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Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday five

I forgot to do TTT, what happened? 

1. I am almost back to my pre exam weight, am trying to pick good foods but it can be hard at times but thats life.

2. I really want to have my hair done. I found a salon that is offering a special prize on coloring, cutting and nails. Think I´ll do that but I need to find free time where I can fit that in.

3. I am so happy I only have two more weeks left to work with a certain coworker. I can not stand her, she is so rude to the customers and other staff. I usually can ignore such behaviour and just vent when I get home but it will be hard not to cuss her sometimes at work. In two weeks I will be working two weeks in another pharmacy and then when I get back to mine she will be on her vacation.

4. I am not patient enough. We are waiting for the buyer of our place to get their loan before we can go sign the sale, but it is taking time and patience is a virtue I dont possess. I will be even worse because we have to wait till fall to buy another place down here.

5. I am still waiting for summer to arrive, it has been so cold and it just does not seem to be changing any time soon. I want warm weather yesterday.

1 comment:

  1. I hope the sale finishes up soon.
    Great job getting back to your pre exam weight- just stick with it and you'll be hitting new numbers on the scale and wont that be great!?!
    Co workers that are like that defiantly can ruin you're whole day. Glad you will get a break from her.
    once you get your hair done post a pic- I'm sure you will look great