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Friday, August 17, 2012

The trip

So I just came home after two weeks in Orlando Fl. I loved it there, the thunders at night were my all time favorite. Did not like it at all when my son found a cockroach in his shorts one morning in our bedroom. The trip was fine food wise. I think we all ate a little less than usual as the heat made us less hungry, but we drank tons of Sprite and other sodas. I loooove Target hahaha me and my sister love Walmart and Target, maybe cause there are none here and they seem to have everything you need. I did have a eventful first visit to Target though, on day 3 of our trip we went there and after I returned the shopping cart I sprained my ankel! yeah I know, it was so annoying, but as I am so used to my ankles twisting and stuff I knew if I could find a thingy with hard sides for it I would be able to walk. So I took 2 days just trying to rest and ingest tons of ibuprofen and hoping it would go away, then I went to CVS and bought that thing which I dont know the english word for, well its a ankel strap thingy. The bad thing about using it was that all the swelling just relocated to the front of my foot, so I had extreme swollen toes and the top of my foot looked like a balloon.

Anywhootz, the parks we went to were fine, I wish we would have been able to stay there longer but besides me and my son there were my sisters kids and her bf and our dad. Lets just say I´m gonna go back to Orlando next year and do the parks all over again with my son and my bf. For example in Magic Kingdom we only went on 2 rides, well 3 if you count the magic carpet kiddie ride on the way out, same story in the other parks.

I loved shopping there, I bought clothes for me and the kid for tons of $$ so he should not need new clothes or shoes until next summer. I bought clothes in several sizes. As my bf said a few days ago that I can start planning the lap band trip woot woot!! I wont start on that until after sept 15th when he gets paid but by the looks of it I am going in November!!!

I bought a NSV jeans :D they are a size 16 US so that is like 18 EU or so I found online so... when I can fit in them I can shop at all stores here at home as 18 is the largest size almost all stores carry WHOOPY

I am so glad I did not gain weight over there, even though I ate what I wanted when I wanted.

Okies gonna leave it there, gotta go googling and try to find a hotel prices and such for both the Orlando trip next year and even more importand for the Lap Band trip in November!!!
Sooo excited, gonna go do my blog rounds as I have not done so these last two weeks


  1. Glad you had a lovely time! x

  2. sounds awesome...never enough time when travelling with others!