering her sons team on. She placed herself next to my sons goal and yelled obscene remarks at him (she even followed him when he changed goals in the second half of the game), like "your team doesn't play soccer rather rugby" and so on, my son didn't want to relay all that she said he just said she said some nasty stuff,  which is actually funny because her sons team was like really hard and kept knocking our boys down, and she even yelled at her own son and told him to hurt them as he could. Like what kind of a mother are you?

There was no weigh in on Thursday since I was up north but I got on the scale this morning and it was a loss so I´m happy with that.

And now I am going to drown you in my super proud soccer mom pictures.

My son is nr 9 (the one with the beanie), his only game not as a goal keeper
 Excited to start
Chilling in between games
 We did not get good weather, it was cold an kept raining it was below 50 the whole time
 He kept yelling at the boys and it seemed to do the trick
 one pic of me, I really didn't feel like a huge disgusting fat
blob, guess my head is getting fixed as well as the weight
 My lil cutie pie (don't tell him I said that)
 what team is the best?     FJÖLNIR!
 poor lads had loads of pictures taken
 why can he never give me a serious smile when asked "sigh"
 yeah didn't get better hahaha
 celebrating after placing in 5th place out of 16
 our team turned into the poncho gang since almost all parents bought the same kind of poncho to keep them warm between games and on the sidelines.
 they put on their game face to play for the 3rd place in their subcategory
yup that is 37 °F or 3°C and a snow flake that rang true becase I drove through snow on the way home


  1. awesome job Kid!
    Great pic mom- your doing great!

  2. sounds like a great weekend!