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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

to fill or not to fill.....

I am trying to decide whether I should have another fill or not. I am currently at 6 ml in an 10 ml band. The doctor says I should strive for 3 meals a day, I am still in 3-4 mostly 4 meals per day. But I am so undecided. I kind of dont want it just yet because that would mean I need to let another person fill it but they also use a x-ray so it might calm me regarding that soreness that keeps coming up. On the other hand after I stopped wearing a bra and just use a sports bra I have almost gotten rid of any discomfort and soreness. Am no longer having pains in the shoulder and so on.

I was afraid of having a erosion problem or something but I have no discomfort or anything like that while and after I eat. And like I said, after I stopped with the bra it went away, well I tried the bra again yesterday for about 4 hours and that was enough to irritate the port again and now it is a bit sore.

Onto other stuff. I am hoping the weather will be good next weekend so I can go on a day trip with the kid since it will be my only off weekend this whole month.

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  1. ouch that cant be comfortable. I would go just to have that checked out even if you don't get a fill it can ease your mind. Your bra should not cause your port to be sore.
    hope it works out