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Sunday, August 18, 2013

NSV x 3!

I just bought myself a winter garment, think you call it a parka. It was in size 46 or 18. I didn't want to try and zip it up in the store since I thought it would not work so I bought it thinking in a month I would fit in it. But... once home I tried and its a tight squeeze but usable SO FREAKING HAPPY!
This is the parka I bought. It is from ZO-ON which is an Icelandic company and I have been dreaming about buying from them. And I could. I don't care that it was the biggest size they had. It was a freaking 46/18(should probably mention that my last parka was a size 54/26)

And that made me try to button up my robe from work in a 46/18 and it too fit. It didn't 2 weeks ago.

This all made my try out my pants in the same size UK 46/18. I could button and zip them! it is a very tight squeeze and I would never use them like this but I don't care, THEY FIT!!

So here I sit, at 9:30 am drinking a protein shake and having one slice of crispbread with cheese. And I so can not wait to take out those jeans and use the, can't believe I am down from 24/26 to 18! that is so awesome 

I also tried on my jeans in US 16 which apparently should be the same as a UK 18 according to some size chart I found online but I tell you that is not the case that is surely a UK 16 as well. I had this same problem while in Florida last year. I was prepared to buy US 22's since that is the same as UK 24's. But I bought 24 since 22 didn't fit at all. And freaky Wikipedia says that UK 18 would be the same as US 12 and hell no I am not buying that from my own experience.