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Thursday, May 30, 2013

love the gym

Why is it that I love going to the gym but I have a hard time getting my ass down there?

I went today and ran for 2x1 minute and then 2x30 sec. Mostly I did not run more than that because my pants don't have an elastic band in the waist and I kept needing to hang on to them or else they would have hit the floor and I would have taken a tumble that would have made $10.000 on AFV.

Anywhoot not much to report other than I am feeling a lot better on that port debacle after I stopped wearing my bra. I am no longer having discomfort when trying to lie on my left side but I am still feeling a bit achy in the port in the mornings so I´ll give that another week before I send my surgeon an email.

I will not make my June 1st goal but I kinda figured I'd blown it when that whole "eating a ton of shit while cramming for analytical chemistry" happened. But I will not let that bug me. I have set another goal, that is to be below 100 kg (220 pounds) before September 1st. That's 13 weeks from today to lose 10 kg (according today's weight) or 22 pounds. That would be an average of 770 grams per week or 1,7 pounds per week. I think that should be doable.

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  1. Great goal you can do it! I love the gym to:)