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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturdays are the hardest

One of the hardest things about living in Iceland for a food addict like myself are Saturdays. It is generally called candyday and from a young age almost everyone eats tons of candy on Saturdays. Now I am trying to detox but I did not do a good job today, I went to the store to buy candy for my bf as he is working on board a ship and will be stuck at the docks until monday so I totally bought chocolate for myself and now I am like almost in tears with disappointment at myself. Why is this so hard, I finally have some restriction which is totally helping with the food but stupid chocolate melts and goes down super easy and I am a weak person at the moment, and trying to break a 32 year old tradition is hard.

Sorry bout the whiny post, just needed to vent. I sometimes wish I had someone I could call when I am having these cravings and just talk it away but just so happens I dont and the people around me have no idea how hard this really is. I could blame this all on stress but that just isnt completely true, of course it doesnt help but the stress doesnt go to the store and buy chocolate, I do. This is totally a first world problem and I sometimes feel embarrassed that this is my greatest problem in life and that it is not lack of food that makes me cry but the abundance I ingest .

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