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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

back on track

I am having massive chocolate cravings after Easter. I did have an Easter egg, but I don't think I went overboard as it was a small one. I am going to try and stay away from candy as much as I can for the next month, trying not to stuff my face full of candy during finals will be hard. I bought me a dress and it does not fit me now, but I am giving myself until June 1st to being able to zip it up. Will post a picture of it tomorrow. 

Bought new shoes in London!! I love them they only cost 18 pounds in Primark thats about $27. I absolutely love them. And I also had to buy a new wallet (well not a real wallet) for my cards and stuff . Aren't they gorgeous?

Started my exercise again yesterday. Burnt 595 kcal and of them 394 kcal were burnt on the bike. My heart rate was at max 191 and an average of 161 bpm during those 51 minutes of cycling and lifting weights, completely forgot to stretch shhhh don't tell. It took me 31.24 minutes to finish 15.20 km (9.4 miles) in one of the programs.

Today it took me 30.39 minutes to do the same program and finish those same 15.2 km's. It took me the same amount of time but I burnt less kcal this time and I could feel that I had less energy than yesterday, by watching the rounds per min thingy. Heart rate was almost the same today so I think that is good.

Now I better start getting my nose firmly stuck in my books, because my first final is in 27 days and I need to jam as much info into my head as possible so I will pass. Will squeeze in a blog tomorrow with weigh in and TTT

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  1. Nice work out! Feels good to be back on track huh?!? Keep up the great job and good luck on your final!