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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Got the all clear and a fill tomorrow

Went to see the surgeon that did my gallbladder removal 4 weeks ago to this day. He gave me the all clear and said I can now start lifting and exercising ( not that I have time to with exams approaching ). He agreed with the GP that it most likely was a rib cage arthritis and I should take a course of anti inflammatory for a while also because I am going to be sitting and stiffening up with study. So.... as soon as I can I am gonna try to gain some of my energy back.

I am also going for a fill tomorrow YAY!! miss my fill. I was told I should put in anywhere from 5.5 ml to 6.0 ml and that my surgeon will be here during the holidays and that he will fill me up and give me a bit more as well since I was not at the right level. This is awesome news sorta... see I have to take that anit-inflammatory and they are probably like 2-3 times as big as my pill. I have seen people say they take all sorts of tablets but I am a wuss and will be somewhat afraid to do that so soon after a fill but we will see how it goes, it is this that is directing me more towards the lower end of a fill.

Anywhoots really have to get back to the books, exams start in 3 weeks and I have so much to do this week, with catching up on the labwork I missed out on and writing reports on that.


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