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Saturday, August 25, 2012

getting ready for banding

Ok so I´ve booked the surgery, booked the flight, now I am just waiting for a friend of mine to fix me up with a family/friend discount at the hotel chain he works at and then I´m ready WOOP WOOP

What did/do you use to aid you in your eating ways after the surgery?
I have bought a few of these storage containers that hold 4 oz and I think that is the amount I am supposed to be eating, but it varies from doctors between 4-8 oz or if your used to cups its half-full cup, I need to watch that video again.

I think I will try and use this trip to do some Christmas shopping as well. And then I am also starting to do tiny amounts of planning on our next trip to Orlando which is supposed to be in May next year but it will only happen if I pass this calculus course in December and boy am I soooo gonna try and do so.

Okies gonna go be sick now lol this is my forth bout of serious cold this year and I thought I had gotten rid of that annoying swollen lymph node but nope it came back yesterday once my left nostril stuffed up SO ANNOYED guess it is somehow related to me having a cold as it started out with one hell of a cold.

okiedokies bandsters gonna go raise some hell over here lol or plant myself on the couch with a blanket and have my bf bring me stuff lol he is finally home after 43 days straight at sea, to bad he´ll be going again in about 10 days, so not the best time to be sick :(

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