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Thursday, May 2, 2013

10 things Thursday

Day of surgery: 127 kg or 280 pounds 
Today: 109.4 kg or 241.2 pounds
Loss this week: -0.1 kg or -0.2 pounds 
Total loss: 17.6 kg or 38.8 pounds

TTT is brought to us be the fabulous preggo Laura Belle what would my Thursdays be like without her.

1. I was not expecting a loss this week but I am so happy with the small one I had. I can not wait till I go get a slight fill and when these exams are over. I just have to hang in there for another week. I promise to do this move next Wednesday.

2. This picture made me laugh, I love these sarcastic fitness photos.

3. My son is home sick today, he has had this awful cough for about 2 weeks but no fever or anything and now he is nauseous and hurt his back during soccer practice yesterday so I let him stay home today. I am hoping his cough goes away soon, he tends to need asthma inhalers when he gets these kinds of coughs so I am hoping that wont be the case this time.

4. A rude line in a song I heard on my way home from my last exam made me laugh out loud in the car. It went something like this " girls giving blowjobs for Louboutin! What you call that??   Head over Heels" hahaha still think that is funny, OK I admit it I am slightly rude lol 

5. Where the F is my spring! First day of summer was like last week and it is still just hanging round 0°C (32 F)

6. I am still bummed I cant go to my besties wedding in Norway. I wish I would just win the freaking lottery already.

7. My bf says I have way to many pairs of shoes, I totally disagree. Does this look like much to you? My son actually said to me while I was taking these pictures "ahhh! that's where all our money is going" Like what the F shuss up and be happy you have two pairs.

8. I want to be lazy and not study and just do something useless like doing my nails and shit.

9. Apparently I like country music, and I love Blake Sheldon. Yup I am hooked on watching The Voice. But OMG how hot can Adam be! Swooning every episode lol 

10. Well trying to be the good mommy today and doing as the kid asks lol he wants a caramel covered bun, (he rarely gets one) so I am gonna get my lazy ass of the chair and put on some shoes and go buy him one. 

Hope you all had a great week, sorry but I have not had time to read your blogs, I will try and catch up. 


  1. Your 10 things made me laugh :)

  2. hope your son feels better soon and try to relax and breath, exams are almost over.

  3. Amusing! I like it! Spring has not installed around here yet either. Not liking that much! I hope your son gets to feeling better soon! Good luck with the remaining exams!