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Monday, July 15, 2013

Workout day 1 of 14

I did it!

I wanted to bail on this whole thing today. I started getting a headache today at work and I seriously didn´t want to go home and exercise, but I DID! even though it was not a long one. And it was worth it. My thighs got a tiny workout but they are happy and numb. I only did 21 min on the bike cause again I was well honestly just lazy and my headache is a good excuse. Then I did 20 squats and 3 different hand weight/lifting stuff just one round of each. Oooh and check out my nails lol love 'em

The calorie counter is the annoying one with out the strap since my watch is running super low on battery, but I am guessing the calories burnt are somewhere near 200-250.

I think I did OK food wise.
For breakfast I had a protein drink
Lunch was the lower bun of a burger and the burger meat (had no left overs from last night)
Dinner was half cup Lasagnette and one slice garlic bread
I also drank 1.5 L water or 67.6 ounces
But I was bad and had one chocolate bar after lunch (hate to admit it but I did)


  1. damn chocolate gets me every time!
    a little workout is better than no workout at all

  2. great job.. its hard working out with a headache. I suffer from migraines, so I know . But I always feel better afterwards :)
    Keep it up girl!!!