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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

little to report

I saw my doctor on Monday (guess that was yesterday). He agreed with me on not putting any more in the band until after I am used to my schedule for the winter.

I am such a moody bandster these days. I am either happy or depressed. For some reason shit seems to come at me all at once and I only just get over one hurdle before the next one hits.

I am a brat!

Yup I had this idea that we should just take over the loans on this apartment we are renting and turn the dining room into another bedroom and knock out the wall between the kitchen and living room and have it a open space. That would save us about $25.000+. Because we would have to renovate it some but the cost of buying a newer place would be about $41-42.000. Ugh but my bf says no. Since it would mean a lot of work and I know we are both in school but this would mean we are financially safe for the next two years if he doesn't get a job next summer. So I am super bummed now that he said no. And now I am being a big baby and sulking like mad.


  1. Aw I am sorry.. How is your son doing?

    1. He is better each day, he is starting to skip the crutches here at home and putting weight on his heel and it is OK for short walks but he is irritated that he wont be able to play soccer until October both due to the fracture and that the soccer will have a months break in September.

  2. You know, this week it has been cooler and reminding me of fall, which means I'm thinking that winter is right around the corner, and I'm GRUMPY! I hate it, and I know that it means it'll be worse once it is actually cold out, and there's no way to escape it.
    I think as women we are more sensitive to the world around us.
    Best of luck with the housing situation.