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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, September 19, 2014

only 3 days but I feel some difference

Its Friday and I have lost 2.2 pounds since Tuesday, I am fully aware that it is water weight but I dont care. I do feel a difference after the fill. Most importantly I feel a mental difference in the way I eat and how much I put on my plate. I am only at 4 ml and I am far from the green zone but knowing that my band is filled a bit is helping me mentally to not gorge on food like I used to, because honestly who wants to get stuck.

I just booked our rental car for Orlando next May. This rental business has taken forever to decide. I ended up using my Jetblue code and rent through Hertz, now lets hope that they give us a 4 door not a 2 door car haha.

I am done for today, going to watch House hunters international and then cook and do my essay on the use of medicinal larvae/maggots for wound treatment.

A great blogger lady just had her revision to VSG today and I am so happy for her, as it has been quite a struggle. Cant wait to hear how it went, keeping her in my prayers and thoughts.

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