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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

november 1st

Well that is the date of my surgery if he agrees. I had 3 dates I could choose from my school and that one seems the best choice regarding flighing with the airline points we have. My best friend has gotten the ok from her work to go with me WOOP WOOP she is a nurse btw ahahaha so I wont need to jam myself with any needles lol its her job after all mwuhahahaha

Ok so now I just have to wait for the doc to answer my email omg this is happening way to fast kind of, but omg again.. this means I'll have 6-7 months before I go back to Florida with my bf and kid, and that means I will be somewhat slimmer by then.

I guess I have to really start figuring out a goal. I don't know how small I should/could get. I am 164 cm that's about 5 feet 4 916 inches. I have often thought about 70 kilos, that is about 154 pounds but I was told I could go to 60 kilos which is 132 pounds but I think that is a bit too much. Who knows maybe I´ll start with the 154 and see if I can get rid of anymore.


My friend and I will be going to London first, going to spend about 4 days there before going up to Birmingham, then the surgery is on a Thursday and we can go back home on a Sunday. Which means I´ll only miss out a week of school and I chose a week where I know the subject relatively well so it wont be that much problem. I just really want to do this now. I am so ready, and it gives me almost two months before Christmas to get used to it. I will grieve all that food to be honest but I´ll much rather give that up and be thin. Also I can eat some of it, just not as much as before.


okies my fellow lapbandster omg! I am falling apart from excitement over here


  1. That's great that you will have a nurse with you! Your big day will be here before ya know it!

  2. so excited for you! It will be here quick!