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Sunday, September 9, 2012

48 days till London and 52 days till surgery

Okies, have been so bad at blogging for a while now. Got my ass handed to my on Facebook by my lovely best friend just a minute ago, so here I am.

I have set up a plan to follow until surgery.

Plan is as follows.
  • drink at least 2 liters of water per day
  • use my stationary bike at least 5 times a week, 30 minutes minimum sessions
  • get my eating habits on schedule
  • drink 1-2 protein drinks per day
  • no more candy after september 30th (should stop now but give us a break :þ )
  • I am trying to lower my blood pressure, it is hanging just under 90 in the diastole
  • use myfitnesspal for keeping up with the kcal and protein intake
  • try and not go nuts on food that I won't be able to eat after surgery, according to my lap-band support group on facebook this is very hard, as most of them gained weight before surgery
Think that is it really, so I am trying to not gain any weight till surgery and trying to lower my pressure a bit.

On other stuff, omgosh I so need to pass this horrific Calculus class I am in now, I failed it last semester and I refuse to do so now, even if that means I have to switch shifts at work and cause a bit of problem there. Because I so need to pass so I can take my son back to Orlando with his dad. So that is my motivation on that.

Shout out to BETSÝ I finally blogged :þ now bugger off dearest hihihihi just kidding love ya

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