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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Leaving a tough summer behind me

I am going for a fill on Tuesday. I currently have nothing in my band since it was unfilled for the 3rd or 4th time in less than a year in June, and I have had 3 ERCP´s this summer the last two were just one week between them. I am so hoping this whole gallstone problem is behind me but I am just not able to fully believe it.

I am planning on losing about 36 pounds in the next 8 months as I want to be in the two figure weights when I go to Orlando in May. Yes I have booked our trip, we are going May 19th and flying back home on June 4th. I also booked a house with a private swimming pool for us in a gated community, and I think it is utterly ridiculous that it is cheaper for us to rent a villa than to stay in a hotel.

Back to the fill. I am kind of scared to go, my surgeon is the one doing the fill and I am afraid to tell him that since this whole gallbladder and continuing gallstone problem has seen me gain just about 22 pounds since last October, I know I have been unfilled for most of that time but it is still annoying and disappointing to have gained weight.

Here are a few quotes that hit home.

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  1. Hang in there! I've been down the un-fill and re-fill path and didn't like it one bit. It is always hard to face the doc when we know we've gained weight. My doc always tells me he is not there to judge me, but to help me. We judge ourselves harder than anyone else ever could.