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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a gym meber now

So proud, I went and joined the gym. Bought one months access. It kind of sucked since I had no program with me so I really didn't do anything, well OK I did things but not nearly as much as I wanted to do. I did burn 621 kcal in 50 minutes, and I did run well lets call it jogg for just over 30 seconds. I am going to call another branch of this gym and see if I cant meet with a trainer to put together a program for me. It will cost me some money but that will be worth it.

Anywhoot I went!! like I really went. This is a tiny gym with old stuff and it is half as cheep as the others but I like it. All I need is there.

Now onto the more awkward stuff, I need to speak to the head office of my pharmacy regarding my salary. I just heard the other day that a girl that has never worked at a pharmacy will start with the same pay per hour as me. And I have worked for them since 2005, she has no more education than me, we are in the same course at college. I do not like confrontation but it has to be done. Hopefully I will get a slight raise but I am not holding my breath.


  1. Well done for joining the gym!! Very proud of you! It's not easy to take that first step and you did it! I hope the work thing goes ok - you're obviously entitled to a pay rise, good luck x

  2. Ugh: definitely stand up for your salary!!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog... good to know people are reading, and very cool to have an Icelandic reader as well.