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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ouch I had a fill

So I went for a fill today, I was scared. My port flipped last year when a X-ray doctor did a fill for me and now my port lies like 45° to the right, and that means a fill not done under an X-ray is bad bad bad. Anywhoot, my surgeon said that I still had 1 ml in my 10 ml band. Which is odd because the amazing X-ray doctor I got last time kept trying to empty it and he didnt get anything more out of it and the figure he told me fit to a tee. Well my surgeon put 3 ml in now so that means I am up to 4 ml. He agrees with me that this whole gallbladder business is beyond ridiculous and hopes it is over now. I am so glad he didn't scold me for gaining this last year.

We sat and looked at my X-rays to try and figure out why my band has been grumpy since I had trouble getting fills ever since my gallbladder removal surgery last october. I have started to think that if this band does not start working like it should, then maybe I should think about the sleeve. My surgeon has moved to Iceland and will start doing them here but I do not want to have to do that. I love my band but I do not love it when it wont allow more than 4-5 ml in it and that amount is not working for me, I was almost at the perfect green zone when I had 6.9 ml in it last fall.

How long do you wait between fills? I am not used to him being here every week so I am not sure how long I should wait. I think I am going to give this fill at least 2-3 weeks before I start contemplating getting another one.

Green zone beware. I am coming for you


  1. Before the leak it was 3-4 weeks between each fill, but after it started being every other week. I hope you find your green zone soon too!

    1. Ok thanks :) 3-4 weeks is not that long (says the impatient woman)

  2. My office suggests waiting a full 4 weeks before evaluating the need for a fill. And honestly, my fills don't usually "work" for me (aside from this most recent one) until week 3...which is bizarre and counter-intuitive, but totally true. I never understood that when I would read it on other people's blogs until I experienced it myself. As such, I also recommend waiting the full 4 weeks before seeking the next adjustment. I have been known to call at week 3 and schedule the fill for a week later...then give myself that week to evaluate if I "really" need it...then cancel the day before if I don't.

  3. My body takes at least 2 weeks to really "feel" a fill. I prefer small fills, usually .25. I'd rather go slow then drive there in a panic because I can't swallow spit. Following my gallbladder surgery, I can't even get close to where I was. I was at 6.25 cc for a long time and doing great. Now I'm in the 5.25 range and I have to be super careful. No clue why I can't get back up to 6.25 ... but try not to get stuck on a number and go with what your body tells you.