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Friday, August 31, 2012

61 days left

Ok so now I´ve found a hotel, both in London and Birmingham. Funny enough that two and three star hotels in London are not that far apart price wise. We decided to go with Holiday Inn, and as far as Trip Advisor is concerned both of the once we choose are getting good reviews. Not that I really need anything fancy while in London, but I sure as hell want something cozy up in Birmingham to get back to after surgery.

My friend and I both have lists of things and places we want to see and visit in both cities. Have any of you used the tube in London? Is it kind of idiot proof lol. Only subway/tube I've used was in Budapest and that was just like going north south kind of stuff. We are staying in Earls Court and as far as I have found, the tube is not that far from the hotel.

I have to get my head back on straight. After the trip to the USA I have not been doing anything regarding working out or nothing like that. I don't think I've eaten really much candy or junk food so that is good, I really need to up my water intake again. I've seen somewhere that I should avoid pasta, bread and rice for the first three months after surgery and for some idiotic reason that makes me want to eat loads of bakery goods, none which you'd have there abroad but omg I need to think NO! every time I go to the store, and say to myself that this is a good thing, and I should not be binging on that. If anything I want to lose a few kilos/pounds before I go even though the doctor says I don't have to.

Have you got any tips for the first days after surgery? I have been warned and read a lot of blogs about the pain the air in the cavity causes so I am a bit nervous about that, as I tend to get back pains if I am very bloated and I have this rubbish back I inherited from my fathers side. I also kind of am scared about that, because I read that banded people should stay away from anti inflammatory medicine, and I have to take those on a kind of regular basis. I am so hoping it will get somewhat better after I lose the weight but I know it wont disappear as I have had it from the age of 12-13.

Ok looks like I have verbal diarrhea so I am gonna stop now,  and go look at the videos from that guy my surgeon suggested again.

hope your all good :D


  1. My best advice is make yourself move and then just rest.....move and rest.

  2. Are you planning all of the sight seeing after surgery? I would warn against that. While you are supposed to get up and's more like walking around your house or to the mailbox and back. LOL. My gas pain was terrible and small, frequent walks was the best thing for it. A heating pad worked well too.

  3. Hi, no the sightseeing will be before surgery, going to stay in London for 3 nights before. Yeah I am mostly scared of those gas pains :(