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Saturday, August 18, 2012

oh boy

Just looked at my class schedule and the time I had kind of chosen to go to the UK for my lap band falls on a week where I have to do an assignment. So I just sent the teacher an email asking if I had the right dates, if I do that means I have to book it earlier. Because if I book it later it will fall on my exam preparation period. So by the looks of it the surgery might be late in October rather than November. Now I just have to wait to see what the teacher says, and then start contacting the doctor. He said I didnt need a long heads up as I was a paying patient or something like that but I am a person who really likes to have everything planned and prepared. Soooo I need like a extra doze of patience like right about now, so if you have any spare please send it my way haha

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  1. good idea...don't need any added extra stress!